The Superficial Saint Becomes a Young Girl, Relishing Her Exiled Life with a Love-Stricken God – Chapter 23


𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝟐𝟑: 𝐄𝐧𝐜𝐨𝐮𝐧𝐭𝐞𝐫

“Take care, Chartechan-sama.”

“Thanks for your concern! I’ll do my best!”

Having been brought to the border by carriage, Kami-sama and I were walking towards the barrier, away from the knightly observers.

Since then, I’ve informed the queen as [Charlene-sama’s oracle], about the cracks in the barrier.

The people of the kingdom do not truly believe that [Kami-sama] is loitering around. They usually think of it as a conceptual thing. As the barrier is said to have been built under a contract between the first saint and Kami-sama, it is more realistic to present it as the oracle of the actual leading saint, rather than [Kami-sama said so!].

Then, with the Margrave’s help, I got permission to enter the territory owned by the neighboring Duke Horsewood – that’s why.

It seems that the Margrave alone couldn’t do it, but they couldn’t ignore it when it was called [the oracle of the saint].

“It’s my first time seeing the barrier.”

I was looking up at the semi-transparent barrier, which was slightly taller than Kami-sama. On the other side of it is a dense forest – the forest of monsters. The barrier is like a castle wall stretching from horizon to horizon, thin as paper, and if you touch it with your hand, it wobbles and lets you pass through. The tips of the grass and trees rustle in the wind, touching the wall and passing through it.

But strangely, monsters can’t pass through, and a bat-shaped monster trying to pass over the top of my head, hits with a clink sound and disappears on the other side. It seems that it’s installed even where I can’t see.

It was easy to identify the location of the crack. That’s because it was faintly glowing pink. The size of the crack is about my body. If you think there is a crack here! and look, you can find it immediately, but it would be hard to find it in the vast barrier.

Kami-sama says.

“The procedure is as taught in the carriage. If you pray, the entire barrier will be repaired – even if there are cracks elsewhere, you can fix them.”

“Yeah, leave it to me, Kami-sama.”

I clapped my palm, placed it on the barrier, closed my eyes, and prayed.

Connecting with the barrier consciousness. So as not to lose to the amount of information, I mumble.

[Barrier Repair]

――A tingling sensation runs through my whole body.

Behind my eyelids, the entire barrier lit up. When I open my eyes, the barrier has beautifully returned to its original state.

“Wow! Chartechan-sama! Thank you!”

“You’re amazing!!”

“Yay! Thanks for watching over me!!”

I wave at them with the smile of an eight-year-old. Kami-sama is crossing his arms beside me with a poker face and nods.

“I’m glad that Charte is being worshipped.”

“. . . . . .If you’re not being worshipped, there’s no point, right, Kami-sama?”

Even though I’m astonished, as always, I shrug and laugh.

Today, it’s been a week since it was discovered that the country was targeted.

Things are going well with the barrier. At least, with respect to the barrier.


Upon receiving the message from the queen’s maid with a feigned smile, I immediately flopped onto my bed and grumbled as soon as the maid left.

“So, I’m stuck in the Margrave’s territory again today. . . . . .”

If I don’t rush to the capital soon, the country is in danger. The broken barrier is evidence of that.

I continue to convey this content directly and indirectly every day, but both the queen and the Margrave show reluctance about my going to the capital. If such a danger is imminent, they suggest that those in the capital should investigate it thoroughly first. They say they’ve conveyed the urgent consultation to the capital and want me to wait.

“There’s no need to panic. I will recommend you as the saint, and I trust Charte’s words. I am fully aware that you are the saint Charlene’s Envoy, but trust the royal palace and us.”

If admonished directly by the queen herself like this, there’s no way I can counterattack in a straightforward manner. After all, the judgment of the queen and the Margrave is extremely correct. It’s perfectly reasonable as a reaction to the words of a suspicious eight-year-old. It’s so reasonable that I think the country is safe.

