The Twice-Exiled Adventurer, Using His Super Rare Skills To Train a Squad of Beautiful Girls! – Chapter 56


𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝟓𝟔: 𝐅𝐮𝐠𝐢𝐭𝐢𝐯𝐞𝐬

Before I knew it, I was fleeing in a carriage.

You might not understand what I’m saying, right?

Don’t worry, neither do I.

To explain in chronological order, General Kytes and I brought a peace proposal from the Kingdom of Masrur to the king. Then, for some reason, we were detained by the enraged king.

We talked in the prison with the general, but I guess they just couldn’t stand the idea of equal terms with the demon race.

They seem to consider them mortal enemies.

Their thinking is too rigid and their perspective too narrow, but that’s what dominates the upper echelons of the kingdom.

Neither I, who come from the Gaillia region and have no prejudice against the demon race, nor General Kytes, who has deepened mutual understanding through dialogue with Demon King Ingral, noticed this.

From their point of view, we must be traitors who cooperate with the demon race.

Since I couldn’t exactly go on a rampage, I quietly allowed myself to be captured, and while I was wondering what to do next, I was rescued.

Amazingly, Asuka, Miliaria, Meisha, Meg, and Salieri, the five of them, had sneaked into the royal castle.

The usual security seemed to have been easily defeated by Salieri’s spirit magic, Invisible, and Meg’s unparalleled thief skills.

Without a single reprimand, without a single battle, we who were rescued were able to escape not only the royal castle but even the royal capital.

While a panic was occurring due to the laxative we had thrown into the castle’s well.

After running for a day and a night, there is no pursuit for now.

“It seems like we can stay at an inn tonight.”

“Yes, we should have pulled far enough away.”

I showed a smile to Kirill, who had spoken to me.

This man is a knight who serves as General Kytes’ confidant and strategist.

His talent is the same as mine, “Strategist”, and for me, it’s the first time I’ve met someone with the same talent as me.

By the way, although he has been knighted, his job is a pharmacist and he seems to be completely useless in combat.

Why did he become a soldier?

Anyway, the effect of the laxative (made by Kirill) that we threw into the well seems to disappear in about a day, so we can assume that the distance we have pulled away is about a day and a night’s worth.

If we consider that we only move during the day, it’s just under two days’ worth.

With this much time passed, the Royal Army can’t immediately pursue us.

They don’t even know which direction we fled in, so they have to start by investigating that.

And, strategist Kirill seems to have scattered strategies for escaping, such as running an empty carriage in a different direction, fabricating eyewitness testimonies, and so on.

He’s truly General Kytes’ confidant.

He’s flawless in what he does.

However, at some point, the direction will be narrowed down, and at some point, we will be caught up with.

This is something we must consider as a given.

There are also non-combatants in our carriage, including General Kytes’ wife and children, so we can’t just keep running at full speed forever.

And, the speed of travel is different between a carriage and a horse.

If the pursuers run without considering supplies, they will catch up with us.

With that in mind, I am planning a strategy, and I have received permission to execute it from General Kytes.

“Nelnel. They’re here. About ten riders.”

Salieri, who was scouting the rear with her hawk-like summoned beast, reports in a lazy tone.

It’s the seventh day since we escaped from the royal capital.

“Ten, huh? A scouting party.”

I cross my arms and hum.

It’s slightly earlier than I expected, but within the margin of error.

The Royal Army probably sent troops in all directions.

They probably couldn’t completely reconcile the false information that strategist Kirill had scattered.

If there are ten in the scouting party, the main force is between one hundred and one hundred and fifty.

“What will you do, Mother Nel?”

“What do you think we should do, Miliaria?”

In response to my question, the wizard in the pointed hat thought for a moment.

If we leave them be, they will confirm our presence and then the scouting party will bring the information to the main force.

Then the main force will speed up and probably launch an attack tomorrow or the day after.

Since we can read that the number is about one hundred and fifty, it’s perfectly possible to counterattack.

General Kytes has 120 direct soldiers.

They are outnumbered, but they are an incredibly elite unit.

If the general and strategist Kirill move them, the 120 men will perform as if they were 500.

“Let’s crush them. We can delay the enemy’s offensive.”

“Good. That’s the right answer.”

I pat Miliaria on the head.

She’s a wizard who narrows her eyes in pleasure, going “fufufu”.

There’s no need to bring back a report.

If the ten scouts don’t return, the main force will be confused.

They might think we have a lot of numbers.

They might think they can’t fight with 150 men.

And if they ask for reinforcements, they can’t move until they arrive.

In other words, we can buy time.

Even if they pursue us without hesitation, if we target the ten cavalry individually, the rest will be 140.

There’s no way we’re going to miss an opportunity to whittle down the enemy’s strength.

“Asuka. Please send a message to the general. Tell him to go ahead.”


She responds energetically, jumps off the carriage, and Asuka runs to the lead vehicle.

“We’ll wait here. Meg, I need you to scout.”

We park the carriage at the edge of the highway, and prepare for the welcome.

“Got it.”

With a whoosh, the former thief girl disappears.

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