The Rainfall Princess of the Desert Country – A Former Wizard Who Was Executed Has Reincarnated as a Farmer’s Daughter – Chapter 7

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Ethan and I have been asked to go grocery shopping today. My mother has requested that I purchase buttons, salt, and spices. She also gave me money to “buy some clothes.”

When we lived on the farms and no one came to visit us, my mother used to sew me clothes that were easy to move around in and easy to wash, but now that we live in the royal capital, she says those clothes are a little shabby, even for peasants. My mother claims that now that our family is reasonably well-off, we can afford to buy clothes that look as good as other people’s.

Ethan holds my hand in his little hand and doesn’t let go of it, as if he is protecting me. He is really sweet.

I quickly finish my shopping and look for a thrift store. There are several thrift stores on a side street off the main street, with clothes stacked to the ceiling.

“Please show me the top light blue one.”


The shop’s ojisan used a tool with a hook on the end of a long pole to hook a light blue one-piece hanger hanging near the ceiling and take it down from the pole from which a large number of clothes were hanging.

“Because you’re a first-time customer, I’ll give you two small silver coins as a service.”

“Will you give me a discount if I buy two pieces?!”

“Oh, you’re sticking to your guns—how about three small silver coins in exchange for two pieces?”

“All right, I’ll take this white dress as well.”

“Yes, thank you!”

I take my wallet out of a big bag of cloth that’s hanging from my shoulder, pay for it, and put my folded dress in a bag. When I go out, I cover my head with a white cloth to protect myself from the sun, but inside, I usually wear a simple one-piece dress that allows me to move freely.

“Now, let’s buy Ethan’s clothes.”

“I don’t want to.”

“No. We’re going somewhere today where it’s best to dress cleanly.”

My mother told me to buy new clothes and is giving me money to do so. So with the money I get from buying used clothes, I should be able to buy Ethan’s clothes and pay the library fee.

“I’ll take this shirt, those pants, and these sandals, please.”

I buy Ethan’s clothes at the men’s second-hand clothes shop next door.”

I bought Ethan a white linen shirt, dark gray knee-length pants, and leather-strapped sandals. It’s my first time shopping at a thrift store, and it appears that I made a good choice.

I wrapped Ethan’s clothes and shoes in the cloth I’d brought with me and let him carry them as we walked into the park’s shade of a tree.

“Put on the clothes I just bought.”

“Me? Here?”

“Yes, quickly. I’ll change next.”

Ethan quietly changes his clothes, unaware of what is going on. He would have hated it before, but now Ethan listens to me.

I waited for Ethan to finish changing before changing myself.

It is a big problem for a nine-year-old girl to change outside, but I quickly change my clothes, using the white cloth I was wearing as a cape to cover myself from the neck down.

“I’m done. Thanks for keeping watch.”

“Wow, Alesia, you really look like an Ojo-sama!”

“Fufu, think of us as a nice young Ojo-sama and her brother wherever we go from here. Don’t say anything you don’t have to. Okay?”


“Don’t tell Ka-san or the others you went there. I’ll inform them myself.”


I made my way through the park with Ethan as my companion to the library near the royal palace.

The Royal Library was a formal structure with white walls. It was about two stories tall and contained an entire atrium.

“This is my first visit.”

I bowed gracefully in front of the receptionist.

When the young man at the front desk saw that we were only two children, he was skeptical, but he quickly let his gaze wander over my appearance and seemed relieved when he saw how well I bowed.

“Enter your name and address here.”

When I returned the card with our names and addresses written on it, the man said, “Be careful, you will be fined if you dirty or tear the books,” and he produced a permit for me and Ethan. Per person, the fee is four large coins. I presented him with eight large coins.

“Is this the library, Alesia?”

“Yes, but keep the chit-chat to a whisper. There’s a sign warning people to be quiet.”

“Can Alesia read?”

“Yes, because I studied.”


Actually, I can read it because I have knowledge of my previous life. Ethan follows me with a slightly frustrated look on his face. Yes, let’s teach him how to read and write.

The library was mostly full of men reading, but there were also a few women. We were the only children here.

I chose a picture-filled zoology and botany book for Ethan and three history books about the country for myself to read at the reading area.

Ethan is now engrossed in the first book he’s ever seen in his life.

All right.

I open the history book and look through the history after my execution…

(Oh my goodness!)

I was astounded to learn about the Kingdom of Shemer’s history after my execution.

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  1. F_J says:

    Hope her kingdom fell into ruin and the people scattered
    Many thanks

  2. RKADE 14 says:

    It’s downfall I assume and hope.

  3. Hamster says:

    It must have been downfall since a previous chapter stated that the kingdom no longer had any mages after executing Aura. Presumably the corrupt prime minister then married his daughter to the king which was the original plan before Aura saved the kingdom from the attacking enemy forces with her magicks.

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