The small animal lady is doted on by the ice prince – Chapter 33

Chapter 33: Liliana, conscious of the prince Part 4│Read translated stories and daily updates at:

The gardens of the palace are a constant delight to the eye and are kept in perfect order by the gardeners.

The Queen sometimes gave tea parties in the garden, but Liliana often went to the inner garden on the west side of the palace.

The garden was full of roses and other large flowers, while the inner garden to the west was full of pretty little flowers, but was very plain compared to the garden.

There is a pretty, small, white, uninviting, four-story gazebo that is one of my favorite places to spend some quiet time.

Today we are enjoying a cup of herbal tea and some sweets in the den.

It is a moment of happiness.

William had a pastry chef make a special pastry for Lilliana, saying that he wanted something tasty but with as few calories as possible.

There was even a time when William secretly went to the pastry chefs to ask them to reduce the number of pastries to be made, as he did not want to inconvenience them.

However, for pastry chefs, the new issue seems to be very rewarding.

They work hard every day to make (low-calorie) pastries for Liliana.

After Liliana attended the Princess Training at the castle for two months, it was suggested that she get her own room at the castle and go to school from there, as the daily travel was too burdensome.

Her father and brother Ian, and especially Aiden, were against it, but the Queen insisted.

That’s why Liliana now lives in the castle.

It’s a bit sad not to see her family, whom she used to see every day, but it’s much easier now that she doesn’t have to travel as much.

For now, I’m enjoying my life here at the castle. (It’s not that I can’t see my family at all.)

And today, on the weekend, when both school and Princess’s training are closed, I came here to some of my favorite books.

It seems that she fell asleep while reading the books.

I wondered how long I had been asleep.

When she woke up, he found himself lying on his back.

Her favorite blanket was wrapped tightly around her so she wouldn’t catch a cold.

And before I knew it, His Royal Highness William was there, kneeling over me.

He looked into Liliana’s face and stroked her head, smiling.

“Did I wake you up?”

“I’m sorry.”

William looked a little disappointed as he got up.

“It’s almost noon, so I thought I’d invite you to join me for lunch.”

“Yes, In that case, would you like to have lunch with me here?”

It’s a beautiful day, and the wind is so calm that I’ve fallen asleep.

An outdoor lunch would be even better.

William agreed to lunch at the gazebo, and soon had everything ready for us, with delicious-looking dishes on the table.

The servants were waiting a short distance away, and Liliana enjoyed a quiet lunch with William, talking about many things.

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