The Rune Magician Who Lost Everything to Her Older Sister, Becomes Doted On by the Genius Prince – Chapter 36

The Rune Magician Who Lost Everything to Her Older Sister, Becomes Doted On by the Genius Prince – Chapter 36

Chapter 36: Stubborn prince

Less than a week later, we met again face to face.

In the reception room of His Highness Alectos, three people gathered under His Highness Rejhon and him.

We stood beside His Highness Alectos facing them.

The greatest magician in the kingdom, praised as a genius.

A Rune Magician who was selected as the Court Magician for the Second Prince, rising from a court apprentice.

A young, timid warrior who, when he draws his sword, is stronger and more dependable than anyone else.

And a mysterious traveler with the power of a demon.

“The four of us will head for the ruins.”

His Highness declared to his brother, His Highness Rejhon.

We managed to gather the fourth member within the designated period.

Now that the requirement has been met, we can start our ruin exploration as planned.

However, as expected, His Highness Rejhon objected.

“You did well for your abilities, Alec. But unfortunately, it’s full of holes.”

He smirked and turned his gaze toward Kaijin, who was gathered as the fourth member.

Kaijin met his gaze with a sharp glare.

“That guy over there, it doesn’t seem like something a prince entrusted with an important task would do, adding someone with unknown background to the group.”

“What did you say?”

“Calm down, Kaijin.”

His highness admonishes Kaijin who was glaring.

I thought it was impressive that he had an attitude where he wasn’t intimidated by the prince’s presence.

However, what His Highness Rejhon said had a point.

The exploration of the ruins could be an important mission that determines the future of the kingdom.

And if you added someone whose identity is unknown, what if you fail?

His Highness Alectos will be held responsible.

If there is damage to the citizens, he will lose their trust instantly.

I agree that only people with achievements and positions that can be trusted should be gathered.

“That’s not a problem in that regard. He’s also a noble.”


I unintentionally let out a small voice.

His Highness said that Kaijin is a noble.

I can’t believe he would be bluffing in this situation.

But could it be true?

“Lying is not good, Alec.”

“Do you think I’m lying? It’s an undeniable fact. Do you remember the emblem on the sleeve of Kaijin’s clothes?”

“…Sword and shield, and a broken sun…!!”

His Highness Rejhon’s complexion changes.

He looks like he recognizes the emblem.

His Highness Alectos lets out a smile.

“You noticed?”

“That emblem…ah, I see. You’re from that rural noble family, the Remhounds.”

Remhound family?

I don’t know the name, but since the princes know it, they must be a well-known noble family.

I’m concerned about His Highness Rejhon’s frustrated expression.

Perhaps something happened in the past between the Remhound family and the royal family.

Or rather, was he really a noble?

To my greater surprise, I turned to Kaijin.

“What is it?”

“So, you were a noble.”

“It doesn’t matter. Titles don’t matter when it comes to strength.”

“Well, that’s not the point here…”

Zion-kun was also exasperated.

If he had told us from the beginning that he was from a noble family, we could have trusted him.

If His Highness had noticed, I wish you had told us.

But now…

“There’s no problem, right? He’s also a person in a position of authority.”

“…No, there are still holes.”

His Highness Rejhon doesn’t back down.

“Yes, he seems to have a position. But we’re the same in that regard. No, the personnel I gathered are even more excellent. They have achievements. People who have worked in the court for a long time, who led a knight order and repelled numerous dangerous enemies. They not only have positions, but also social credibility. What about over there? You’re still young and your abilities are uncertain, right?”

“Are you saying that they’re inferior?”

“Don’t make that scary face. I’m talking about the evaluations of society and those around us.”

Achievements… huh.

Certainly, Knight Commander and Norman-sama have built up their achievements and are trustworthy.

However, Onee-sama… Leticia’s achievements are mostly something I made in her place.

It’s true that it’s Rejhon-sama’s words, and I can’t deny them out loud, but at least I can’t agree with them.

“So basically, you’re saying that you’re uncertain about their ability.”

“That’s right. This is an important mission that is a matter of our country’s fate.”

“But if it comes down to ability, they have it. Originally, the condition that my older brother proposed was to gather a total of four people. This discussion should be over once that is achieved.”

“That’s why I’m saying there are complaints about those individuals. Can’t you understand that?”

Rejhon-sama is obstinate and refuses to acknowledge it.

This stubbornness reminds me a little of Alectos-sama.

However, in Rejhon-sama’s case, he looks a bit childish, like a child throwing a tantrum.

“Then how can I get your approval?”

“Well, if you have the ability, let’s compete. Your four versus my four.”

“…But you’re one person short, right?”

“Don’t worry. Just for now, I’ll join in.”

Rejhon-sama breaks into a sly grin.

Prince Alectos narrows his eyes.

The two princes lock eyes with each other.

“Shall we have a strength competition?”

“…Alright. And if I win, you’ll withdraw?”

“I promise.”

Upon hearing His Highness Rejhon’s words, His Highness Alectos looks at us for confirmation.

“Sorry, but can you guys come along?”

“Sure, why not? I love contests of strength.”

“I-I’ll do my best too.”

“Your Highness, please decide. We will follow you.”

“…Thank you.”

His Highness Alectos looks back and declares:

“I accept.”

We’re one step closer to exploring the ruins.

This is probably the final obstacle.

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