The small animal lady is doted on by the ice prince – Chapter 16

Chapter 16: Liliana struggles to avoid engagement PART 6│Read translated stories and daily updates at:

“Hey, Will. It’s about that thing…”

Someone entered the room without knocking or asking for permission.

He was a young man in his early twenties, slightly shorter than His Royal Highness William, with a muscular, hot-blooded body dressed in the Royal guard uniform.

The fact that he addressed His Royal Highness William as “Will” indicated that he was a close friend.

When Liliana looked up and met the young man’s gaze, he said awkwardly,

“Oh, I see you have a visitor. I’m sorry. I’ll have to come back…”

But then His Royal Highness William said.

“No problem. For the time being…”

Pointing to the desk, he looked at Liliana and said.

“Wait here a moment.”

Then he walked towards the desk.

I don’t have to wait any longer. I’ll leave as soon as you agree to postpone the engagement!

When she looked around the table, she noticed a plethora of delectable sweets.

By the way, the tea was made by a servant who also placed sweets.

…Wait, I can eat these sweets and wait.

Liliana hesitantly reached out and took a small chocolate-like pastry from the pile, putting it in her mouth.

It was unlike anything she had ever tasted before.


She managed to endure what she wanted to scream silently, and while suspiciously writhing, she put another piece in her mouth.

Oh, it’s just too good!

What about this?

It’s also incredibly delicious.

So, how about this one?

The hand that stretched out fearfully at first seems to have lost all reserve.

She has forgotten what she is here for.

At his desk, not far from where Liliana is enjoying the sweets, William looks at the papers he has received from the muscular young man of the Royal Guard and gives his instructions.

He signed the document and returned it to the young man because it was not a very important matter. Then he froze when he saw Liliana.

Seeing William, the young man also turned to Lilliana, and without any hesitation, with a very happy smile on her face, he saw the sweets being sucked into her pretty mouth one after another.

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