The Saint Desired a “Gentle and Gentle Husband Who Would Spoil Me.” His Majesty the King Ran for the Position – Chapter 1

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Stacey Rithberth had had enough.

“Dear Stacey…you’re twenty now, and as a Countess of Rithberth, it’s time you considered getting married.”

“…. Huh.”

Stacey directs her gaze at the man on the sofa in front of her, who is smiling at her with an eerie smirk.

He’s a frail, lanky man with glistening eyes. Stacey is surprised to learn that this man, whose love of money and power pervades every aspect of his being, is her father.

(What a whitewash. Because I’ve become someone great, you suddenly flip your hand.)

Stacey sat on the couch, crossed her legs, and glared coldly at her catty father. 

Stacey, who had spent more than half of her life in the countryside and the rest as a church priestess, had no desire to go back to mortal society and be a noble lady at all.

“…That’s quite a transformation. You got my mother pregnant while she was working as a servant and then banished her to the countryside because she was interfering with your marriage. When I was born, you never came to see me, and when you took me in after she died, you treated me like an ugly b*tch and kicked me out. How dare you say such a thing?”

Her father’s face turned pale as she expressed her long-held resentment toward him.

But then he remembered that the cocky girl in front of him was now the church’s most powerful “saint,” and he instantly dropped his anger and smiled.

“I sincerely apologize. That’s why I wished you a happy marriage…”



“I’m sorry, I’m just being truthful.”

She didn’t do it by chance. She deliberately said it.

Stacey’s “Saint” status allows her to make such a significant remark to this man, who is the head of the count’s family and her father.

“… So? Are you saying that the girl you threw out has been recognized as a saint, and that you are now deceiving her, encouraging her to marry, and using her as a pawn?”

“N-No, that’s not the case…”

“I didn’t come here to hear that. I enjoy working at the Star Goddess Church and have no plans to go back and marry.”

“But, Stacy. A number of noblemen have already expressed interest in marrying you…”

(…Now that you mention it. I’ve noticed a recent increase in the number of letters arriving at the church…)

Stacey believes her father asked around, “Who’s going to get my daughter?” before agreeing with Stacey.

(I’d like to use magic on my father, who is smiling and sweating in front of me, but I’ve sworn to the Goddess that I’ll use my natural talent for the good of the world, so I can’t, which is a shame. Besides, I’m sure many of the noblemen were hesitant to propose marriage because their parents had ordered them to…)

Stacey looks nothing like her mother, who was a fragile beauty, with her quirky, almost black and gray hair and auburn eyes. She was gifted with magic, though, and since becoming the saint of the Church of the Star Goddess, she has refined her magical abilities and gained credibility through her skills and achievements.

But it seems that men in the Kingdom of Craifu prefer women who are meek, quiet, and less assertive, and few of them would accept a woman like Stacey, who is rude and full of herself.

(If that’s the case, I’d like to destroy this story to make the noblemen’s lives easier…)

All you have to do is end this sooner rather than later and bring this father down, but that will not be enough to convince the noblemen to give up. Stacey’s character isn’t great, but she’s still valuable as the daughter of a count and the Saint.

(I wanted to be free, so I worked hard…)

Stacey raises her head and slumps her shoulders.

“…Okay, fine. I can’t say no to the nobles if you’ve been asked.”

“So, then…!”

“But. I will set the conditions for the man who will become my husband.”

She stopped her father from getting carried away and continued, which caused the other party’s face to turn red.

“No, that’s not right!”

“Why not? Rather, you should be concerned if you disregard my wishes and marry me off to a man of your choosing. What’s the point of a goddess’s daughter returning to her father’s service and marrying someone she doesn’t love? Even you, as a person of little faith, recognize this, don’t you?”

In the Kingdom of Craifu, the Star Goddess religion worships the Star Goddess of love and fertility.

The Star Goddess bestowed mystical powers on women who were previously ruled by men. “Use this power to protect the weak.” Every woman is born with magical abilities.

The most powerful of them are dubbed “daughters of the goddess,” and their mission as priestesses is to support the kingdom. They were required to follow in the goddess’s footsteps and remain celibate and pure for the duration of their tenure.

However, the Star Goddess values pregnancy and childbirth as well. “If my daughters want to marry for love and have children, they can do so.” Because the world is usually dominated by men, perhaps the religion of the star goddess was very friendly to women.

Yes. Women are treated very well by the Star Goddess. especially to her daughters

She doesn’t show mercy to those who disrespect her daughters who are married or raising children away from them. 

If Stacey, who has risen to the rank of Saint solely on her own merits, suffers misfortune in her new home, the Star Goddess Church will undoubtedly punish her husband’s family and her father for arranging such a marriage.

Even her father was worried about retaliation from the church and nodded in alarm.

“O-Of course, yes. Of course, Stacey, I’ll do whatever you want! What kind of nobleman are you looking for?”

(… All right, I got what I wanted.)

Stacey didn’t hide her grin as she looked at her sweating father.

[Saint Stacey of the Star Goddess Church desires a husband who meets all of the following conditions .

・Must spoil Stacey

・Exceptionally gentle

・Must be devoted to her and never cheat on her

・Stacey is not permitted to do any housework

・Height of at least 38 Tor

・Like’s cat

・Must be wealthy (with an annual income of at least 200 000 kururu).

・Muscular and capable of crushing a brick with one hand]

(Yes, perfect!) 

Stacey was pleased with herself.

Stacey had been urged by her father to fill out a marriage application the day before. When her father read it, he was despairing, but Stacey smiled and said, “If you don’t like it, that’s fine.” He quickly shook his head.

The majority of Stacey’s conditions for a husband were for her personal interests.

Stacey wants someone who cares about her more than anyone else and loves her without cheating on her or turning a blind eye.

Stacey also adores small animals, particularly cats, and has always desired one. So she wants to live in a house with cats.

And she’d rather have a man with a strong body than one who is thin and wiry like her father. 

(A knight would be physically fit and well-paid.)

…So much for Stacey’s personal taste; the rest is just icing on the cake.

Stacey’s goal here was to drive away all suitors by making outrageous conditions.

The average adult male height in the Kingdom of Craifu is around 35 tor, so 38 tor is quite tall.

And few knights, no matter how well compensated, can only earn up to 200,000 crowns per year, especially those as old as Stacey, who can only earn 100,000 kururu.

Anyone capable of destroying a brick block with one hand is quite rare.

As a result, each of these conditions “might” apply to some people. However, few to none can complete all of them..

That’s why she put these conditions in place because she knows there aren’t any, and a normal person would think, “This woman is insane,” and they’d withdraw their marriage proposals.

This way, the suitors would have no choice but to withdraw their proposals and Stacey would be treated like a selfish freak, so it wouldn’t hurt. 

She would then say to her father, “I’m afraid no one has come along who fits the bill,” before returning to Star Goddess Church.

It’s a brilliant plan.

And, just as Stacey had hoped, the courtship letters appeared to have stopped after her father finally offered those conditions in tears.

(I guess I’ll be back at church soon! I’m being forced to stay at the Count’s house for a while, but I just want to get out of here and back to the church. As a saint, I have a lot of work to do.)

…Or so she assumed.

“You have a suitor, Stacey.”

Stacey, who had been filing her nails, frowned when her father told her, who appeared haggard for some reason.

(Hmph. No one can possibly meet these insane conditions. That means it’s someone who is exempt from my conditions.)

“So? Who would be such a unique individual?”



“It’s His Majesty the King…”

Stacey is taken aback when her father says something she did not expect to hear.


Stacey dropped the file and made a funny noise.

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