The Superficial Saint Becomes a Young Girl, Relishing Her Exiled Life with a Love-Stricken God – Chapter 33

𝐋𝐚𝐧𝐝 𝐆𝐨𝐝 𝐊𝐚𝐢

𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝟑𝟑: 𝐋𝐚𝐧𝐝 𝐆𝐨𝐝 𝐊𝐚𝐢

Turning my back on Lulumia, I thrust the sacred relic into the ground.

It is twice my size, resembling a thin, rusted clothesline.

Strangely, I feel no weight at all.

The rusted lump at the top, pointed towards the sky, appears merely dirty at first glance. But I feel my soul tremble.

The snake — Kami-sama, is squirming against my chest.

When I pull my collar and look inside, it’s coiled up with its eyes closed. It seems Kami-sama is also at its limit.

The hustle and bustle around me grows distant.

I can feel my mind becoming sharper.

That’s right. I am Charlene.

In my previous life and now, with the same blonde, fluffy hair, the shape of my hands and feet, the shape of my face are all the same.

Kami-sama tells me every day that my orange eyes, like the dazzling sunset scooped up, are beautiful.

No matter how many times I hear it, I never get tired of it.

I was born as myself, died as myself — and again, I was reborn here.

The world is crap, irrational, and I could never say it was a place I loved.

But I only know that way of life, and I don’t need anything else.

And over and over, I will continue to love the same Kami-sama.

— My memories haven’t fully returned, but an absolute conviction fills my heart.

Before I know it, the sacred relic has turned into a shiny ceremonial sword. On the handle, the intertwined patterns of white porcelain, modest gold decorations, and a snake, and on the straight blade, the name of the first Saint is engraved.


It is my current name, as is.

I place my left hand on my chest where Kami-sama is, and with my right hand, I strongly raise the staff to the sky. The affection overflows. I know what will happen next.

“Kami-sama. I returned as myself because I wanted to see you. Show me your true form next time. . .”


The moment I say the name, I begin to hear a rumble from beneath my feet.

The crowd starts to panic.

“What, what’s happening?!”

The ground splits, light overflows. And it happens suddenly.

With a roar, a pillar of the shimmering silver spiritual spring extends straight into the sky.

While spreading warm droplets all over, the water current reaches high into the sky, piercing the rainbow, is a large dragon rising pleasantly to heaven.

“. . .Kaya. . .”

The snake squirming in my chest has disappeared.

I am just dumbfounded, looking up at Kami-sama who has regained his true form.

The sacred sword in my palm crumbles and vanishes.

For Kami-sama, it was a wedge that pierced his body and nailed him to the hill.

“The contract with the first leading saint has ended. . . Freed from the country. . . You’ve returned to your true form.”

Even the snake form was a weakened form for Kami-sama.

His true form was a dragon that became a god, the spiritual spring itself filling deep underground of the continent.

With Kami-sama’s roar, all the swords tremble and vanish.

Just with Kami-sama’s side glance, the orcs disappear, and the entire cathedral evaporates and vanishes.

With the droplets of the spiritual spring pouring from Kami-sama, the wounded people are healed one after another. The burning buildings and the destroyed buildings also return to their rightful state.

Suddenly, I realize my field of view has risen.

I had returned to my 18-year-old Charlene’s form. Even the clothes I’m wearing have adapted to my body. It’s a shiny white fabric dress like I’ve never seen before.

“This. . . this is the matching outfit of what Kami-sama always wears. Just a different color.”

There are no seams that can be removed. It’s a structure that humans would never make. — Thinking about Kami-sama’s trial and error, a smile inadvertently leaks out. He probably imitated the leading saint’s attire.

I looked up at the sky.

“. . .You were this beautiful. . .”

Kami-sama floating in the sky was an incredibly divine existence.

Just by looking, it’s clear that the deity who beguiled the second prince is of a different class.

It was a majestic, dreamlike sight.

Surely from anywhere in the kingdom, this beautiful sight can be seen. Wavering faith must be returning. Certainly, Kami-sama will become the pillar of people’s hearts again.

“. . . . . . That’s right, Kami-sama isn’t just mine, Kami-sama is. . . . . .”

I was staring at Kami-sama with a refreshing feeling.

Somehow, I felt a faint sad premonition that I would be separating from Kami-sama as it is.

“Goodbye, my own Kami-sama.”

The moment I muttered so.

The sky’s Kami-sama turned its eyes towards me. Golden pupils approach with the force of fear.

“H. . . . . . ?!”

Just when I thought Kami-sama’s eyeball filled my vision, the figure of Kami-sama returned to a splash. From the sky, the usual Kami-sama fell in a free fall, clad in water droplets. With a straight face.


Collision! I braced myself and closed my eyes.

For a while, I didn’t hear any impact of falling water or heavy sound.

Before I knew it, I was tightly embraced by Kami-sama.


“. . . . . . Ka, Kami-sama. . . . . .”

His face is close. Realizing this, I remember that I had returned to my 18-year-old form.

From a higher position than me, who is rather tall for a woman, Kami-sama was staring at me with golden eyes. He isn’t smiling. With a strong grip in his arms, Kami-sama says in a low voice.

“I’m your husband. I’ll go if you call me, I’ll be by your side.”

“I, I understand that.”

“So why.”


“I want you to tell me. The intention of saying goodbye, the feelings that prompted it.”

“W, Well, you see, you’re everyone’s Kami-sama, out of consideration and all.”

“Do you want to get away from me, Charlene.”

“But! Ah, after seeing such a strong, cool, and beautiful figure, I’ll be intimidated! Is it okay to make a single human your wife!”

“. . . . . .”

“Are you shy?”

“A bit.”


“. . . . . . I am Charlene’s husband, her partner. That’s the absolute truth, my only wish.”

“. . . . . . I get it. I lost. Please always be my Kami-sama.”

It’s a little embarrassing to say it face to face. I cut my words a little, and continued.

“I love you, Kami-sama.”

“. . . . . . I’m happy.”

When Kami-sama smiled faintly, his eyes returned to the usual pitch black.

We’ve returned to where we should be. Even if I can’t put it into words, I feel satisfied in a way, and I reached up to kiss him. Kami-sama flinches a bit.

“Is it okay?”

To the surprised Kami-sama, I squinted and smiled.

“I was finally able to kiss you. It would have been odd staying as a young girl, right?”

“. . . . . .”

“Haha, you’re surprised, aren’t you.”

“Charlene. . . . . .”

“I love you. I really love you, Kami-sama. Whether I die or live or get reborn, no matter what form I take, stay with me. Forever.”

I confessed and kissed him, something I couldn’t do when I was a young girl.

I closed my eyes, surrendering to Kami-sama who held me tightly.

ーーIs everything still a mess around?

ーーWhat about the second prince? Mauricio? Lulumia? The country? The church?

I don’t care.

I’ve done my duty as a saint, the rest is for those important people to clean up.

I’m a saint with a bad upbringing, a superficial saint. The rest is up to you.

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