The small animal lady is doted on by the ice prince – Chapter 10

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Liliana and her brother Ian were led out of the hall and into another room.

It was unsettling to be in that environment.

Not only would the daughters, with their faces and heads piled high, but their relatives would scrutinize her from head to toe to see what kind of person [the ice prince] had chosen.

He grabbed his escort and Brother Ian’s arms and bolted from the hall, as if fleeing.

“Please wait right here.”

They were led into a calm and elegant room, where Liliana and Ian sat on the sofa side by side.

There are currently only two people in this room: Lilliana and Ian.

Liliana raised her right hand to Ian’s cheek and pinched him. “Ow!” exclaimed Ian after being grabbed for no apparent reason.

He stood up and stepped away from Lilliana.

“Lili, what are you doing?”

He rubbed the pinched area on his left cheek.

Lilliana drew her brows into an “H” shape, as if troubled.

“It doesn’t seem like a dream. I wish I was dreaming.”

She sighs.

I’m sure I’ve done my best to maintain a low profile, as my father advised, but why is this happening to me?

“Lili, why me? If you’re going to pinch some, please do so on your own cheek the next time.”

“I don’t like it; pinching it hurts.”


Liliana was desperately trying to figure out how to avoid being William’s partner, unaware of Ian’s disappointed expression.

He sighed slightly when he saw Lilliana, sat down next to her and said a few words.

“Hey, Lili. I wonder why His Highness William chose Lili.”

“… That’s what I want to know the most. It’s the first time I’ve seen his face up close and personal, and even if he said I chose you… That’s it. If he’s okay with this, doesn’t that mean he’s okay with everybody?”

This unexpected event perplexed both Lilliana and Ian.

The original plan was for someone else to be chosen, and she would be able to observe from a high vantage point, eat a delicious meal, and safely return home.

The king and queen arrived before she could think of a good way to avoid the prince.

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