The Saint Whose Engagement Was Broken Runs a Cafeteria, Where the Beloved Demon King and Ninja Visit Today – Chapter 48

Chapter 48: Demon King, Moving

ーーI left Synovidos and Black Dragon-san at the table and retreated to the back with Lala-san.

“Look at this. The name of the printing company that published the gossip article.”

Lala-san showed me the name of the flyer printing company.

“Litolaide Company, right?”

“You’re making a face like you don’t know. . .It’s a subsidiary of the popular mass media company that publishes books related to the church. Do you know the Litolaide Company?”


“That’s right. This is a subsidiary of the publishing company that Duke Paswest’s family invests in.”

“Does that mean. . .”

“Not just Kasdar, but Vivian is involved too. . .”

Lala-san muttered and brainstormed countermeasures while looking at the gossip article.

“Even if we sue for obstruction of business, they’ll just dodge it. We’ll have to give up on the apology advertisement, but there must be something we can do.”

“Um, Lala-san.”

“Do you have a good idea?”

“. . .Actually, it’s not about that.”

After listening to the conversation between Black Dragon-san and Lala-san earlier, there was something that had been bothering me.

It was a question that I had been holding onto since I first met Demon King-sama in the throne room and he helped me.

“Please tell me. I’ve been wondering for a long time, but why is Demon King-sama called Demon King-sama?”

“Why, you say.”

Lala-san seemed surprised by the sudden topic.

She widened her eyes behind her glasses. 

“I’m sorry. I just can’t help but wonder. Because, Lala-san. . .He’s just protecting the border and lending his chest for the nobles to test their power. Has Demon King-sama ever threatened the country?”

Since I was saved by Demon King-sama, I had been questioning the difference between him and the “Demon King” that was talked about in the Lucidia Kingdom.

If he really was a person who deserved the name “Demon King,” it wouldn’t be strange if he had just left me alone when I was stabbed in the stomach.

But he was very kind.

――Because it was a word that doubted the king and the doctrine of the church, I couldn’t consult anyone until today.

Lala-san widened her eyes behind her glasses and then looked at me with a faint smile.

“Hiira. Your question is almost a crime of rebellion, you know?”

“That’s why I couldn’t ask anyone. But if it’s Lala-san, I thought maybe it would be okay to ask.”

“I see. . .This is just my theory, though.”

Lala-san sat in a chair and crossed her legs.

Then, while looking at Black Dragon-san and Synovidos sitting in the dining room, she muttered with a distant look.

“The Demon King. . .is probably a being close to the old gods who were driven away by the current church system that worships the first king as the only god.”

“Old gods, you say.”

“Or maybe a sacrifice offered to the Black Dragon.”

“A sacrifice?!”

“I might be wrong. But at least, it’s certain that it was the royal family who started calling him the Demon King.”

“Why, the royal family?” 

“Well. . .if it weren’t for the royal family saying that he’s the Demon King, no one would even know about the [Demon King who lives in the forest at the tip of the peninsula].”

“I see. . .”

“To be honest, there’s something that I’m curious about too.”

Lala-san muttered to Synovidos and Black Dragon-san sitting at the table.

“Are Synovidos and Black Dragon that close? It’s almost like. . .”

At that moment.

Synovidos stood up and approached us straight ahead.

With his unwavering footsteps, I felt a strange sensation in my chest.

“Lala-dono. I’m going out with Hiira-dono today. Can I leave the store to you? I’ll leave Black Dragon as a guard.”

“What’s going on all of a sudden?” 

Lala-san stood up in agitation, and Synovidos answered with a calm voice.

He seemed to be standing up straighter than usual.

“I’ll settle things.”

“Settle things? Where are you going? And, Black Dragon as a guard, it’s a bit. . .”

Black Dragon-san, who followed us with a smile from behind, raised both hands in a peace sign and smiled at Lala-san, who was in a panic.

“Don’t worry, don’t worry. I’ll stay and protect you.”

“Well, I’m glad you’ll protect me, but. . .”

“I’ll tell Lala-chan anything she’s curious about. You’re interested in me, right?”


At that moment, Lala-san’s expression overflowed with uncontrollable intellectual curiosity.

“You really will tell me everything, really\. . .”

“Really, really.”

After confirming the situation between Lala-san and Black Dragon-san, Synovidos looked at me.

He straightened his back and his head was held high.

It was Synovidos, but he didn’t seem like Synovidos.

“Would you come with me, Hiira-dono?”

“Eh, ah. . .okay.”

He reached out his hand and I took it as if being swept away.

In an instant, a soft light burst forth.

When I opened my eyes to the heavy sensation, my clothes had been changed to a brand new saint’s robe.

“. . .!!”

It was a saint robe woven with the finest silk thread and magic silver thread. It had a pleasantly heavy weight.

The braided cord tied as an accent was gold and crimson. The thin lace veil made me look like a bride.

Lala-san’s purple eyes widened like a surprised cat when she saw me.

Black Dragon-san let out a whistle.

“Synovidos, what is this?”

“I want to give her formal attire. . .Hiira-dono looks good in a saint robe after all.”

“A-Ah, um. . .”

“Well then, let’s go settle everything, Hiira-dono.”

“Your way of speaking is different from usual, Synovidos. . .”

Soft power was put into our connected hands.

I felt like Synovidos laughed softly behind his mask.

――The next moment, the light shone brilliantly and we were in a completely unfamiliar room.

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