The small animal lady is doted on by the ice prince – Chapter 13

Chapter 13: Liliana struggles to avoid engagement PART 3│Read translated stories and daily updates at:

“My back hurts, so I can’t go up to the castle.”

Lilliana announced with a smile as she sat on her favorite sofa in her room and sipped Molly’s tea.

Nobody ever heard of her having back problems.

And, in general, she was brimming with energy.

Oliver put his hand to his forehead.

“Stop babbling and start getting ready. If you’re going to blame someone, blame your appetite and your actions. “

And Lilliana said.

“No, as Molly said, the ladies around me were in such a state of excitement that I must have stood out from the rest. So it’s not my own fault, is it?”

She puffs herself up and turns her head to the side.

He looked so cute, like a squirrel with lots of sunflower seeds in his mouth, but now wasn’t the time to talk about it.

“Molly, please.”

Oliver throws the ball at Molly, and Molly bows cleanly.


Molly bowed politely and approached Liliana, wringing her hands.

“Wait, Molly? You weren’t on my side, were you? What’s with your hand? No. Don’t, don’t…”

Oliver had already walked out of Lilliana’s room.

Lilliana’s cries echoed and went unanswered.


In one of the castle’s rooms, Oliver and Gianna are seated across from Liliana, with the King and Queen on the opposite side of the table.

The Ice Prince appears to be absent.

Lilliana’s annoyance grows, though she doesn’t show it, with the absence of the source of the problem, the prince himself.

“William will be here as soon as his work is done. In the meantime, please tell me everything I need to know about Miss Liliana. “

The King and Queen smiled and were happy, whereas the Villiers family appeared complicated, as if the King and the Villiers family had a significant temperature difference.

They can deduce that the king’s words meant something along the lines of “We are relatives.”

Lilliana is at a loss for words, and Oliver is forced to speak for her, as if to say something unnecessary.

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