The Saint Whose Engagement Was Broken Runs a Cafeteria, Where the Beloved Demon King and Ninja Visit Today – Chapter 2

Chapter 2: Whip Whip little saint

“That’s what I’m saying.”


“You’re so lame!!!!!”

Kasdar-sama, or rather, Kas, stomped his feet and showed his frustration.

He began to berate me without caring about the attention of those around us.

“Hiira!! You are undoubtedly the [saint loved by the earth] with an unprecedented saintly ability since the founding of the country!!”

“Could you explain the nickname?”

“Not ‘could you,’ damn it!! You were given a great nickname by the church, but in reality, you’re just [the strongest saint, but with abilities that come from wheat flour]?! It’s so damn lame!!!!”

I don’t want to cause a scene and make things more complicated, I shrink down and mutter.

Even though I shrink down, I still want to retort what I want to say because I’m a little annoyed.

“Even if you say that, Kasdar-sama. You almost died earlier when you couldn’t avoid the black dragon’s breath. Do you remember when you managed to eat okonomiyaki and come back to life?”

“It’s your fault that your defense ability didn’t work in time, isn’t it?!”

“Well, even if you say that. Because it was such a reckless and sudden death attack, I still have some complaints, you know?”

“What complaints, what?!”

“I thought the noodles in the okonomiyaki could have been a little crispier, so I’d give it a 70 out of 100.”

“Don’t worry about that kind of thing!!!!”

He punched the wall of the carriage. It was scary.

“Well, of course, I was relieved that you came back to life in a second. . .Oh, by the way, how was the taste?”

“It was delicious!!! It’s frustrating!!!”


“No, that’s not what I’m talking about!!!” 

Kasdar-sama scratches his hair in frustration.

He’s a bit spoiled and childish, and when things don’t go his way, he throws a tantrum. But he’s handsome and comes from a good family, so even when he’s angry, he looks like the good guy. It’s amazing how being good-looking is a virtue.

“Ugh, I can’t keep eating cinnamon flour every time I get hurt! There’s no tension at all! And the sauce smells so delicious all the time!”

“But it’s not really a challenge to defeat them. It’s just a ceremonial challenge, you know.”

“You talk too much, don’t you?”

Kasdar-sama glares at me.

――Uh-oh, this atmosphere, I’m sure he’s going to slap me!

“Kasdar, aren’t we leaving yet?”

Just as I was about to take a defensive stance, a beautiful woman with a dignified voice appeared next to Kasdar-sama.

She was a stylish witch in black clothes with fiery red long hair that reached her knees.

Her name was Lala Stavicute-san, 18 years old and the daughter of a baron.

Lala-san looked down at me with her strong purple eyes.

“I’ll tell you now that I also agree with your expulsion, Hiira.”

“Lala-san. . .”

When Lala-san came next to him, Kasdar-sama became visibly smitten. He couldn’t take his eyes off her plump and curvy chest. 

Without looking at Kasdar-sama, Lala-san sighed while running her fingers through her hair.

“I don’t care about things like tension, but I’m getting fat.”

“Getting fat. . .what do you mean?”

“I was told the other day by some annoying relatives from my hometown who I met after a long time, ‘Ojou-sama, have you become round lately? Are you preparing to defeat the Demon King with your fleshiness?!!’”

“Oh my, that’s terrible. . .”

“It’s so infuriating! I was treated as the most beautiful girl in my hometown! Me! How dare you! And why are you so skinny? Your bone structure is annoying!”


Lala-san then started hitting me with her cane from above.

Kasdar, who was about to hit me, seemed satisfied and looked down at me with a smirk.

As they were doing that, a black shadow came between Lala-san and me.

“Lala-dono, Lala-dono, it’s not good to take it out on others. The best way to deal with it is to exercise and lose weight.”

“You be quiet, Synovidos Igahan!!!!”


The one who was hit with a cane while protecting me was Synovidos Igahan in black attire.

He seemed to have come from a distant foreign country, but he was a reliable man who was quick and considerate. He played the role of a buffer among the members with strong opinions.

With his slender body, black attire, hood, and white mask, I didn’t know his face, but he was a good person who protected me in various ways. 

Dishes like okonomiyaki and chopstick rolls were also recipes taught by Synovidos.

“But to be honest. . .”

Synovidos looked down at me and muttered in a sorry tone.

“I also agree with Hiira-dono leaving this party.”


Even Synovidos, whom I was quite close with, said that, and my chest hurt sharply.

If even Synovidos thought I was unnecessary, it was a little hard to bear.

“Synovidos. . .”


As Synovidos was about to say something, Kasdar-sama clapped his hands to interrupt.

“Alright!! So, we’ll welcome a new saint to the party! Come on, introduce yourself.”


When called, a beautiful woman with silver curly hair in a fluffy bob appeared from another carriage.

She had long eyelashes and droopy gray-blue eyes, and she wore the same white robe of a saint that I did, which clung to her beautiful S-curve body.

The [halo], the symbol of a saint, was floating above her head, just like mine.

Her [halo] was about the size of a palm, much smaller than mine, which was about shoulder-width.

She tilted her head and smiled sweetly at me.

“Nice to meet you. I’m Saint Vivian Paswest♡ I’m 16 years old and my ability is bronze rank third, but I’ll do my best♡♡.”

“So, Hiira, if you go to the mansion in the capital, I’ll give you your severance pay. See you.”

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