The Saint Whose Engagement Was Broken Runs a Cafeteria, Where the Beloved Demon King and Ninja Visit Today – Chapter 61

Chapter 61: Epilogue/A story in a maritime city somewhere

――This takes place in the island nation of Solartica, a maritime city located in the western part of the continent.

In the city facing the port, a harbor festival was being held, with flower decorations placed all over the city and food stalls lined up in the square.

In this square, which also allowed foreign businesses, there was a popular food stall that had recently gained popularity.

It was a small shop that sold delicious “okonomiyaki” that would make you feel better if you ate it.

The food stall was run by a young couple from a foreign country and was only open during lunchtime. Since its opening, it had been popular every day, and word of mouth had made it a small topic of conversation in the city.

What was unusual was the cooking method of the young wife.

It was unknown whether it was magic or a trick, but a strange ring was perched on her head. When she held her hand over the bowl in the kitchen, the ring sparkled and flour came out of her hand.

This performance was also one of the secrets of the food stall’s popularity.

“That food stall seems to be very popular.”

The young merchant who owned the square was sitting on a bench with his wife, watching the bustling scene. It was also part of his job to see what kind of business was popular in the city. 

The young merchant wasn’t skipping work to go on a date with his new wife.

“It seems to be delicious. Some of the maids also said they had it there and it was delicious.”

“The reputation is good, and it’s good for the city’s promotion. Actually, we talked about renting it out as a tenant, but. . .”

“Oh my.”

“Since they’re on a journey, they said it’s okay until the next ship to the Eastern Islands arrives.”

“That’s lonely. . .but meeting travelers might be like that.” 

The merchant squinted his eyes as he watched the couple.

The petite and young wife was lively and cheerful, while the husband with his rare long black hair had a calm demeanor and subtly exerted pressure on those around him to prevent any strange people from bothering his wife.

Even from a distance, they looked like a well-matched couple.

“When I rented out the square, I checked their documents. They’re from the continentーーthey came up north from the Draco Cocoon Peninsula and arrived here by ship.”

“Well, that’s quite a long journey. . .”

“As for the Draco Cocoon Peninsula, I heard a recent story about a shrewd female CEO making a profit from a tour to see the land dragon.”

In the Draco Cocoon Peninsula, the black dragon of the land god had been flying around the sky irregularly for several years, and the pilgrimage tour of believers chasing after the dragon was popular. The name of the country was Lucidia Kingdom, if he remembered correctly. The land dragon of the Draco Cocoon Peninsula was famous in name only, and he couldn’t recall the name of the country.

“A dragon flying in the sky, and accommodations arranged for sightseeing. . .hmm. It’s a business that can’t be done without knowing where the dragon will appear, but it seems quite profitable.”

At her husband’s words, the wife shook her black hair and smiled.

“There are no dragons in this town, so it’s impossible.”

“I know that.”

“You wouldn’t bring back a captured dragon, would you?”

“Hell no. Geez, what kind of guy do you think I am?”

“I think of you as a great merchant who can acquire anything.”

“. . .You’ve become quite eloquent too.”

Raising an eyebrow, the merchant laughed. Blushing at the tips of his ears, he looked back at the foreign couple who were energetically doing business. 

The couple seemed busy but they worked happily. Their close relationship made those who watched them feel happy too.

“[Saint Cafeteria], huh. . .Let’s hope for the happiness of the two’s future.”

The wind blew in the wide sky.

A scream from the young wife was heard from the cafeteria.

“Ah!! Neko-chan!! Don’t take that fish!!”

“H-Hiira-dono, Neko-chan can’t help it!! It’s the fate of a port town!!”

People burst into laughter at the frantic behavior of the couple.

――It’s one more month until the ship to the Eastern Islands docks at the port. 


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