The Saint Desired a “Gentle and Gentle Husband Who Would Spoil Me.” His Majesty the King Ran for the Position – Chapter 3

Chapter 3: Priestess Talking to the King

Lute, who was washing his feet, turned to face her, as if he had noticed Stacey staring at him. She couldn’t help but be taken aback when she looked into his bright, deep blue eyes.

“You appear to be staring at my face. Is there mud on it? I thought I wiped it clean…”

“No, your majesty is fine; you’re just so attractive that I couldn’t help but admire you.”

Stacey stated truthfully.

Of course, there is no specific meaning. As a nobleman would say, “You are a lovely young lady.” She was only complimenting the king on his appearance

And yet…



“…Do you think I’m attractive?”

Lute looks surprised and asks Stacey.

(Ara? If you’re not attractive, all the men in the world have no more face than potatoes, right?)

Stacey was the one who was taken aback, so she couldn’t help but stare at Lute’s expression.

“Well, of course. I think his majesty is the most attractive man I’ve ever seen.”


“… Oh, um, your majesty. Sorry, I didn’t mean to say something unusual…”

“…No, it’s not unusual. It’s only… That’s the first time a woman has said that to me.”

Lute turned away and stopped Stacey with a big hand. His hair had been lifted by the wind, and you could see his ears were slightly red.

“You are, uh… Countess Rithberth, aren’t you?”

“Ah, yes. But I grew up in the countryside until I was 12 years old, and then I spent the majority of my life in the church, so I’ve had very little education as a noblewoman…”

“No, I’m not blaming you; I’m just… I see. That’s why.”

Stacey wasn’t sure, but something clicked in Lute’s head, and he smiled up at her.

“Countess Rithberth… No, may I address you as such?”

“W-Well, um… I’m afraid not, but I’d be delighted if you could just call me Stacey.”

The surprised remark seemed to please Lute more and more.

He smiled and stepped out of the water.

“If you don’t mind, why don’t we talk like this more often? With Miss Stacey, I think we can have a good conversation.”

“Wouldn’t it be a crime of disrespect?”

“No, I’m not going to let that happen.”

Lute said firmly.

So Stacey started talking to Lute in between journeys.

They discussed topics such as church life and Stacey’s favorite things. And Lute seemed pleased to hear them, and Stacey was content just to see the handsome man’s smile.

But even Stacey knew her place.

(I am a priestess, and His Majesty is the king of Craifu.)

Stacey joins him on his journey as a priestess and the king’s chattering companion. He’s cool and nice to her, but not enough to turn it into a romance.

As they approached the dragon’s lair, she volunteered to cast a powerful protective spell on Lute.

Demonic dragons are stronger than regular dragons. They not only have poisonous breath and fangs, but their blood also contains poison.

It is Lute’s responsibility to sever the dragon’s head. She cannot allow even a drop of poisonous blood to fall on the king in this manner.

Lute, cloaked in pale light, looks at Stacey with serious eyes as she casts a protection spell with her staff.

“Best wishes, Your Majesty.”

Lute nodded firmly as Stacey smiled at him.

So, under the protection spell of the other priestess, Lute took up the fight against the dragon, accompanied by his knights. When the jet-black dragon breathes its poisonous breath on Lute, the protection magic reacts, draining Stacey’s magic.

Because the person in the lead is more vulnerable to the dragon’s attacks, the burden falls more heavily on the person who casts protective spells on him. That’s why Stacey, the most powerful priestess, was put in charge of protecting the king.

As the battle dragged on, Stacey and the others’ strength and magic were depleted. Some of the priestesses fell and were replaced halfway through, but Stacey had to hold on until the end to protect Lute, who was constantly surrounded by a toxic mist.

(Hang in there, Your Majesty…!)

Her head throbbed, and she was helped by another priestess, but she was still pumping magic into it when Lute finally severed the dragon’s head. A large amount of blood spurted out, and the priestesses clenched their teeth to keep the poisonous blood away from the knights.

Lute and the others rush back, and the squires strip them of their armor. The priestesses must use protective magic to protect the knights’ skin until they have changed out of their bloodied gear.

Then Lute finished dressing, wiped his hair clean, and said, “It’s all right now”.

―Stacey fainted.

Thanks to the protective magic of Stacey and the other priestesses, they were able to return to the capital without missing any of the members of the dragon slaying party, including the king.

Stacey and the others who had exhausted their magical power dozed off for a while, but even they were aware of their limitations. They couldn’t get out of bed for a few days, but they were all able to return to work after a good night’s sleep and a good meal.

Stacey and the others were given promotions and rewards for killing the demonic dragon.

Stacey, the leader of the priestesses who protected King Lute, was among them and was given the title “Saint.”

Stacey received the high priestess’s silver ring, the mark of the saint, and rose to the highest ranks of the Star Goddess Church in the Kingdom of Craifu.

Even if saints do not become high priestesses, there are many men who want to be their husbands if the saints wish to return to mortal society. Families of saints were looked up to, and saints from common families were often taken in by nobles.

…So her father, the Count, who had half-forgotten about Stacey, rushed to see her and turned his palm back. He then proposed a political marriage.

And Lute, the king, has unexpectedly run as Stacey’s husband.

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