The Rune Magician Who Lost Everything to Her Older Sister, Becomes Doted On by the Genius Prince – Chapter 42

The Rune Magician Who Lost Everything to Her Older Sister, Becomes Doted On by the Genius Prince – Chapter 42

Chapter 42: Proud as an older brother

I walk alone from the knight’s barracks towards the royal castle.

Although going through the palace is the shortest route, I choose to take the longer way because there are many people I don’t want to see.

“Those two.”

I wonder if they will start fighting while I’m looking away…

It happened several times in the beginning, but it seems to have decreased after I warned them.

Since there is no one to stop them if I’m not there, I want them to wait until I return if possible. I hope both of them understand that.

To return as soon as possible, I hurried towards the royal castle.

I enter the royal castle and walk through the hallway.

His Highness, who was recuperating in the sickroom one month ago, has now recovered considerably and returned to his room.

His wounds have completely healed and he can move around now.

Like the two of them, he would act recklessly if not watched over regularly.

I was asked by the king.

To make sure His Highness doesn’t act recklessly alone, he wants me to keep a close watch on him.

To fulfill that duty, I am heading to His Highness’ room today, as well.


My hurried feet come to an abrupt stop.

His Highness appears before me.

However, it was not His Highness Alectos whom I met, but another person.

“Your Highness Rejhon.”

“Meiana, can I have a little bit of your time?”

I need to go see how His Highness is doing.

As His Highness Alectos’ direct subordinate, I could ignore His Highness Rejhon’s orders.

I could have refused, but for some reason…


I felt like I could talk to him for a little bit.

We moved to a different location.

We moved away from the middle of the crowded hallway and into an unused room.

The royal palace was vast, and there were many unused rooms.

His Highness Rejhon moved towards the window, and I stood by the door.

It had been a month since we last met, during that power struggle.

There were no chance encounters in the hallway, intentional or not.

So I was surprised.

I never expected His Highness Rejhon to come up and talk to me.

“Were you going to see Alec?”


“…I see.”


It was awkward.

The conversation didn’t continue.

There was no prior interaction, so there was nothing for me to talk about.

It was His Highness Rejhon who called out to me.

I think he has something he wants to talk about, and there is no atmosphere of joking around.

However, he seems hesitant to speak his mind.

The silence continues.

It turns out that I am not good with quiet moments.

As I was thinking about whether there was anything to talk about, His Highness Rejhon asked me a question.

“How is Alec’s condition? Has he recovered yet?”

He probably wanted to ask about His Highness Alectos.

After he asked the question, he quickly averted his gaze.

“Is His Highness Rejhon not going to visit him?”

“Huh? Why would I visit him?”


It’s clear that he is concerned.

Since he stopped me earlier, there hasn’t been a lighthearted atmosphere or any laughter.

He has a dark and calm demeanor, never smiling.

“If you’re concerned, why don’t you go see him and check for yourself?”

“Don’t get me wrong. That injury happened because he selfishly protected me. If he doesn’t recover from it, it will be my fault. I’m just worried and asked about it.”


He makes an easy-to-understand excuse.

Is he hesitating to visit because he accidentally injured himself?

Surprisingly delicate, or maybe he’s really worried about Alectos-sama.

I thought they were just bickering, but maybe not?

“Gosh, that guy! He did it on his own even though he wasn’t asked…What was he planning to do if he died? The same as Mother…!”

His Highness Rejhon stops his muttering halfway.

Few people know the truth about his mother’s death.

Officially, it’s considered to be a natural death.

He looks embarrassed looking away after speaking emotionally about his mother in front of me.

“So, is he recovering?”

“Yes. He is recovering smoothly, and his wounds have almost healed completely.”

“——I see.”

He turns his face away and gazes at the window.

His profile that I caught a glimpse of seems relieved in some way.

After a moment of silence, His Highness Rejhon starts to walk.

“I’ve asked everything I wanted to know. Sorry for taking up your time.”

He walks with a determined attitude, passes by my side, and heads out the door.

I know the truth behind the Queen’s death, as told to me by His Majesty.

She died while protecting the young Prince Alectos, killed by an assassin.

That event shaped the current Prince Alectos into who he is.

And what about His Highness Rejhon?

It’s only natural, but he too is Okaa-sama (the Queen)’s son.

It’s impossible for him to not feel anything after losing his mother.

Could it be that he is hard on His Highness Alectos because of the sadness of losing his mother…?

But it doesn’t quite feel right.

I don’t think His Highness Rejhon hates Prince Alectos.

No, it might actually be the opposite…

“Did you challenge His Highness Alectos because you didn’t want him to die?”


His Highness Rejhon, who had his hand on the door, stops abruptly.

It was nothing more than my imagination.

I don’t know the truth.

But if that were really the case…

“Hmph, what nonsense…I just challenged Alec because I don’t like him.”


“An older brother who can’t stand tall in front of his little brother can’t be called an older brother, can he?”


With a click, the door closes.

I felt like His Highness Rejhon’s heart was in his final words.

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