The Rune Magician Who Lost Everything to Her Older Sister, Becomes Doted On by the Genius Prince – Chapter 44

The Rune Magician Who Lost Everything to Her Older Sister, Becomes Doted On by the Genius Prince – Chapter 44

Chapter 44: Unforgettable memory

There was a path on the grounds of the royal castle that led to the hill behind it.

It was surprisingly easy to get to, but neither the knights nor the servants visited this place.

Because it was not just a simple hill.

Those who knew, knew what was beyond the hill.

That place was a special location for the royal family.

“Actually, today is my mother’s death anniversary.”

“…I see.”

His Highness began to speak as we walked.

There was a discrepancy of a few days from the officially disclosed death anniversary.

His Highness shouldn’t know what I know…

Then why did he mention that today was the day she died… in an assassination?

As I followed behind His Highness, I looked up at the sky.

It had been clear just a moment ago, but now the clouds were gradually becoming ominous.

A thick cloud, seemingly about to pour rain, was coming towards us.

The sky seemed to be sinking too.

And then, we arrived at the other side of the hill.

In a place where you could see the scenery outside the royal capital, a small cross was standing.

“My mother always loved this place. Whenever she was happy or sad, or had something to worry about, she came here. Even when she fought with my father, she always came here and made up with him.”

“I see.”

This place was not just important to him, but to their family as a whole.

That’s why they built the tomb here.

Their deceased mother, in her most beloved place…

“I come here often too. Mostly to report things, but sometimes when I’m troubled too.”

“Which one is it now?”

“Both, I guess.”

As he spoke, His Highness knelt before the tombstone.

This was the first time I saw his small, sad-looking back.

It was as if he were a completely different person from the one I knew, always dignified, courageous, and stronger than anyone else, leading everyone.

“Did my father tell you?”


“I’m talking about my mother.”

His Highness asked while still facing away from me.

Although I was surprised by his sudden question, I had a feeling that he might ask about it.

Did you ask His Majesty about it?”

“No, Father didn’t say anything, but I just had a feeling. That’s all.”

His highness stands up and puts his hands on his waist, looking up at the sky.

“…It looks like it’s going to rain.”


I hate rain.

I remember when his highness said that.

I’m sure he’ll forever remember the sad past, even if he tries to forget the sight of his mother being killed right in front of him.

“How much did you hear?”

“…That your Okaa-sama was assassinated. I didn’t hear the details.”

“I see…I still occasionally dream about that day.”

“Your Highness?”

He turns around.

He looks sad, but he forces a smile.

“Can you listen to me?”


I nod slightly and listen carefully to his voice.

I won’t miss a single word.


That day, the clouds were thick from morning.

The weather was such that it wouldn’t be strange to start raining at any moment.

But if my mother was around, it wouldn’t rain.

“If Okaa-san’s here, it won’t rain!”

“Why is that?”

“Well, it’s a secret.”

She evaded the question and laughed.

My mother was like the sun.

Always bright, with warm words and voice, being with her made my heart warm.

I loved my mother.

Being together for a short time because she was busy meant that being together like this was happiness.

Especially on this day, it was a field trip just for my mother and me, so it felt like we were the only ones there.

I was excited.

On the way home, an incident occurred.

It started to rain.

Rain that had never fallen before when I was with my mother.

It was the first time.

Even as a child, I had a bad feeling about it.

That feeling was right on target.

The carriage we were on suddenly stopped and then overturned with a loud noise.



In a moment, my mother protected me by holding me close to her chest.

The exterior of the overturned carriage had peeled off, and I could see the outside as it rolled over.

It was pouring rain.

In the rain, I could vaguely see a figure approaching the carriage.


“Shh, be quiet.”

I tried to speak, but my mother held my mouth.

“Alec, no matter what happens, don’t leave from here. Stay here quietly and don’t make any noise.”


“Promise Okaa-san. Please?”


I was scared.

I didn’t understand the situation.

But my mother smiled and stroked my head.

I’m sure everything will be okay.

My mother went out alone through the gap in the broken carriage.

She stood in front of the gap so that I couldn’t be seen.

“Who are you guys?”

“Queen Militaria, right?”


“――I’m sorry, but you have to die here. Everything is for the people’s peace.”

The men were assassins hired to kill my mother.

My mother knew.

Therefore, she chose a way to sacrifice herself so that at least I could survive.

Mother doesn’t know how to fight.

The opponents are multiple highly skilled assassins.

There was no way to save her, and my mother was killed without a second thought.


I was about to scream out loud.

But I desperately held back because of my promise to my mother.

My mother’s body was leaning against the broken carriage, as if trying to hide my figure.

“According to the information, the second prince should be here too, right?”

“…He must have been crushed under the rubble. The objective has been achieved. Let’s withdraw.”

I heard the sound of the assassins leaving.

I couldn’t see anything.

It was pitch black… The only thing faintly visible was the blood flowing from my mother’s body, reaching my feet.

I suppressed my voice and presence, but tears still flowed down my face.

I will never forget the smell of the mixture of blood and tears.

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