The Rune Magician Who Lost Everything to Her Older Sister, Becomes Doted On by the Genius Prince – Chapter 39

The Rune Magician Who Lost Everything to Her Older Sister, Becomes Doted On by the Genius Prince – Chapter 39

Chapter 39: Don’t blame me

“It’s my…fault?”

What is she talking about?

“Because you’re working hard…I have to work hard too.”

“What do you mean…”

“Why! Why is it always you!”

She becomes emotional and her words become monotone.

I didn’t understand what she was trying to tell me.

All that came across was her anger towards me.

“What…why are you so angry?”

“Don’t you understand? Do you know how much I’ve been suffering since you left!”


Could it be something at the Pheles house…

Something that was done to me now to Onee-sama?

I had anticipated that, but if it’s really true, I feel sorry for her.

“Every time you achieve something, I get nagged about it. ‘Leticia, have you nothing to show for it?’ ‘Show us your new results soon.’ Even my work at the court is being monitored. Even if I finish my work properly, if it takes even a second longer, I’ll be scolded.”


“It’s because you’re not there anymore! Neither Norman-sama nor Jerick-sama try to help me even when I ask for their help. No one, just me…”


I finally understood what had made Onee-sama angry.

With that understanding, I spoke out.

In a cold and dispassionate voice.

“Is that it?”


I’ll be honest.

I thought she was suffering more than that.

I was worried.

About physical punishment or confinement.

I had incited our parents to the point where it wouldn’t be surprising if that happened to her.

But it wasn’t so.

Everything she was saying…

“That’s what I’ve been enduring for a long time.”


It’s not surprising.

After all, I know everything.

“Every time I see them, I get nagged, ignored, and no one helps me. I’m always compared to and criticized… I know how painful it is.”

It’s what I’ve been enduring for years.

That’s why I clearly state it, even if it’s cold.

“That’s what Onee-sama was doing to me, too.” 


“If you’re talented, did you think you could do anything? Were you just using it as a stress release because you wouldn’t get scolded for treating people harshly, because people around you said so?”


Ah, how mean.

I can’t control my frustration and emotions like this.

I’m getting even more irritated because I did my best to worry about her.

She’s not reflecting on her actions.

She doesn’t regret what she’s done to me, nor does she think it was wrong.

She’s just angry, blaming me for the current treatment she’s receiving.

“Don’t misunderstand, Onee-sama. It’s not my fault. You’re just not living up to expectations, right?”


“I’m not the one at fault here. You’re the one who’s avoiding the problem.”

“…Who do you think you are?!”

Immediately after raising her voice, Onee-sama loses consciousness and falls over.

She falls asleep with a gentle snore, lying on the ground.

“It finally worked.”

I’ve been placing Rune Stones in various places from the beginning.

There was one near Onee-sama, too.

The rune of 【ᛞ (Dagaz)】.

It means “day” or “daytime.”

With an expanded interpretation, a calm day can induce drowsiness.

Although it took a while due to the excitement, I was able to induce good sleep.

Now, there’s no more support for them.

“Your Highness!”

“Well done!”

“Tch, Leticia, did you lose to your little sister?”

Clearly, the output of the magic sword decreased when Onee-sama fell asleep.

The amount of controlled flames was reduced by half.

“That’s enough for today, Brother.”

“…Not yet.”

The battle was over.

While everyone thought so, His Highness Rejhon didn’t give up.

“I haven’t lost yet!”

He tightens the magic sword with his feelings.

But that’s not good.

The magic sword is a powerful weapon, but it also has risks.

As if in response to the emotional upheaval, the magic sword bursts into flames.

“Oh, crap…”

“Your Highness!”

The magic sword begins to run amok.

If you lose your support and continue to exert force with your emotions, it will inevitably go out of control.

The control of magic power becomes lax, and the power is emitted uncontrollably.

“Your Highness Rejhon.”


Norman-sama and Zion-kun also broke off their engagement. 

This is not the time for that.

If left unchecked, it won’t stop until it burns the user to ashes.

“Release the magic sword! Brother!”

“I, I can’t let it go…”

He has completely lost control.

We need to get rid of the magic sword right away, or forcefully stop the flames.

There is power within the runes to calm the flames.

“Let me——”

Before I could say anything, someone started moving.

Without any hesitation, the one who grabbed the blazing magic sword was…

“Your Highness?”

It was His Highness Alectos.

He activated the cooling magic at point-blank range.

He covered the flames with ice, calming down the rampage.

Cold air and steam mixed together and spread out to the surrounding area.

Will His Highness be alright?

I hurriedly ran to them and felt relieved when I saw him where the steam disappeared.

“Your Highness! I’m glad you’re safe…”

His Highness’s right arm, which held back the flames, was badly burnt from the shoulder to the fingertips.

“Are you hurt? Brother.”


Despite his own serious injuries, he’s concerned about the well-being of his enemy.

Although they are siblings, it’s still an abnormal sight to witness.

And thus, the power struggle was resolved in an unintended way.

We, well…won.

But I’m not at all happy.

The only thing we gained from this battle was His Highness’ terrible burn.

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