The Reincarnated Clunker Princess Is Actually the Strongest Magician – The Former Villainess Wants to Enjoy a Slow Life with Her Fluffy Friends in Her Second Life – Chapter 36

Chapter 36: Crazy Intruders

“Why is she here?!”

Eliana is the same age as me, now six.

She’s six years old and supposedly lives with her mother in the redlight district of the Kingdom of Kalkstein.

Despite my confusion, Eliana smiles so adorably that it’s hard to believe she’s a seven-year-old girl.

“Do you know me, Lady Rozenstone?”

Eliana’s mouth twists into a crooked line, and I shudder.

“No. I don’t know you.”

“Is that so? But you just mentioned my name, didn’t you?”

Eliana tilts her head and smiles.

Guh! I want to get my ass kicked for saying it out loud!

“A cat. Yes, I was looking for a cat named Eliana.”

That’s my own lame excuse.

“Hmm. A cat. Really?”

“Yes. A-Are you also called Eliana?”

“Yes, that’s right.”

I hope I fooled her. But I’m glad I didn’t mention her last name, Rattleyer!

“…So. Why are you here, Eliana?”

I ask quietly, breaking out in a cold sweat inside.

“Fufufu. It’s because…”

Eliana gives me a smile that makes me feel like a flower breaking open.

“To trace your magic.”


“What do you mean by tracing?”

If the word is correct, it means [copy], but does it mean copying and tracing magic? A kind of mimetic magic?

I mean, Eliana is a saint, so isn’t she a carrier of holy magic?

“I was overwhelmed when I saw your magic in Kureina. It’s the strongest.”

Did she see my magic in Kureina? That means Eliana was there. But how?

There are a lot of things I don’t understand.

However, contrary to my inwardly troubled mind, Eliana still insists with a euphoric look on her face.

“I was actually going to trace Prince Bernhardt’s sacred magic, but I changed my mind when I saw your magic.”

Tracing Bern’s sacred magic?

“My sacred magic?”

Bern emerges from the rose arch.


Bern is standing in front of me, facing Eliana.

“Marie, do you know this crazy kid?”

He sounds terrible, but I don’t understand Eliana’s behavior either, so I guess she just looks like a crazy kid.

“No, I don’t.”

Let’s just deny it for now.

“I see. Hey! Who are you? How did you get in here?”

“Even Prince Bernhardt will show up. Lucky me!”

Eliana jumps up and is delighted.

“We’re not on the same page. Are you an idiot? Is this kid…?”

That’s the kind of girl Eliana is. She makes herself pretty in front of men.

In my first life, Edward and his entourage were crazy about Eliana; they thought her every gesture was cute, although women thoroughly hated her.

“That’s terrible. I’m not an idiot.”

Eliana’s cheeks puffed out.

“If you’re not an idiot, why don’t you at least tell us your name?”

“Fufufu. My name is Eliana Rattleyer.”

Eliana says her name in a faltering curtsey. She’s already been welcomed into the Viscount Rattleyer family.

“Rattleyer, Viscount Rattleyer of the Kingdom of Kalkstein?”

“Ara? Do you know my father? He is not very well known, yet a crown prince of a country knows him.”

Eliana makes another dumb gesture.

“Isn’t Viscount Rattleyer supposed to be unmarried?”

I ask curiously, and Eliana chuckles.

“Soon, papa is going to marry my mama. And my papa has recognized me.”

“So how did Viscountess Rattleyer get in here? Even nobles from other lands aren’t allowed to enter the palace.”

“Would you like to know? Fufufu.”

“Yes, I would like to know. I’d like to know how you got in here.”

Bern was irritated; his vigilance had turned murderous.

How can Eliana be so calm when even I can feel the tension in the air? this girl. Is she a bigwig?

“I flew as a bird.”


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