The Reincarnated Clunker Princess Is Actually the Strongest Magician – The Former Villainess Wants to Enjoy a Slow Life with Her Fluffy Friends in Her Second Life – Chapter 41

Chapter 41: The Wrath of Mariel

We don’t know for sure, but these fools may have been responsible for triggering the Third Battle of Kureina in my first life.

After the Third Battle of Kureina, the Viscounts of Rattleyer were said to have acquired further wealth. Most likely, they profited from the war.

And that there were rumors that Viscount Rattleyer, who was supposedly a merchant, was trading arms behind the scenes.

When war breaks out, arms are sold.

And the Marquis of Aschenbach is the head of military affairs of the Crotalion Empire.

an arms dealer and the head of state in charge of military affairs.

It is no wonder that both sides want to start a war for their own benefit.

Such thoughts run through my mind.

When I came back to myself, I acted.

I gave Viscount Rattleyer, who was kneeling, a slap on the cheek. “Pang!” A high-pitched thud echoed through the office.


Bern shouts my name in a surprised tone. But I can’t contain my emotions.

“You fool! What do you want by starting a war?! For your own benefit?! How many sacrifices are you willing to make for that? Conflicts bring nothing!”

“Shut up! You little b*tch! If you hadn’t used such heavy magic, everything would have gone well!”

Viscount Rattleyer, who has been so calm until now, suddenly changes his attitude and becomes angry.

And then he yells at me and reaches into his pocket to pull something out. But his hand was intercepted by Alois.

“That will be all, Viscount Rattleyer. Harming the princess will only make your crimes worse, Viscount Rattleyer.”

Viscount Rattleyer is mumbling something as he is restrained by the King’s Guards.

“… How? I had heard that the Grand Dukes’ daughter was unable to use magic properly. I haven’t heard of using such magic…”

I watched as Viscount Rattleyer was captured and taken away.

“…Marie. Sit down for now.”

Before I know it, Bern is holding my hand and leading me to the couch.

“Well done! It’s the most princess-like thing I’ve ever seen!”

Laseid, who had been watching me quietly until then, claps his hands and makes fun of me.

“Don’t make fun of me! I am really a princess!”

He really is a person…er a dragon—who doesn’t bat an eyelash even when the situation is tense.

But I guess I should thank Laseid for blowing my anger out of proportion.

“Hey, Bern, what will happen to Viscount Rattleyer?”

Bern is sitting next to me, still holding my hand.

“By now, a letter should have been sent to the Kingdom of Kalkstein, and when the Viscount Rattleyer family is investigated, they will find the contract he made with the Marquis of Aschenbach. If that happens, Viscount Rattleyer will be facing the ultimate penalty for treason.”

The letter to the Kingdom of Kalkstein was written by Otoo-sama.

Treason. The Viscounts of Rattleyer will be stripped of their titles, and their property will be confiscated by the state.

“…What about Eliana?”

“Her mother was not yet married to Viscount Rattleyer. And there is no evidence that they are in cahoots with Viscount Rattleyer. They’ll just go back to being mother and daughter on the streets.”

Will Eliana return to the redlight district with her mother?

I’d be lying if I said I didn’t care what happens to her, but it’s funny that I do.

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