The Rainfall Princess of the Desert Country – A Former Wizard Who Was Executed Has Reincarnated as a Farmer’s Daughter – Chapter 52

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A week after Alesia registered as a wizard, a letter from the Kingdom of Farrill to the Kingdom of Laminbo arrived.

The letter says that [people from the Kingdom of Laminbo crossed into the Kingdom of Farrill without going through the border gate. They then attacked the homes of Farrill’s farmers and stole their money, goods, food, and other things].

When a royal court civil official asked the Farrill envoy who delivered the letter if there was any proof that the robbers were from Laminbo, the envoy replied, “The criminals we caught confessed.”

Hearing the other party’s request to immediately notify His Majesty the King, the civil official read the letter, thinking, (Why bother telling His Majesty’s ears?) but was taken aback when he saw the total amount of damage written at the end of the letter.

“500 big gold coins?! How could they cause such destruction simply by vandalizing peasants’ homes?”

“During the long winter off-season, peasant women in the area weave. Godard weaves It is a high-quality product with precise silk patterns. Not only were these completed products uprooted, but several master weavers were severely injured, rendering them unable to work as godard weavers. As a result, the damage has increased significantly.

After hearing the details, the civil officer withheld his response and asked him to return to the royal palace in a few days. Then he went to report to the vice minister of foreign affairs.

When he heard the report, the Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs said.

“They’ve made another big deal out of this. This is most likely just harassment, and they’re looking for concessions on another political issue.”

He went through the letter.

“Hmm, It’s not political, but they said [You may hand over a girl instead of 500 large gold coins, because Herrud-sama fell for a peasant girl during his studies].”

“Ha! They’re making such a scene because he desires a peasant girl? What are these Farrill people thinking!”

“We’ll have to get the girl and her parents’ approval, but it’s a big step up for a farmer’s daughter if she’s in the Farrill royal family’s good graces.”

The Foreign Vice Minister reported to the Foreign Minister, believing that the decision to give up the girl had been made, but the Foreign Minister, who was listening to the report, looked at him puzzledly.

“What is the name of the girl?”

“It says her name is Alesia.”


The Foreign Minister stood up with such force that his chair fell backwards.

“I will notify His Majesty!” and exited the minister’s office.

The vice minister’s mouth is half open. (Huh? Why?) and turned to face the door through which the minister exited.

The king’s office.

“I see. There are 500 large gold pieces. Another excruciatingly irritating amount. It’s a sum we can afford, but not one I’d be willing to offer. Let’s talk about it, Foreign Minister. After what happened to Herrud, I knew they’d try something. That country…”

The matter that had so upset King Isayal reached Princess Edna via an unexpected channel.

“Do you know a peasant girl named Alesia?” The Vice Foreign Minister asked the civilian official. “Is she well known for anything?”

A secretary who was working nearby knew Alesia’s name.

Her cousin, who was Her Highness Edna’s lady-in-waiting, had once told her about a girl named Alesia.

According to her cousin.

“She’s the farmer’s daughter who supplies the Queen with her favorite fruit, and she’s a girl who Her Highness Edna looks forward to seeing at the royal palace.”

So it is said.

While listening, the secretary pretended to work.

She went to her cousin that evening after she finished her work and told her what had happened.

Her cousin, the lady-in-waiting, hesitated for a moment before telling Her Highness Edna the story: “Your highness, I have heard rumors…”

“What? That guy?! I’m not going to let that happen!”

The lady-in-waiting was surprised and startled to see Edna, who was normally cheerful, gentle, and kind, angry.

“I had a feeling he’d do something like this. Do you think I’d hand over Alesia-chan, of all people?! Argaaa!”

Finally, Her Highness Edna was so angry that she was chewing on her handkerchief and stomping her feet, which scared the lady-in-waiting.

“I’m going to see Onii-sama!” The lady-in-waiting followed her out of the room quickly.

Edna had grown up in a palace where everyone loved and respected her since she was born, so she could tell if the other person’s affections were genuine or not.

Herrud’s affections were all phony: his smile, tone of voice, and demeanor.

People outside the palace were also shown fake affection, but they were flattering gestures. But it was Herrud’s affections that set off the alarm bells in Edna’s head, warning her of danger after only a few hours together.

Edna had no idea that Herrud had scouted the farm late at night, or that he had seriously injured Ethan on the farm.

(Not that guy. Absolutely, positively not allow him to take Alesia-chan. She walked quickly to her brother’s office.


Edna opened the door, ignoring the guards stationed in front of her brother’s office door, and walked into the room with a bang, only to find Gil organizing the finished papers.

“Gil, where is Onii-sama?!”

“His Highness has gone to the office of His Majesty.”

“Oto-sama? What about Herrud’s request to hand over Alesia-chan?”

“Who told you that, Your Highness?”

Edna, who had always been upset that she couldn’t take part in political debates, said,

“Hmph. I belong to the royal family. I have the means to obtain such information.”

She was smug.

“Gil reasoned, (She probably got that information from a light-mouthed lady-in-waiting),” and he responded,

“Exactly what I expected from your highness. I’m extremely impressed.”

He bowed his head. Her Highness Edna immediately realized she had been treated sarcastically.

“…Gil, have you ever noticed how you have a habit of slightly twisting your lips when you say something you don’t mean? As a Crown Prince’s retinue, you still have a long way to go.”

Edna turned and walked into her father’s office.

Gil, who had stayed behind, couldn’t stop himself from touching his mouth. (Really? It’s twisted). He looked worried.

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