The Rainfall Princess of the Desert Country – A Former Wizard Who Was Executed Has Reincarnated as a Farmer’s Daughter – Chapter 64

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The Kream Institute, which receives government funding.

Demir Kream, the director, is reviewing the documents while receiving reports from Mikhail.

“A lot has changed.”

“Yes. Infant mortality has significantly decreased. In addition, the number of abandoned children has decreased by more than 30% from the previous year.”

Demir looks up at Mikhail as he taps his fingers on a piece of paper.

“Is it, after all, the healing water?”

“The healing water’s effect is one thing. But I believe the most important factor is that the crops were harvested without being harmed by pests and diseases.

Director Demir shakes his head while sitting back in his chair.

“It’s incredible how one wizard can affect an entire country’s statistics. It is a terrifying force to be reckoned with.”


“Continue the disease research and statistics. You’re fast and accurate.”

“I appreciate it.”

Mikhail sat back down and checked the tally sheets for the voluntary surveys he was working on.

Six months ago, the government started working on an education policy to increase the number of people who can read and write and to invest funds into the health care of children.

(Where did such funds in this country come from?)


I was intrigued and conducted some research out of personal curiosity. However, I was surprised to discover that, despite the institute’s government support, there is a lot of information that is not available.

It should be a few years before the number of sick people decreases and tax revenues increase. I’m curious where the money for the kids came from.

The only thing that comes to mind is that they began exporting a small quantity of domestically produced silk cloth. But how much money can silk make?

A farm located in an area recently dubbed the “Rainy District”. The Crown Prince’s fiancée lives there with her family.

Mulberry fields managed by the state surround it. Despite the fact that no official announcement has been made, Alesia-sama is most likely responsible for the rain that falls in that area.

Rumors abound throughout the city that all of Alesia’s water contains healing properties, though this has yet to be officially confirmed.

“Drinking Alesia-sama water will cure illnesses.” “Injuries will heal faster.” These are the words of the residents of the three water supply areas. This is most likely correct. We wanted to collect statistics on this, but the state denied our request for a survey.

“Will they fight over the water if we make the numbers public?”

If the effects were known, they might have expected the water she was producing to be bought and sold at a high price.

“It’s all a bunch of maybes and mystery.”

This is extremely frustrating for me as a statistician.


Alesia eventually became the Crown Prince’s fiancée.

A serious incident occurred.

It happened when Alesia and a platoon of troops were on their way to the request of “letting rain fall on the fields of the northern villages and filling the reservoirs.”

“We’ve been expecting you.”

The men who greeted them were all too bulky. Alesia and the platoon leader both thought it was unlikely that these were the bodies of poor villagers.

“Isn’t it strange that not a single woman or child greeted us?” Alesia inquired. The guards were also skeptical of the village’s peace and quiet.

After some distance and a conversation, and the guards’ hesitation to get closer, dozens of men attacked from hiding.

It was a well-planned operation.

As the battle was about to begin, the soldiers guarding Alesia surrounded her and drew their swords.

Alesia, who was being guarded, yelled “Water!” and quickly threw her right hand to the side. Then balls of water appeared, enveloping each of the fifty or sixty or so enemies’ heads.

When they tried to get the water out of their heads, it spread out for a moment but quickly gathered back in their heads, blocking their noses and mouths.

Alesia lowered her raised right arm as they all fell to the ground, gasping for air.

Water ran down their faces and was absorbed by the earth. When they finally got their breath back, most of them were coughing so hard that they couldn’t fight back and were quickly overpowered and tied up. Those who could still breathe and attempted to fight back were hit in the face with a water ball once more.

Everyone in the village was bound and rolled up in their homes. Alesia, relieved that no one had been killed, despite the fact that some had been punched and kicked, told the captured enemy soldiers in no uncertain terms.

“We will spare your lives for the time being because you did not murder our people.”

After some thought, the platoon leader releases an enemy soldier, and Alesia calls out to him.

“You can go ahead and report that they’ve all been apprehended. Tell those who ordered you what I did to you. Tell them that [I can do the same to you and that distance doesn’t matter.]

One of the enemies is freed and flees.

“It’s most likely Farrill, isn’t it?”

“We will question the people we have apprehended, but I am confident that it is Farrill. They may have been enraged by the agreement reached between our country and its neighbors.”

Because of the royal family’s wishes, Farrill is the only country where Laminbo does not export silk.

“Um, Alesia-sama, is what you just said true?”

“Hm? That distance doesn’t matter? Of course, that’s a lie.”

Alesia’s candid confession made the platoon leader laugh.

(Isn’t that an effective way to frighten them?) Her bravery impressed the guards.

“Now let us get on with what we came here to do.”

Alesia treated the wounded with healing silk cloth, raining one field at a time and filling all the water bottles.

On the way back, leaving half of the soldiers to watch over the prisoners, Alesia’s guards were whispering about the magic Alesia had used.

“That’s more certain than any of your sword abilities.”

“And the fact that she can use it from afar while we remain completely safe…”

“I’m glad we have Alesia-sama on our side.”

“It certainly is.”

The guards’ strong bodies trembled as they remembered the scene.

Alesia, who had heard the whispering and was riding her horse, laughed.

(That’s how I imagined using it in my previous life when I was in prison and despised the people around me, but I never imagined it would come in handy like this…)


The prisoners turned out to be Farrill’s soldiers.

In exchange for the prisoners, the kingdom of Laminbo officially demanded an apology and compensation from Farrill, as well as 700 large gold coins. The sum was so large that the soldiers expected to be abandoned. Surprisingly, Farrill paid for it, perhaps because of the presurres of great powers.

The king of Farrill apologized politely and insisted that “military deserters were responsible for what happened.”

“You can make whatever excuse you want. They demanded 500 large gold coins in exchange for me, so they should have offered me gold this time.”

When he heard Alesia’s words, Gil had an indescribable expression on his face.

“Gil, you thought I was a money-grubbing woman, didn’t you?”

“No, His Highness Mark said exactly the same thing.”


Alesia was a little happy.

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