The Rune Magician Who Lost Everything to Her Older Sister, Becomes Doted On by the Genius Prince – Chapter 18

The Rune Magician Who Lost Everything to Her Older Sister, Becomes Doted On by the Genius Prince – Chapter 18

Chapter 18: If you want a reward

“Let’s go.”


His Highness turns his gaze towards the knight on guard.

After giving some sort of signal, the knight enters from another entrance.

Aside from the grand door, there seems to be a door that the knights use to enter and exit.

We wait for several seconds until the knight returns and announces that the prince has been granted permission to enter.

And then――

The door opens.

We head towards the noblest place in the country.

A throne is elevated at the end of the red carpet.

There sat our king.

His Highness and I advance on the carpet, dropping to our knees halfway.

“We have returned, Father.”

“Hmm. Good to have you back, Alectos. And…you must be Meiana Pheles.”


“A good answer. Both of you may raise your heads.”

I raise my head hesitantly.

Our eyes meet with the king sitting high above.

“You’ve had a long journey. Alectos, Meiana.”

I am not unfamiliar with the face of the king.

There are few people who haven’t seen him, having lived in the capital of the country.

Even ordinary people see him at parades and speeches.

I have seen him a few times too.

He has an impressive beard, and the number of wrinkles gives a sense of dignity, with an atmosphere that is fit for a king.

Even though I was seeing him up close like this, he didn’t have as much intimidation as I thought he would.

His expression was surprisingly calm, to the point of being anticlimactic.

“I heard you have an important report. What did you find?”

“Yes. The report is not from me, but from Meiana, who has succeeded in deciphering it.

“Oh, you were able to decipher the runes on the tablet.”

“Yes. She is a magician who master the runes.”

His Highness’s gaze and the King’s gaze both turned to me.

Expectations and curiosity mixed together.

It’s harder not to be nervous.

That’s why I will speak as loudly and clearly as possible, looking straight ahead.

“I am happy to report!”

As if concealing my weakness.

In order to muster up courage, more than just anxiety or tension.

There was barely enough time.

I conveyed the information I saw through the tablet to the King.

What happened four thousand years ago.

The fight with the Demon God and the sealing it deep within the land.

“So there is a ruin beneath this castle?”

“Yes. According to the memory of a spellcaster who engraved runes on a stone tablet, there is a base for the humans who fought against the Demon God in the underground of this castle.”

“Then what is the site where the tablet was found?”

“That is the spellcaster’s research facility. He studied rune magic there and left behind for future generations the spell of sealing the Demon God for good and that it would eventually revive.”

Hoping for a spellcaster like me who can decipher the runes.

So that someone in the future doesn’t have to experience the same sadness as he did.

I have received the message that the great sorcerer left for the future.

“I see…I understand. Alectos! You will be in charge of the first to third squads of the knights. Start exploring the ruins immediately.”

“Yes, sir!”

“It was a great achievement, Meiana. Thanks to your work, we have the chance to prevent the tragedy that will inevitably occur. We have created a foothold to save the kingdom and its people. You could truly be called a hero.”

“Well, I only fulfilled the tasks given to me, sir. To be called a hero…”

“You don’t have to be humble. I acknowledge you. Be proud. You have accomplished a great feat that only you could achieve.”

The encouragement from His Majesty pierces through my heart.

Now, I understand.

Even though I’m so close to His Majesty, why do I feel relaxed…

“Well done, Meiana.”

“Your Majesty…”

His Majesty looks similar to this person next to me.

It’s natural if you think about it.

After all, His Majesty is the father of the person who accepted me.

Not only did His Highness acknowledge my effort, but also His Majesty.

I couldn’t ask for more happiness than this.

Joy wells up inside me, and tears nearly come out.

“Meiana, I want you to participate in the investigation. Your help will be necessary.”


“Very well, a good answer. Now, I need to give you a reward for your achievements. Meiana, do you want anything?”


I didn’t expect to receive a reward from His Majesty, so I’m surprised.

Even though I’m suddenly asked, I can’t come up with an answer.

“You can ask for anything.”


What I need…what I want.

Money can be earned through work, and the money I have earned as an apprentice so far remains untouched.

As for position, I have it to some extent.

As for honor…I don’t really think I want it.

I don’t need everyone’s recognition.

I just want someone who can look at me properly, even if it’s just one person.

That wish has come true.

If possible, I hope to continue working alongside His Highness in the future…

“Is there anything you wish for?”

“Father, it’s not something you can easily say even if you suddenly ask like that.”

“Hmm, I see. Sorry about that. Then we’ll talk about it another day——”

“Wait! There’s one thing! May I ask for one thing?”

I raise my voice.

His Highness and His Majesty both react with surprise.

Even I feel like I’ve come up with a bold request.

But it’s something I need.

To move forward, free from entanglements, from now on.

I will discard the current version of myself.

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