The Reincarnated Clunker Princess Is Actually the Strongest Magician – The Former Villainess Wants to Enjoy a Slow Life with Her Fluffy Friends in Her Second Life – Chapter 38

Chapter 38: The Girl Who Wants Magic (Eliana’s Point of View)

It’s a lie that humans can’t fly.

because I am flying. I may not look like a human, but I am a human.

Who told me that the royal family of the Crotalion Empire is a family of gods and saints and that the current crown prince inherited the bloodline?

I think it was one of my mama’s clients, but I’d forgotten.

My mama works with men. She is a prostitute. She is one of the best prostitutes in the world.

I’ve seen a lot of men, but all of my mama’s clients were well-dressed.

One of them is my papa.

a nobleman of the Kingdom of Kalkstein, Viscount Rattleyer. That’s my papa.

He often visited my mama with gifts. I love him because he brings me many clothes and sweets.

They will marry soon, and I will be the daughter of a nobleman.

The room I lived in with my mama was nice, but my room at papa’s house is even more luxurious and beautiful.

One day, Papa had to go to the Crotalion Empire for business and took me with him. Unfortunately, Mama has to stay at home.”

“What does the Crotalion Empire look like? I want to visit the imperial palace.”

“It’s a very beautiful place. The imperial palace is… I’m not allowed to go there. But you can just see it from the outside.”

“It’s boring just to go outside. I want to go inside.”

“Hmm. You have to be a bird to do that.”

Papa laughs troublingly.

I can’t trace the Crown Prince’s magic unless I go inside. I heard the crown prince has the blood of a saint and can use Sacred magic. If I can trace the holy magic, I can become a saint.

“If I become a bird, can I go in? Then Ellie can do it.”

“That’s… That’s amazing.”

And then he patted my head. You don’t believe me? I could really do it…

You see, I can trace other people’s magic, and the other day I was able to trace the shapeshifting magic of one of Mama’s clients.


I saw something amazing when I was in Kureina.

Papa told me to wait in the carriage, but I was bored and snuck out.

There was a girl about my age-fighting at the monument.

I’ve never seen magic like this before. I’ve never heard it chanted.

“I like that magic. I want it.”

The girl was wearing a black robe, but I saw her face before she put it on.

I have recently seen this face in the [Nobility Directory].

Princess Mariel of Rozenstone

Papa says, “She’s the daughter of the Chief Magician of the Court, but she’s a clunker.” But she’s not a clunker at all.

The night I arrived in the Crotalion Empire, I snuck out and went to the Imperial Palace. I turned into a bird.

Princess Mariel was just outside and easy to spot.

[She is much prettier than her portrait in the directory of nobles. She has a lot of pets with her. Pets?

I thought Princess Mariel would know my name, but she says it’s the same as her cat’s. That’s rude.

While I was talking to her, The Crown Prince came by.

I knew what the Crown Prince looked like because Papa had a miniature painting that he showed me, but he’s a wonderful boy.

But I’m kind of freaking out.

What should I do? Should I trace down the princess’s magic? Or the magic of the prince?

I’m in trouble. I can only trace one thing, and I can’t use two magic spells at a time.

While I was still pondering, a grown man in a knightly uniform came by.

It’s useless. Let’s call it a day.

I can come back again.

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