The Saint Whose Engagement Was Broken Runs a Cafeteria, Where the Beloved Demon King and Ninja Visit Today – Chapter 4

Chapter 4: Demon King-sama and the Black Dragon

The space we were brought to had only me, Demon King-sama, and his servant beast, Black Dragon-san. 

The large Black Dragon-san, who was about three times the height of the tall Demon King-sama, carefully folded his neck, wings, and four legs and obediently lay down next to Demon King-sama like a well-behaved pet. It was like a small hill.

“Demon King-sama.” 

I bowed my head in the manner of a “bow” I learned from Synovidos in front of Demon King-sama. I somehow wanted to express my gratitude with this greeting.

“It was a short time, but thank you for everything, Demon King-sama.”

“There’s no reason to thank me. I haven’t done anything.”

As Demon King-sama shook his head, his long black hair swayed smoothly.

The long black hair, which was almost long enough to touch the floor, was like a string curtain made of silk, casting shadows on his melancholic eyes and high nose bridge, and sliding over his glossy black clothes, making him look beautiful.

“That’s not true. When I was hit by Kasdar-sama, you always protected me subtly, right? You even blew Kasdar-sama away for me.”

“Did you notice?”

“Well, yeah.”

I smiled at Demon King-sama, who was staring at me in surprise. 

Kasdar-sama, no, forget the honorificsーーwhen Kasdar threw a tantrum, he was the type to use his hands and mouth. I was insulted every day, and it was common for me to be lightly beaten or kicked.

Even so, when Kasdar was abusive towards me in the Demon King’s castle, almost 100% of the time, some kind of retaliation would occur. Suddenly, a hole would appear in the hallway and Kasdar would fall through it alone, or he would fall into a cesspool through a teleportation magic circle.

“Even during battles, when my cooking was almost ready, he would say, ‘Please wait a little longer!’ Both Lala-san and Kasdar would attack with the perfect timing for my recovery. Synovidos always said, ‘I’m just a behind-the-scenes guy~’ and disappeared from the battle, so I don’t know if he was of any help.”

“You’re quite observant. . .”

The Demon King-sama lowered his long-lashed eyes and tightly pursed his lips.

He seemed apologetic for being noticed that he was being considerate. He didn’t have to worry about it.

“Thank you always. It’s thanks to Demon King-sama that I was able to fulfill my role as a saint.”

The Demon King-sama turned his gaze towards me.

Every time we met in the throne room, I was always fascinated by his overwhelming power and beauty.

He had an atmosphere that was beyond this world, but his gaze was somewhat gentle.

“Hiira, that. . .”

“What is it?”

“. . .”

Demon King-sama pressed his thin lips together and fell silent. 

I wonder if there’s something difficult to say.

Seeing Demon King-sama fall silent, Black Dragon-san poked him with her tail.

Pushed by him, Demon King-sama opened his lips as if overflowing with words. 

“. . .Please take care of yourself. I’ll be lonely without being able to see you. However. . .I’m glad you’re separated from that man.”

His eyes, filled with sadness, conveyed his feelings of regret for parting with me more eloquently than words.

“Thank you, Demon King-sama. I also regret not being able to spend more time with you. . .I’m happy we could talk like this, just the two of us.”

Yes. Actually, this is the first time I’ve talked alone with Demon King-sama.

Since I joined Kasdar’s party, I’ve been fighting against Demon King-sama as a challenger party in the throne room many times. 

During that time, we somehow developed a sense of distance like comrades spending time in the same party, and we could communicate with each other through our eyes.

“At least let me send you to the capital. It’s dangerous for a woman to ride a carriage alone from here.”

“But I’m sorry.”

“Black Dragon also wants to send you home.”

Demon King-sama narrowed his eyes like a full moon as he stroked Black Dragon-san, who rubbed her nose against him.

“Well, I feel a little sorry.”

I want to refrain from doing it because I feel sorry. However, I feel like I can’t bear to be separated.


Suddenly, I remembered something. 

“Demon King-sama, do you have a moment now?”

“I do.”

“Y-you do?”

“I’ll make time for you no matter how much I have to. What is it?”


Surprised by his eagerness, I took out my favorite spatula from the magic pouch and the chopped vegetables and kneaded flour noodles that I had prepared and put them in a storage container.

Demon King-sama’s eyes sparkled.

“That is. . .!”

Delighted by his eagerness, I grinned.

“I don’t mean to impose, but would you like to try my cooking as a way of thanks?. . .Although, I’m not sure if Demon King-sama eats the same kind of food as us.”

Demon King-sama nodded eagerly.

“It’s okay, I can eat it.”

“Then let’s make okonomiyaki!”

Demon King-sama suddenly became restless and cute.

Actually, I was worried about the fact that Demon King-sama always seemed to have a hungry expression while watching me cook in the kitchen made of magic, during our battles.

I couldn’t invite him to a takoyaki party during the battle and ignore the party, but I wanted to give him a treat someday.

“Leave it to me. The ingredients are. . .shredded cabbage, check. Water, check. Sauce with mayonnaise, check. And then. . .” 

Once it was decided, I immediately started making it. I searched for my magic satchel for storing magical tools with excitement. It was specially made to allow for refrigeration and freezing.

Then, Demon King-sama called out to me.

“Is there anything you need to prepare?”

“Prepare? Not really. . .Oh.”


I had forgotten something important. I looked at Demon King-sama with a pale face.

“There’s no kitchen. . .”

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