“But, you know, if the unreliable ones mess everything up, it’s over. . . “

I vent my frustration, tossing and turning on the bed.

Kami-sama, who was sitting on the bed, strokes my hair.

“Irritated Charlene is cute too.”

“Well, thanks. . . . . .”

“Perhaps I should command.”

“No. We don’t know where contradictions might arise from brainwashing, and we’re suspicious beings to begin with. We can’t afford to show any flaws after infiltrating this far. . . . . .We can’t fully grasp where and how a brainwashed person will act, and how the people who come into contact with them will react.”

“It’s difficult. If I had my original power, I could have commanded everything without following the procedure.”

“Well, thanks to Kami-sama sharing his power with me, I’m able to be here with you, aren’t I?”

I look up at the ceiling, then out the window. The sunset is purplish-red.

Kami-sama has let loose a snake to collect information throughout the castle, but the progress doesn’t seem to be good.

“. . . . . .I hope something moves tomorrow.”


Did my wish come true?

The next morning, with a snake wrapped around his arm, Kami-sama informed me from his position on the bed.

“It seems a carriage is arriving from the royal capital. It appears to be employing a royal family’s spirit horse.”

“Could it be. . . . . .?”

I swallowed hard and hurriedly prepared myself. Despite trying to conceal it, the maids were restless too, diligently arranging my hair more meticulously than usual.

After finishing breakfast, a message arrived from the queen. After the maids left, I looked at Kami-sama standing by the window.

“. . . . . .The crown prince is coming.”

“The carriage is now visible. It’s a good spirit horse. It probably took 4 or 5 days to get here.”

“. . . . . .Will they discover me?”

I checked my reflection in the full-length mirror. An adorable 8-year-old with fluffy blonde hair, rolled up into a sheep chignon above each ear and wrapped with a ribbon, was mirrored back at me. It’s odd for me to call myself cute, but I am dressed to appear adorable. It can’t be helped. After all, I’m just an 8-year-old.

The dress, prepared by the queen, is a classy black outfit adorned with white embroidery and lace. The ribbon-shaped gold buttons serve as an accent.

“I look completely different from the time of Charlene, don’t I? Will I manage. . . . . .? What do you think, Kami-sama?”

“You look cute.”

“No, that’s not what I meant.”

“I’m not human, so I don’t know if your appearance is recognizable. To me, Charlene is recognizable whether she is of any age or I only see the tip of her nail. But humans can’t recognize people by their souls, can they? So, I don’t know.”

“That’s true. . . . . .Shall I cut my hair to change my image?”

As I reached for the loose hair, Kami-sama blatantly frowned and shook his head.

“Short hair can be cute too. But I don’t want you to cut it for the sake of another man.”

“. . . . . .I thought you’d say that.”

The morning passed in a flurry of anxiousness, and just before lunchtime, I was summoned by the queen.

I was led to the heart of the castle, deeper inside than I had ever been before. As I walked further, the furnishings became more and more extravagant, causing me to feel dizzy. Eventually, we were shown into a special reception room.

In the opulent room based in red, in front of the seated members of the Margrave family in the center, there was a familiar figure with his back to us.

The queen looked at me.

“You’ve arrived. Allow me to introduce you. This is the saint I recommend ―― Charte.”

The crown prince turned to look at us. Although slightly thinner than before, his silver hair and fair skin were unchanged.

Before I had a chance to see his face, I quickly performed a lady’s curtsy.

When I raised my face after the formal greeting, the prince was standing there with his mouth agape.

“Charlene. . . . . .?”

Cold sweat trickled down my back.

I naturally assumed he wouldn’t recognize me with this fluffy hair and outfit as an 8-year-old.

Back when I was Charlene, I only saw the prince about once a month.

“No, that child is Charte.”

The queen interjected. Nicely done!

However, the prince continued to stare at me, seemingly not hearing the queen’s words.

He approached me, looking feverish.

“May I borrow this child for a moment, Okaa-sama?”

(Have I been found out? . . . . . .Have I really been found out??)

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