The small animal lady is doted on by the ice prince – Chapter 1

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Chandeliers with glittering, unnecessary bright reflections are hung at regular intervals from the high ceiling.

The floor is a vibrant red carpet with no stains.

Unmarried noblewomen of the Count’s family and above, ranging in age from 14 to 18, are lined up in a row in the center of this magnificently extravagant space.

They were all decked out in elaborate gowns and ornaments, and their hair and make-up were a mess.

And in front of them, a young man with a stunning appearance walks slowly.

He stands 190 cm tall and has a well-balanced, well-trained body.

His long blond hair is tied back in a single bun, his eyes sparkle like tanzanite, which is said to be 1,000 times more valuable than diamonds, and his lips are always drawn together, despite the fact that he rarely smiles.

The ladies tried to smile at the beautiful young man passing in front of them in the hopes of catching his attention.

The young man didn’t even give a glance, instead keeping his gaze fixed on the road ahead and walking slowly.

Then, as he came to a halt in front of a certain lady, he said incoherently.

“This is fine.”

He quickly exited the venue after saying that.


“Do I really have to leave?”

Countess Liliana Villiers, 16, lowered her brows and inquired of her father, Oliver Villiers, 39, the Villiers family’s head, who was busy working on papers in front of her in the Villiers family office.

He has a fearless face that must have been popular when he was younger, but now he appears tired, and as he ages, he appears more austere and is popular among madams.

He is, however, a famously loving husband, and no other woman has ever influenced him.

Being born into the nobility means she will have to marry into a family at some point, but she would prefer to have a marriage as close to her parents’ as possible.

She hoped that even if she couldn’t, she could at least marry someone she could respect, but if her father asked her to marry, she had no choice but to do so, even if she couldn’t respect him.

The higher the rank of the nobleman, the more difficult it is for the nobleman’s daughter to make her own marriage decision.

But Oliver, a foolish parent, would never give his precious daughter, who looks like his wife, to a man he does not respect.

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