The Rainfall Princess of the Desert Country – A Former Wizard Who Was Executed Has Reincarnated as a Farmer’s Daughter – Chapter 38

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“Father, I’d like to discuss something with you, even if it means delaying today’s duties.”

King Isayal and Queen Verna were surprised when their son walked in on them while they were eating breakfast.

“How unusual, Mark. Would you like to join us?”

The maids were about to start preparing the first prince’s breakfast when Mark interrupted the maids. “Thank you, but no—Would you mind taking a step back for a moment?”

“What’s the matter?”

“Father, in fact, there is a reason why my mother’s illness was cured.”

“Oh. Can you tell me now?”

“Yes, Mother.”

Mark then explained that the queen’s headaches and other symptoms had vanished due to a silk cloth “woven on a certain farm.”

His father, the king, initially listened skeptically but then asked, “Verna, is it true?”

The queen apologized and said, “That is true—I sincerely apologize for keeping secrets from Your Majesty.”

She bowed her head and turned a different color.

“Why did you keep such an important story from me, Mark? And why are you telling me this now?”

because I promised that I would never reveal the person who gave it to me. I was well aware that if I had broken my promise at the time, they might have abandoned the farm and fled to another country.”

There was a brief pause.


“For 14 years, the people of a certain farm had hidden and protected the girl, the source of the miracle, so that the country, nobility, and other powerful people would not take her away from them. Nonetheless, when they learned of my mother’s illness, they presented me with a cloth that could perform miracles. It was in return for a promise.

Mark took the small white silk cloth he’d been given the night before from his pocket.

“Isn’t this a different cloth than the one you gave me back then?”

“Yes. They say that once a life-threatening illness has been eradicated, the cloth loses its ability to heal the sick or injured. Now I’ll show you proof of the cloth’s power.”

With these words, Mark reached out and grabbed the knife from his mother’s seat.

“Pay attention to this.”

“Hey! What are you up to?!”

“Mark! Stop doing it.”

“Quiet! Don’t make any noise.”

The door was knocked on, a finger was extended, and a voice called out.

“Is something wrong, Your Majesty?”

“Nothing. Please stay back.”

“Please excuse me,”

Mark checked the door, made sure it was shut, laid down his handkerchief, and slid the knife blade hard into his palm.


Mark’s palm had been slashed open, and blood was dripping from it. He frowned and covered his hand with a white silk cloth. The wound was deep, and the white cloth turned red quickly. The queen clenched her teeth and held back a scream.

“Everything is fine. Take a look at it.”

After a while, he removed the cloth, carefully wiped away the blood, and extended his palm to them.


“There isn’t any wound!”

Mark folded the bloodied cloth, wrapped it in a handkerchief, and tucked it into his pocket.

“As can be seen, the farm’s silk cloth has the ability to cure diseases and injuries. Over a three-year period, one of the weavers recorded the effectiveness of the cloth. This cloth also made my mother’s illnesses disappear.”

He approaches his parents and displays his palm. They moved their faces closer together to check for wounds and touched them with their fingers. Mark sat back down, closed his mouth, and waited for his parents to digest what had happened.

When the king regained his composure, he asked a question in the manner of a statesman.

“I see. It’s difficult not to believe something when it’s right in front of your face. So, what made you decide to reveal their secret right now?”

“Prince Herrud was walking around the farm late last night—Perhaps the kingdom of Farrill knows something.”

The king clenched his fist in spitefully

“Farrill… It would be a terrible thing if they obtained information about the cloth. They’ll go after the girl themselves, for sure.”

“I’ve already placed Prince Herrud and his guards under surveillance, and by the looks of him, he is already well aware that it’s raining on the farm.”

The king looked sharply at Mark.

“Rain? Is that related to the [circular farm] in the desert?”

“Yes, do you recall?”

“Don’t underestimate me. That was a fascinating story. Were they the ones who sewed this fabric?”

“Yes. They began weaving after moving to the Royal Capital and accidentally discovered the benefits of the silk cloth.”

The king spoke softly.

“Mark, is she a wizard?”

“Well… I’m not sure. She doesn’t appear to be able to do anything consciously. Except make it rain when she’s asleep.”

“Rain while sleeping…”

The ladies-in-waiting had been discussing the recent nightly rain that had fallen.

The queen recalled several nights when she couldn’t sleep because her headache was so bad, and when she went out on the terrace at night, a passing shower fell. The rain was fine and gentle, falling briefly and then ceasing.

“The girl is the owner of the rain—was it? Someone in this country was born to make it rain?! What a wonderful gift.”

“What is the connection between the rain and the cloth?”

Mark can’t help but relax at his father’s words. His father is perceptive.

“She said that the rain itself had a mild healing power, that the mulberry leaves that grew in the rain accumulated the power, that the silkworms that ate the mulberry leaves concentrated the power even more, and that the threads had a strong healing power. Another girl who drank the farm’s water and ate the crops was cured of a lung disease.”

“So that’s what those Farrill guys were sniffing out about the rain…”

“Perhaps it’s because of the rain.”

“We must take action against Herrud. Not just Herrud, mind you. We need to protect the girl because Farrill’s men are probably already in town.”



“I promised them that I would safeguard the entire farm in the name of my father and mother—It’s not just against the Farrill kingdom. I asked them to reveal their secret, promising to protect her so that the powers that be in this country, including our royal family, would not take her and keep her for themselves. That is non-negotiable.

King Isayal fixed his gaze on the ceiling, his lips pursed. Then he raised his head and inquired.

“Mark, do you know how long the cloth has been around and how long it takes to weave?”

“I did not. The silk cloth is their property. If you ask them [how much of your property is there], you will lose their trust. They will think you will take it away from them. Because I kept my promise not to tell anyone, they trusted me to help cure my mother’s illness. I don’t want to lose that trust.”

“I see. It was because of them that the queen was saved.”

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