The Rune Magician Who Lost Everything to Her Older Sister, Becomes Doted On by the Genius Prince – Chapter 31

The Rune Magician Who Lost Everything to Her Older Sister, Becomes Doted On by the Genius Prince – Chapter 31

Chapter 31: What should I do!

“Uh, what should we do? If we don’t find the fourth person in a week, Meiana-san will…”


Zion-kun looks worried and fidgety.

I was also uneasy.

I assumed we would smoothly begin our excavation of the ruins, without any intervention from His Highness Rejhon, but that was a completely unexpected occurrence.

Surely, only His Highness Alectos could have predicted it.

“But, it’ll be okay. His Highness said he’ll definitely find someone.”


Zion-kun and I watch His Highness’s back together with anxious expressions.

He was looking outside from the window of the office.

Without turning around, he spoke with his back facing us.

“——Yes, I’ll definitely find someone. No matter what, within the time frame.”

“I’ll help too.”

“M-Me too! I don’t know if there’s anything I can do…”


His Highness let out a small laugh with his back still facing us.

Then he turned around slowly and said to us with a gentle smile.

“Thank you. It’s reassuring.”

That expression seemed to be crying just a little.

However, that feeling only lasted for a moment as he took a deep breath to regain his composure.

“Alright. First, let’s check the current situation.”



We sit on the couches across the table.

After a moment of pause, His Highness begins to speak.

“For the past few days, I’ve been calling on the Knights. Since regular members cannot participate in the exploration this time, only those in higher positions were considered. Unfortunately, I did not get a good answer.”

“So, is there something Your Highness needs us to hear that we cannot?”

Zion-kun asks nervously.

His Highness lets out a small sigh.

“The knights belong to the kingdom. They are not mine personally. There are several people who have the authority to give orders.”

“Um, I was hesitant to ask this… but did Rejhon-sama apply pressure?”

I also ask.

It’s unbearable to speak ill of his own brother in front of His Highness, but my desire to confirm overpowers it.

“… It’s not just my brother.”


“Even among the ministers, there are factions. There are those who support me and my father, and those who follow my brother. There are probably supporters collaborating with him as well. Otherwise, the Knights wouldn’t refuse my request based solely on my brother’s intentions.”

“But, why is the Knight Commander supporting him?”

Zion-kun interjected into our conversation with a question.

I, too, had been wondering about that.

I didn’t know much about the Knight Commander, but isn’t it questionable for the leader of the Knights to take sides with only one prince?

“Regarding that, there may be personal reasons as well. That person was my brother’s tutor.”

A tutor is someone who instructs and guides a royal family member on various aspects of daily life and experience during their childhood.

In general terms, it’s like a private teacher.

“He has been close friends since my brother was a child. So basically, that person will side with my brother in case of any conflict. Of course, he will prevent it from going too far. This time, it was too aggressive, but my brother also has a valid point.”

“But even so, doing things without permission… What does His Majesty the King think about this?”

“My father…supports whoever achieves the correct result. He doesn’t take sides. It’s the same this time.”

The King always maintains a fair judgement.

Even if there is some forcefulness or cowardice, if the result is achieved, it is acceptable.

What’s important is the result, not the process.

Nobles share the same sentiment.

Even in the Pheles family where I was born and raised before being abandoned.

In other words, it doesn’t seem like we can count on support from the King.

Recruiting members of the order of knights seems difficult.

“What about asking the palace official?”

“Yes, that’s possible. Your brother’s voice has not reached the court. However, as I’ve mentioned before, the last person would need to have high physical abilities and be someone who can fight alongside Zion. Those who possess combat ability in the palace are either magicians or sorcerers. You and I are sufficient for that task.


“Yeah, I know. But this isn’t the time to be saying that. Our goal isn’t to compete with my older brother. It’s to explore the ruins and prevent the revival of the Demon God. If we compromise here and it hinders our true goal, it’s meaningless. If we have to choose, we need the best fourth member.”

The prince’s will seemed firm.

I understand what he wants to say, and I don’t think we should add someone careless.

But the harsh reality is also a fact.

There aren’t many warriors who can stand next to Zion-kun, the hero.

“We have no choice but to search. Even if we have to look outside the capital…oh, darn, I forgot.”

“Your Highness?”

His Highness puts his hand on his head and grimaces.

“Starting tomorrow, I was supposed to accompany the knights and raid the bandits’ hideout.”

“B-Bandits’ hideout?”

He was going to accompany them on such a dangerous mission?

I was honestly surprised.

His Highness is troubled.

“It’s a fairly large-scale mission. I won’t be back until at least five days after I leave. It’ll be hard to search during that time.”

“S-so if we also cooperate, c-can’t we finish it quickly?”


“Ah, sorry, I’ll keep quiet.”

“No, that’s fine, Zion-kun.”

I think it’s a good proposal, so I support him.

“Your Highness! Please let us also help with that mission. If we can finish it even just a little bit earlier, we can spend more time searching for the fourth person.”

“Meiana… I appreciate it. Thank you.”

“I am your Highness’s subordinate.”

I won’t make your Highness go through a difficult time alone.

Even I should be able to help make time for your Highness.

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