The Rainfall Princess of the Desert Country – A Former Wizard Who Was Executed Has Reincarnated as a Farmer’s Daughter – Chapter 54

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The soldiers of the country surround the dying well, and the common people are surrounded by layers.

Everyone has gathered to witness the spectacle, not knowing what to expect. The soldiers did not chase the crowds away. “Please don’t crowd in!” They simply warned them not to crowd in.

Soon after, a beautiful carriage arrived, and a woman dressed in a blue-green robe with a veil over her head stepped out. A soldier led the woman through a space created by dividing the crowd.

“Now we’re going to request that the wizard bring out the water. You should each bring a container from home.”

The soldier informs them, but no one moves. Everyone wants to see the Wizard bring out the water. Because wizards have not been born in decades, most people have never witnessed magic.

However, some of the people ran back with bottles of water.

“Here, please!”

“Yes. I’ll put it in.”

The voice is young. There have been rumors that the newly registered wizard is a young woman.

The robed lady extends her hand toward the water bottle.

“Here you go.”

The water bottle owner expected water to flow from her hand, but it did not. The bottle’s owner peers inside. It was already full of water. He reached in with one hand, scooped up the water, and sipped. With a surprised expression on his face, he exclaimed to those around him:

“Hey! This water tastes good!”

When this was announced, many people dashed to their homes to retrieve their water bottles.

But they were disappointed to see that the wizard had vanished, leaving only a few soldiers behind, but they were relieved to see a pile of water barrels.

“The wizard has already filled the barrels and is on her way to the next well! You can count on her to bring more water if there isn’t enough!”

For a time, the fact that Alesia’s water had healing properties was kept hidden. They were concerned about people fighting over water as well as gathering in areas where there was no shortage of water.

Nonetheless, word quickly spread that the “water served by the wizard is unbelievably delicious,” and the number of people gathering at the well to get water grew day by day.

“It’s not safe to gather too many people. Let us fill water from the royal palace in barrels and transport it to the wells. Everyone is already aware that there will be plenty of water and that the wizards will help them.”

Mark told the officials.

Even in the palace, Alesia wore a veil so that only a few people could see her face.

She enters the palace in simple everyday clothes with a load of vegetables, along with many visitors that are doing business.

Then she puts on her robe that covers her identity in a prepared room before pouring water into the barrels.

The job of filling the many barrels with water was done in the blink of an eye, and the people in the palace were amazed by her magical abilities.

Every morning, the wizard would emerge from the palace and then vanish. “She must be living deep within the palace.” The servants were gossiping.

The state plants mulberry seedlings outside the farm’s fence. The extent of the rain was intended to capitalize on rain that fell far beyond the farm.

Serio laughed, saying that the farm wouldn’t be expanding any further because he already had his hands full with the current size of the farm.

Even with the magic, it still rains when Alesia sleeps, and she has no idea how to stop it.

She can’t control her magic when she’s unconscious. She can only assume that she possesses an excessive amount of magical power.

“If you breed silkworms with mulberry leaves grown in my rain, the silk cloth should have the same effect regardless of who weaves it.” said Alesia.

Sericulturists and silk weavers were recruited under Mark’s supervision. Alesia doesn’t mind that the silk made from the mulberry trees outside the farm belongs to the state.

The mulberry fields surrounding the farm, ostensibly “to be used for our country’s first production of silk,” were to be guarded by the country’s soldiers.

Isabelle was on her way with a large amount of silk cloth to an area where the medama flies’ disease was spreading. It was official business, but Isabelle readily agreed.

“Isn’t it true that the poor are suffering? Then it’s my job.”

To keep the locals from noticing that the silk itself had power, she soaked it in water, which was considered a [magical potion], and then applied it to the eyes.

The infants’ parents, seeing their children’s sore eyes heal miraculously after only a few hours of use, worshiped and thanked Isabelle, but she made sure to stop them every time.

“No, no. Stop worshiping! You were cured by the Wizard! Not me!”


“I’m sorry, Alesia-chan; I understand you’re preoccupied with the water. But I’m glad to see you here, even if only for a short time.”

“I’m glad to see you, too, Your Highness.”

“Call me Edna. Alesia-chan is the country’s most powerful wizard! I’m glad to hear that Alesia-chan wasn’t stolen by Farrill.


When Princess Edna sees how surprised Alesia is, she recognizes the situation and quickly shuts the door.

“Have you not heard of the kingdom of Farrill asking us to hand over Alesia-chan?”

Edna’s expression darkens as Alesia nods quietly.

“Oh my goodness. I wonder why Oto-sama and others aren’t telling you. They should inform you. They think women should be protected anyway…”

Alesia’s conversation with Her Highness Edna faded into the distance after the details were explained to her.

(Five hundred large pieces of gold? That’s how much money Farrill received in exchange for not handing me over?! Wasn’t that money a tax paid by all the people? I’m sure they’re losing money by deducting it from the water and silk I make. Oh my God, it’s so frustrating!)

Alesia is unaware of her own worth.

After a short tea party, she gets in a carriage at the palace’s commoner’s entrance and goes back to the farm. Her guards, who are dressed as commoners, go with her.

According to neighbors, the farm is “a luxury farm that grows the queen’s favorite fruits.” A national mulberry field was recently planted in the area, and the locals have been recruited to care for it. Because of the new job opportunities, the residents of the slum are prospering.

Alesia is pondering while feeding vegetable scraps to her chickens.

(There are 500 large gold coins. a substantial sum of money. The man was a jerk, but so was the Farrill kingdom.)


“It’s infuriating. He was so cruel to Ethan. Shouldn’t we also charge him?! It isn’t right…”

Then I discovered an egg behind a box designed for hens to rest on.

“I’m curious as to why they sometimes don’t lay in the nest box. We’ll find them even if they hide them anyway. Hmm?… Hmmm?”

I think someone else said the same thing.

I suddenly recall a scene from a previous life.

The room is long and narrow, with a low ceiling. I’m in a cold room with no decoration and nothing but bare stones on the floor and walls.

Several years prior to the Great Flood.

Didn’t the king, to whom I was betrothed, say something similar when explaining how to enter “that” room?

[If we build this room, we will starve to death if we remain hidden forever. And if our adversaries enter the palace, they will find us. But the Prime Minister is a worrisome person.]

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