The Saint Whose Engagement Was Broken Runs a Cafeteria, Where the Beloved Demon King and Ninja Visit Today – Chapter 10

Chapter 10: Let’s take off our “saint.” Let’s go out on the town.

Rustle, rustle, rustle.

At my scream, the park pigeons flew away in surprise. The squirrel that was picking up the scattered pieces of sweets disappeared with a “pyun.”

Feeling embarrassed by the surrounding gazes, I shrunk with my halo in my arms.

“. . .He really was a selfish man.”

I sighed and looked up at the sky.

The sky was filled with white clouds floating leisurely. The sunshine was pleasant, and the weather was perfect.

“To be honest, I’m glad he broke off the engagement.”

I couldn’t marry someone like him. No matter how many bodies I had, it wouldn’t be enough.

There were many things that made me angry, but now was not the time to stop in anger.

While watching the people resting in the park, I decided to think about my future.

“For now, I’ll look for a non-regular saint job at the monastery. . .but, I feel hesitant to ask for another introduction after rejecting the invitation from the royal palace and being forcibly defrocked by the monastery that arranged it. . .and the bad reputation is still attached to me. . .”

During my time with the Kasdar Party, the rumor that I, a silver saint, was “an incompetent saint who only produces wheat flour” had spread widely, and various rumors had been circulating with it.

It might be a little difficult to do well in a normal job.

“Maybe I should just do a job that has nothing to do with being a saint and that I have no experience in. . .like a kitchen maid job where flour is used.”

As I was thinking, ragged people walked by at the edge of my field of vision.

“They’re adventurers.” 

They must have been working in the Demon King’s forest. They looked exhausted as they managed to move forward and return to the adventurer’s guild.

Challenging the Demon King’s castle was an elegant rite of passage for noble sons, but for adventurers who went to the Demon King’s forest to collect materials, working in the forest was a laborious task. Since there was no nearby lodging town, camping was necessary, and if they returned home with injuries, they might end up in the red due to the cost of the carriage.

“If only there was a place to rest a little around that carriage stop. . .”

There was a reason why there was no lodging town near the Demon King’s forest.

It was said to be a polluted land due to the influence of the Demon King’s rule (although it was hard to believe that Demon King-sama would pollute the land), and there were hardly any people who settled down to start a business. 

Even adventurers who were fearless thought that camping would make the land polluted, so it was deeply rooted.

“That’s right.”

I suddenly realized.

What if I made a place for myself around here?

Fortunately, I had some money from the severance pay.

“Well, even if it doesn’t work out, I’m free now. I have to try everything!”

I stood up with determination, and my white robe fluttered in the wind.

A passerby who saw me muttered, 

“Oh, it’s a saint.”

“I wonder what she’s doing alone.”

I had forgotten that the white robe of a saint was quite conspicuous, as it was a familiar outfit to me. I grabbed the hem of my skirt.

“That’s right. I stand out in this outfit. I have to hide the halo too. . .” 

First, let’s go to a second-hand clothing store. There should be an open-air market for second-hand clothes on Shinshigai Street.

I’ll change into normal girl clothes and look for someone to accompany me on the carriage.

I’ll wear a cute outfit and change into a normaL girl. It’s a new life.


ーーOne hour later.

I was dressed in a black knee-length skirt with flower embroidery on a white blouse, a sturdy floral corset, and a white apron with decorations that I had tightly tied. It was an outfit that didn’t look like a saint at all.

“Alright! Now I look like an ordinary woman!!!!”

I nodded to myself in the mirror of the second-hand clothing store.

“Miss, hurry up and leave once you’re done changing. You’re holding up the line.”

“Yes, I’ll be out soon!”

I quickly folded the scarf into a triangle and wrapped it around my head. This way, I could push the halo inside. It was a bit bulky, but I wanted to believe that I could hide it with the pattern and frills of the scarf.

After changing clothes and going out into the town, the sky had already turned a deep red color. I hurriedly headed towards an inn for adventurers and got a room.

The old man at the inn looked at me with a curious expression when I tried to stay alone.

“Are you here alone, young lady? That’s rare.”

“Yes, I came to visit my brother who works as an adventurer.”

I lied. I answered with a smile that seemed like that of an ordinary girl.

“I see. Be careful of the rough crowd. I worry when I see young girls like you.”

Ojii-san kindly gave me a room on the floor where there were many female guests. How kind of him.

After securing my room, I immediately headed to the dining hall and bar where the guests were gathering.

The dining hall and bar were already filled with the smell of alcohol and cigarettes before the sun had even set. From those eating set meals to those drinking alcohol, everyone was crowded together in the small space, making a lot of noise.

There, I chose a party with many women and spoke to them softly.

“Excuse me.”


“I want to go near the Demon King’s Forest on a shared carriage tomorrow. Can I accompany you ladies only during that time? Of course, I will pay you for your services.”

The female adventurer with a medal-like scar on her body smiled in response to my request.

“Sure. It’s scary for a girl to ride a carriage alone.”

“Thank you very much!”

“But why would a girl like you go to such a place?”

“I have some business there.”

“I can only protect you until the stop. Is that okay?”

“Yes, please!”

After successfully negotiating and making an appointment for the next morning, I returned to my room at the inn with a relieved feeling and flopped onto the bed.

Downstairs, the lively voices of the dining hall could be heard. If I looked outside the window with just my gaze, the sun had set and the city lights were softly shining in the purple sky.

Somehow, I felt overwhelmed by the tiredness of the day.

“I’m tired. . .let’s sleep.”

When I removed the scarf from my head, a halo floated in the air with a soft glow. 

“Goodnight, halo.”

When there’s no one to talk to, I always talk to my halo.

As I slipped under the covers and fell asleep, the halo also lost its radiance and rolled onto the pillow.

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