The Saint Whose Engagement Was Broken Runs a Cafeteria, Where the Beloved Demon King and Ninja Visit Today – Chapter 19

Chapter 19: Don’t be proud

“Well then, good night Demon King-sama.”

I climbed onto the back of Black Dragon-san again and kicked off the balcony as Black Dragon-san flew into the night sky. Demon King-sama, who was getting farther away, waved at me until he disappeared from sight.

“Hey, Hiira-chan.”

Black Dragon-san spoke directly to my head with magic.

“To be honest, what do you think of the Demon King-sama?”

“Well. . .I think he’s a wonderful person.”

“I see.”

Black Dragon-san seemed to laugh a little.

“Then, what about Synovidos? Which one do you like more, him or Demon King-sama?”

“Eh? I don’t know how to answer that. . .”

I didn’t know how to respond to the sudden question.

“I love and respect both Synovidos and Demon King-sama as men.”

“Then, if both Demon King-sama and Synovidos said, ‘Be my woman,’ which one would you choose?”

“Eh. . .”

“Come on, what would you do~?”

I fell silent. I felt like the sound of wings suddenly became louder.

I was just confused by the question that I had never thought about before.

“But both of them wouldn’t look at me like that, would they? It’s me we’re talking about, me.”

“Is that so? Well, that’s fine, Hiira-chan.” 

I looked up at the sky. The twinkling stars in the jet-black sky were as beautiful as Demon King-sama’s hair and had a deep, mysterious color like Synovidos’ black attire.

“It’s a waste for the two. As for me. . .”

“Is that so?”

“I’ve always been told that I’m plain, unfashionable, and have no cuteness. Besides, I’m a saint who was treated badly by Kasdar and then abandoned.”


I felt a jolt of pain in my stomach and instinctively touched it with my hand as if to protect it.

To blow away the unpleasant memories, I made a bright voice.

“So if someone of the opposite sex confesses their feelings to me, I might have to decline and say I’m not good enough.”

“Eh, no wayーー.”

“Anyway, both of them don’t look at me like that! Ahaha.”

*Pat pat.*

Black Dragon-san didn’t give his usual rough response to my light tapping.

He escorted me to my room on the second floor of the cafeteria.

Before leaving, Black Dragon-san glanced down at me with his dragon eyes and spoke.


His mouth was so big that it looked like he could swallow me in one bite.

What I heard from there was a gentle voice that was concerned about me.

“The one who said you were plain and had no cuteness was that scum, right?”

Asked in a surprisingly serious tone, I nodded nervously.

“. . .Uh, yes. . .”

“Geez. Listen, okay? Scum is just scum. What are you going to do if you believe what scum says and get trapped by it?”

Black Dragon-san leaned in close to me, almost rubbing his nose against mine. 

“Here, you can pet me.”

“Eh, okay. If you say so.”

I timidly petted him like Demon King-sama did, and he closed his golden eyes in pleasure.

“I only allow Demon King-sama and Hiira-chan to pet me. If Hiira-chan was a boring person, I wouldn’t even bother being a mediator between her and Demon King-sama.”

“Black Dragon-san. . .”

“It’s important to be dignified. You’re the [saint loved by the earth], after all.”

With that, Black Dragon-san raised his head and stood up his huge body. His wings spread out with a rustle.

“Well then, sleep well and show Demon King-sama your energetic face again.”

Black Dragon-san flapped his large wings and flew towards the full moon.

As I watched his large body disappear, I felt warmth in my chest.

“. . .That’s right. I’ve decided to start a new life.”

Demon King-sama, Synovidos, Black Dragon-san, and the adventurers who support me. 

Many people are supporting my fresh start, so I have to be positive too.

Well, whether Demon King-sama and Synovidos see me as a girl or not, that’s beside the point.

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