The Royal Guard loves the princess in his heart today – Chapter 8

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I am now officially engaged to Cain. We’re planning to make a public announcement at my coming-of-age party, but Cain has started coming to see me as his fiancée on his days off.

Ever since we got engaged, Cain has been trying not to think I’m cute when he’s on duty, but he’s failing at every turn.

[She was so cute when sleepy in math class today… No, I’m at work! I’m at work!]

And when he calls me, his fiancé, he also says out loud what he’s thinking.

“You look very pretty today, Lady Charlotte. I’m glad you’re wearing the dress I gave you.”

I’ve gotten a lot of compliments about how pretty I am and how good I look, but when he says it out loud, I’m always embarrassed and can’t respond.

“T-Thank you… Cain also looks great in his Royal Guard uniform, and he also has good taste and looks good in his personal clothes.”

Cain, who comes to me as his fiancée, now speaks in the first person. But he still calls me Lady Charlotte.

“Hey, can’t you just call me by that nickname?”

“T-That’s… not very polite.”

“That’s true… but I also want the person I love to call me by my nickname.”

[!!!!!! Person I love!!!!! She said she loved me!!! Can I really say that!? It’s not like I’m her most favorite person, but she loves me, right!!?? Don’t lie to me, Charl-tan!]

“Cain, please calm down a bit.”

“Hmm, I’m sorry. I was so shocked that I almost lost consciousness.”

Cain cleared his throat and called out to me,


“What is it?”

I responded, and Cain fell silent. But his thoughts were in turmoil.

[AAAAAhhhh, cute, cute, cute!!! She tilted her head and said, “What is it?” She’s so cute! I can’t do this anymore. I might die today!]”

“Cain, calm down. How long will you continue to address me with the honorific title? I thought you were supposed to be more casual in your mind.”

“Well, this is this and that is that…”

[Can I talk to her in a casual way or something!? No, no, no, I’ll lose control. But I want to touch her in a way that fiancé’s aren’t allowed to. Aaah I’m going bald!]

“W-Well… then at some point, Cain can change the way he talks to me if he feels like it.”

I wondered what he was planning to do, as fiancés aren’t allowed to. But I decided not to ask because Cain would probably imagine it if I asked too much.

Two months after we got engaged, My coming-of-age party was taking place. As the guest of honor, I was the last one to enter the hall. I waited with Cain for the other guests to arrive.

“Charl, you look even prettier today… no, you look beautiful. Congratulations on coming of age.”

“Thank you.”

Today’s dress was designed before I got engaged to Cain, so unfortunately I couldn’t include his colors. Instead, the jewel of the necklace adorning my chest is deep blue, the color of Cain’s eyes.

Cain uses a brown handkerchief, the color of my eyes, as a pocket chief for his formal attire.

[Charl-tan is really much prettier today. She usually wears pretty dresses, but today she’s wearing a more mature dress, maybe because she’s now an adult, and it looks really good on her. Ah, I want to get married soon so I can embrace her with all my might.]


“Cain! What are you thinking!”

I tugged on Cain’s sleeve in surprise and whispered.

“I’m sorry. Charl is so beautiful, I couldn’t resist.”

Cain continued, putting his face close to my ear.

“If it weren’t for those guards over there, I would really kiss you…”

I felt my face heat up instantly as he whispered in my ear.

“You big Idiot!”

I took a step away from Cain. Cain was smiling as if nothing had happened. Ugh, I’m so frustrated that he’s so mature!

[Ooh, Charl-tan is so cute, she’s all red! I really want to eat her right now…]


As I took another step away, there was a knock at the door. It was time for us to enter.

As we walked towards the entrance of the venue, I said in return,

“Cain, I love you.”

At that moment, Cain looked surprised, and then smiled wickedly.

“I love you too.”

Cain bent his left hand and held it out for me to place my hand on it.

I gently place my right hand on Cain’s arm.

[Charl, today I’m going to show everybody that you’re mine, so be prepared.]

“That’s what I want.”

I muttered something so that only Cain could hear me, and stepped out into the hallway.


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  1. Ahhhh it was so cute, thank you for translating. One may die of a heart attack and the other a nosebleed but at least the dog food is plenty and strong.

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