The Rainfall Princess of the Desert Country – A Former Wizard Who Was Executed Has Reincarnated as a Farmer’s Daughter – Chapter 50

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Yael-sensei gave me a ride home in front of the farm, and when we parted, I went into the wasteland rather than the farm. I needed some alone time to think.

[Every experience shapes you into the person you are.]

I kept repeating these words in my head.

I took so many lives because of the war.

I, who adored a king who easily abandoned me.

I was the one who didn’t notice when the maid I trusted betrayed me.

I was executed as the people I was protecting screamed for my death.

“Yes, all of them are me. They’re all stupid and miserable, but they’re all part of me.”

I expected that admission would bring me peace of mind.

On the contrary, a tremendous amount of anger rose from the depths of my heart.

A hatred and anger that I was aware of but had avoided for so long.

A black resentment that stood my hair on end and burned within me.

Yes. Yes, that’s right.

When I was imprisoned, tortured, and sentenced to death, I wanted to kill all of those people out of rage and resentment.

The king, the prime minister, the prime minister’s daughter, my birth parents, and everyone else who screamed at me to die. I wished over and over that I could drown and kill everyone who had wronged me, and I tried to forget that there was nothing but pain as I imagined the moment when I would end their lives.

At the moment of my decapitation, I thought to myself, “I will definitely be reborn and exact my revenge. I will kill everyone who has harmed me!”

I died wishing to be reborn and exact my vengeance.

My resentment and hatred.

It’s my desire for vengeance that caused me to be reborn.

Tears stream down my cheeks as I recall the ugliness and pity of my previous life. In my previous life, I thought I was a pitiful victim, but actually I was a monster who had discarded her human heart.

If my parents had abandoned me in this life. tired of their troublesome child. If they had treated me worse.

I would have become a terrible person. I would have hated people and killed anyone I didn’t like without hesitation.

However, my parents showered me with love in this life. They were always there for me, no matter what.

That’s why I didn’t turn into a monster.

“I was able to rebuild myself as a decent person.”

I was so grateful that I was lucky enough to be born to those parents.

“Oto-san and Oka-san came to my rescue.”

My father picked up my injured self and carried me with a tearful face, “Alesia, my Alesia.” My mother raised me with love and never raised her voice.

My parents, as far as I recall, were always devoted to me. They saved my life, which should have been the beginning of hell…

Something began to move slowly through my body.

Something soft, warm, and powerful is clearly circulating through my body.

It begs me to let it out as it moves faster and faster through my body. I raised my arms in an attempt to release [it], which is familiar to me from a previous life.

“Come forth, water…”

A large body of water appeared in the air, whoosh!

The irregularly shaped, shimmering mass of water quickly transformed into a sphere, floating with a slightly rippling surface.


I looked up at the transparent sphere with my face wet with tears and cried again with nostalgia.

The voices of people I had heard in a previous life came back to me in the depths of my ears.

“Such clean water!”

“We can drink water at last!”

“Thank you, Aura-sama!”

“It tastes so good!”

I slowly lower my arms, and the water sloshes! The torrent of water landed with a thud and was sucked into the wasteland.

Now I stretched out my arms, palms up, and chanted,

“Rain! Rain!

Silent rain began to fall on the wasteland.

The rain glistened silver in the afternoon sunlight and continued to fall.

The whitish wasteland quickly transformed into black. I was so happy and nostalgic that I kept staring at the scenery through tears.

“Welcome home, Alesia.”

When I turned around, there stood my father, mother, Ethan and his family, Hakeem, and Chana.

My mother rushed up to me and tightly hugged me, and the rain ceased.

“I was worried. You simply vanished. You were acting strangely when you left, and it scared the living daylights out of me! I went to look for you at the palace, but they said you’d already left.”

“Oka-san, um, this is, um…”

Ethan rolled his eyes and made a strange noise as I tried to explain the rain to my mother, who was gently wiping my tears away with the sleeve of her dress.

“Alesia, you’re incredible! You’re like a wizard. Since when have you been able to do that?”

“Well, just now. I just accepted myself, and then I realized I could do it.”

“I heard the water rushing and it was raining, so I came over to see what was going on, hmm? What do you mean by accepting yourself?”

“Fufufu. That is precisely what it means.”

I called out to Hakim and Chana, who were both surprised.

“I’m hungry. Shall we have tea? I’ll cook something and we can all eat together.”

“U-Uh, sure, let’s do it.”

“I want petite jam sandwiches!”

“O-Okay! Let’s go home, Oto-san, Oka-san, Ojisan, and Oba-san!”

I went home and poured water using magic in front of everyone while I was cooking.

I was able to fill the cups and pots with the desired amount of water without spilling a drop. My sense of my previous life returns to me.

Everyone is silently watching.

When I had put everything on the table, I confessed, “I think I’m a wizard”.

My mother, who I thought would be surprised, said, “It’s been similar for a long time,” and my father said, “It seems much more convenient now that you can control it.”

“I was even more surprised to learn that you could make it rain when you were just born.”

His tanned face wrinkles at the corners of his eyes as he smiles.

“Me, too. I was even more surprised to learn that you create healing rain in your sleep.”

“Eh? Really? Hakeem.”

“I think they’re both very much the same. Although Alesia-chan is more like a goddess than a wizard.”

“Stop, Chana, this isn’t funny.”

My water magically poured into a glass and tasted exactly like rainwater through a filter.

“Maybe we don’t have to hide and run anymore.”

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