The Saint Whose Engagement Was Broken Runs a Cafeteria, Where the Beloved Demon King and Ninja Visit Today – Chapter 38

Chapter 38: Thoughts of Bitou Shinobu

“Hiira-dono. . .”

Lost in thought, the man ― the Demon King ― stared at his palm illuminated by the moonlight.

At that moment, he heard footsteps. Hiira had woken up.

“Oh, I need to disguise myself.”

He quickly tied up his hair, put on a hood, and a mask.

A few seconds later, Hiira, who was walking down the hallway, smiled at Synovidos. He was on the roof outside the window.

“Synovidos, you’re awake.”

“Yes. And what about Hiira-dono?”

“Well, I had a bad dream and woke up for a bit.”

As she came down from the roof and stood next to him, Hiira smiled softly at Synovidos―Demon King.

She looked defenseless and lovely with a shawl over her nightwear and her hair down. It was also typical of her that a few strands of hair were floating like static electricity, tangled in her halo.

Realizing that it was not appropriate to stare, Synovidos, the Demon King, looked up at the moon.

“It was beautiful.”

“Yes, it really was.”

Hiira stood next to Synovidos, and narrowed her rabbit-like crimson eyes at the dazzling full moon.

“When I look at the moon, I remember Hiira-dono’s halo.”

“Fufu, it’s true. It can be used as a light in the dark.”

His heart aches sweetly and painfully at the slender shoulders and white cheeks of the girl standing next to him.

(I want to touch her soft hair. I want to bring my lips close to the back of her hand that I kissed during the day and whisper my love to her.)


(I am a man called Synovidos.)

“You are beautiful. . .my lady.” 

It was difficult to find a single word to describe what was beautiful, and he tried to hide the subject.

He clenched hisfists tightly and resisted the impulse. Hiira spoke up as if she had remembered something.

“Oh, right. Hey, Synovidos. I was thinking of having some hot milk. Would you like to join me?”

She looked up at him with her red eyes that suited her name well.

Despite the hardships and being hurt by others, she smiled so kindly even at a suspicious man like him.

(Hiira is more beautiful than anyone else.)

“Is it okay? Then I’ll take you up on your offer.”

“Fufu. I’ll dip some bread and use my ability to relieve your fatigue.”

“Oh, that’s very kind of you.”

“Then, it’s time for a midnight snack~♪.”

Her innocent kindness was both her invaluable strength and her vulnerability.

He strongly wished to protect this simple girl. 

Even if he couldn’t be with her forever.



He stopped her as she headed towards the kitchen.

Almost unconsciously, the words overflowed from him.

“My name is Shinobu Bitou.”


“Shinobu Bitou. I am the 21st head of the Bitou family of Ikawa Han in the Iwakawa domain. Shinobu Bitou is my true name and status.”

“Uh, a spell. . .?”

Synovidos the demon king chuckled at Hiira, who was rolling her eyes.

“Shinobu Bitou. Shinobu is his given name, and Bitou is his family name.” 

“So. . .Shinobu is Synovidos’ real name. . .?”

“That’s right. However, Hiira-dono, I would like you to continue calling me Synovidos as you have done so far.”

“Eh. . .but, but if I know your real name, I feel bad.”

“I like it when you call me Synovidos, Hiira-dono.”

The man with various names shook his head and returned a smile to the confused and lovely girl.

“The name Bitou Shinobu is a name I discarded when my family became extinct. Synovidos, who you call, is. . .who I am now.”

“Well, that’s good. . .but why did you suddenly tell me?”

“I’m sorry for the suddenness. I just felt like telling you.”

He laughed at her puzzled face while gently swaying the halo.

“Okay. . .Shinobu. I won’t call you that normally, but I’ll remember it.”

When she murmured his real name, he felt so happy that he shivered.

He couldn’t reveal his true identity, so he wanted to show his sincerity by telling her his name.

Even if it was just his selfish self-satisfaction. 

TL: We literally butchered the name, sorry.

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