The Rainfall Princess of the Desert Country – A Former Wizard Who Was Executed Has Reincarnated as a Farmer’s Daughter – Chapter 66

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After her body recovers from the exhaustion of giving birth, the Crown Princess Alesia gets back on her horse and rides from place to place to bring rain and distribute water.

She rides the horse because the carriage takes too long.

Because of this, Alesia’s health is a source of concern for Mark.

“Horses will exhaust you. We’ll add more water towers so you can stay in the carriage.”

“I enjoy horseback riding. That is something I rarely get to do. Besides, I don’t want to be away from my children for too long. They won’t be babies for long afterall.”

While Alesia is away, Mark makes frequent visits to see the babies.

“Your Oka-san is a beautiful, strong, wonderful person. But she can be a little stubborn. But that’s what I admire about her. I’m hoping she returns soon. Let us wait for Oka-san to return home.”

Mark has a habit of saying things to his children that he does not want Gil to hear.


Mikhail and Isabel are carrying the healing silk cloth with the claim that “Alesia-sama has imbued it with healing powers.” Mikhail heals people outside the capital, while Isabelle heals people in the capital.

Mikhail was astounded by the silk cloth’s effect.

(This is definitely the reason why the treasury has been enriched.) He was convinced.

Because of the silk cloth, the young scholars and engineers of Laminbo were able to learn from and work with people from other countries.

In the wasteland, a series of deep wells were dug. Underground rivers snaking through the wastelands were used to bring clean water and expand agricultural land. The silk cloth was the cost of this. It is said that once a country began to use silk cloth, it could not live without it.

People who had gotten advanced medical training in other countries moved to different parts of the Laminbo Kingdom.

The twins are doing well, and their daughter, Emilia, has been receiving marriage proposals from other countries despite the fact that she is only two years old. But Mark and Alesia have no intention of sending their children abroad to marry.

Alesia now knows what it’s like for her parents to keep their children hidden from power.

(I don’t want my child to be a useful tool)

She thinks as she holds Emilia in her arms. Mark protects her, but her heart aches at the prospect of marrying her daughter off to another country where she cannot be seen.

One day,


A maidservant’s screams echoed throughout the palace, and the guards rushed into the children’s room.


The guards who entered the room were frozen at the door.

Emilia laughed as many small balls of water floated around her, while Nigel raised his arms in response to a large ball of water that reached the ceiling beneath the maidservant’s head. It’s large enough to fit an adult.

“Hey, let’s get the maidservant out of the way before the big one falls on her.”


They approach the maidservant quietly and with a tight smile so as not to startle the young princesses. They grab the paralyzed maidservant’s arms and pull her out from under the large water ball.

The three adults can’t take their eyes off the big water ball. When they were relieved to have finally pulled the maidservant out from under the large water ball, Nigel dropped his arms innocently because he saw his mother coming to the door and tried to run to her.


They expected a massive amount of water to fall on the floor, but it did not.

Alesia recognized the situation at first sight and shouted “Water!” and, with a graceful movement of her arms, she maneuvered both the large ball of water and Emilia’s small ball onto the terrace before dropping them there.

Thud! Splash, splash, and more splash!

The water balls all landed on the terrace. The guards exhaled and sighed. They bowed to Her Highness Princess Alesia. The maidservant bowed her head as well.

“I’m sorry if I scared you, Era. I’ll tell the kids not to let something like this happen again. Oh dear, I wonder when they learned how to make water balls.”

(In a previous life, I couldn’t do that until I was four and could correctly pronounce it. I doubt I could manipulate water without the aid of a chant.)

Alesia laughs with a troubled expression as she is hugged by two children who ran up to her.

Era, the maidservant, is still speechless after nearly drowning under hundreds of kilograms of water.

After that, the two kids did a lot of things.

They can make water balls without chanting, so you never know when you’ll see water. The maidservants and guards were both on their toes all the time.

Ethan’s surprise at getting water on his head while playing with the children during a visit to the palace has long been a source of amusement.

Ethan confessed his feelings to Chana, but he was never taken seriously, and he is now seeing a girl who works at the state-owned mulberry farm.

Chana, who resembled a fairy, said, “I’m not ready to get married just yet—Now that I’m healthy, I want to do a lot of things to compensate for the time I spent in bed.”

She enjoys weaving and expanding her horizons.

Alesia takes time away from her hectic official duties to teach her children water magic.

She instructs them to practice filling a large bucket with water without spilling it, and then she instructs them to practice filling cups. She taught the children not to become frustrated, not to exhaust their magical power, and not to cast water in the house too frequently.

Nonetheless, the kids would occasionally start fighting, and small balls of water would fly around the room. Only Alesia could stop them, and Gil, who happened to be nearby, exclaimed, “Oh, what a waste!”

Because of this situation, the children were given the task of filling large buckets with water from the time they were as young as three years old. Because they are unable to make it rain evenly over a large area, the job only entails roughly distributing the water.

Emilia, on the other hand, who was good at controlling magic down to the smallest detail, copied her mother and started making coucious rain every day.

Then Nigel, who had a rivalry with Emilia, attempted to make it rain next to her and created a large water ball. “Make sure you practice filling the barrels with water here!” Gil said again, but his request did not seem to go over well.

The plants in the courtyard, where the twins wrestled with the water, were clearly flourishing. The gardeners quickly realized that “something in the water that Your Highnesses cast causes the plants to grow.” So when there were weak flowers, they were potted and brought to the courtyard, where they were placed in an area where the twins could play.

The stablekeepers also noticed that when the twins gave the horses water, their hair became shinier and they did not tire after a long run. The gardeners and the stable keepers are having a quiet battle over the water in the barrels that Gil keeps lined up in the courtyard.

On the other hand, Gil frequently discovers the barrels empty these days and wonders, “Have the Highnesses stopped playing in the courtyard?” because the water in the barrels was quickly removed and replaced with empty barrels.

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