The Rainfall Princess of the Desert Country – A Former Wizard Who Was Executed Has Reincarnated as a Farmer’s Daughter – Chapter 61

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Alesia and His Highness Mark’s collaboration was still going strong.

“I will prioritize distributing my water to homes with babies and young children.”

The water was prioritized for homes with babies and toddlers as “water to build strength” at Alesia’s suggestion.

The leaders also proposed Alesia’s plan to travel throughout the country to ensure that water was not limited to the capital. In preparation for this, the farm is currently constructing a number of water towers with water tanks on top of tall towers.

Alesia fills the reservoir in each mulberry field, vegetable field, orchard, and wheat field before riding her horse to the various regions. When she arrives at her destination, she refills their water reservoirs and returns home.

When she is traveling far from home, Alesia can also make it rain in the fields at her own request. Despite pests and diseases, vegetables and wheat grow abundantly. The people watched the veiled wizard and the Crown Prince, who was always by her side, with a certain expectation.

Such times have passed after about a year.

“Isn’t the Wizard a young woman?”

“She has a young woman’s voice.”

“Will she marry the Crown Prince?”

“I’m sure she will.”

“But why is she hiding her face?

“Is there a scar on her?”

People began to wonder, [Does the wizard have a scar on her face? That’s why she’s not showing her face?] People began whispering here and there.

Negative rumors have a greater ability to spread. The rumor quickly spread that “the Wizard wears a thick veil to hide her ugly face.”

Alesia and Prince Mark were riding horses together on the road that day.

Alesia, who had grown up on a farm, relished the opportunity to get away from home once a month for four days roundtrip.

“Still, the rumors are vexing. We should thank Alesia for her dedication to the people—what an unforgivable thing to say.”

“That’s fine. It’s easier than being told that I’m incredibly beautiful.”

“You can’t, Alesia! I’m attempting to put these slanderous rumors to rest.”

“I don’t mind whatever they say about my face.”

(It didn’t make a difference.)

After riding through a large, dry area, they came to a place where they should make it rain. The rain poured on the fields and filled the reservoir.

If someone was seriously ill, she would use silk to make the illness disappear.

Alesia’s days are productive.

The Prime Minister proposes a consolation party for Alesia, who works hard, and the nobles who want to meet her agree.

“Is it a consolation party? Do I have to attend?”

“I was against it as well, but Alesia works the hardest, and if she doesn’t go, it will be more difficult for the others to go to the consolation party.”

“Yes, I see. Is that the reason? Then I won’t cause you any problems; I’ll take part.”

“I’m sorry. I told the Prime Minister not to make any further unneeded suggestions after this.”


Oriela, the daughter of Jibril, the Prime Minister’s personal assistant, has been a candidate for the Crown Prince’s wife since birth.

Oriela is two years younger than His Highness Prince Mark, is competent, and comes from a good family. It was assumed that she was a candidate for the position of queen.

When a wizard girl was registered in the kingdom and she was always accompanied by His Highness Mark, talk of her being a candidate for the queen faded.

“Give up, Oriela. His Highness is very fond of her. She’s a wizard and a genius—with the exception of status, you’re no match for her.”

“How about me, who has never been engaged to anyone at this age?! Don’t you feel sorry for your daughter, Oto-sama?!”

“I will find you a suitable marriage. So give it up.”

“Didn’t they say the wizard was ugly? How can an unattractive peasant girl become the Crown Princess simply because she can perform magic?!”

“Oriela, watch what you say! Our house will be destroyed if anyone hears those words. The Wizard-sama is using her power to protect us from the threats of the Kingdom of Farrill.

Her father, Jibril, although it was not confirmed, is widely regarded as the next Prime Minister.

As the Deputy Prime Minister, he is one of the few people who knows Alesia’s true identity.

She is not ugly. Rather, she was a lovely young lady with a gentle charisma. But knowing her face was a secret as well, so he couldn’t tell his daughter.

Oriela, who believed that her future as a crown princess and, eventually, queen of the country was secure, was not convinced. Her father saw her as a danger as she became more and more withdrawn day by day. Oriela was not even allowed to go near the palace, where the consolation party was to be held that day, by her father.


“Alesia, isn’t tonight a consolation party at the royal palace?”

“Yes, Ethan. I’m sure I’ll get some strange looks. I can’t help myself.

“Is it because of the rumor that Alesia is ugly? How about you show your face?”

“No. People knowing my face would make it difficult for me to go to the market and the library. It doesn’t bother me that people think I’m ugly. It’s just that I dislike the attention I receive when I meet new people.”

Alesia’s parents watched their conversation with trepidation. Serio and Hilda were well aware that Alesia would almost certainly be asked to marry His Highness. But if negative presence stands out and bad rumors start to spread, as they have this time, it makes them feel uneasy as parents.

“But you know what, dear? This is Alesia’s own decision. She’s trying her best to help people. We should support her and not worry about rumors.”

“You’re right. She is wiser than we are. We simply have to believe her. However, she is not ugly! Alesia, our Alesia! She’s beautiful!”

Alesia ran up to her father, who raised his voice behind her and smiled wryly.

“Don’t worry, Oto-san. I’m not going to die as a result of rumors, and I’m going to the party pretending I don’t know.”

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    I’m a little lost as to why this rumor is a bad thing…if the rumor is the wizard is ugly, it makes it much easier for Alesia to hide her identity, because they won’t associate the two, and it would give protection against other countries because they would be looking for a non-beautiful person? I would think you would want the rumor to spread… also, this party feels like a ready-made cliche problem…

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