The Rainfall Princess of the Desert Country – A Former Wizard Who Was Executed Has Reincarnated as a Farmer’s Daughter – Chapter 30

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I’m simply astounded by Madame Yael’s story, which I’ve never heard of in this country.

“They say [knowledge is power] in Balwala. The Balwala royal family, which is descended from generations of scholars, has always emphasized academic culture as the key to the country’s growth. The country’s massive floods were foreseen to some extent in Balwala, where records were kept.”


I was completely taken aback.

How can heavy rainfall be forecasted?

“You don’t know exactly when it’s going to rain. The royal family has instructed the scholars of the kingdom of Balwala to take every precaution possible to keep records. They would discover things like frequent heavy rains and droughts, as well as an unusual increase in grasshoppers.”

“Are there cycles?”

Hakeem asked.

“Yes. However, the longer the cycle, the more difficult it is to predict. But we all know it will happen sooner or later. My parents were shocked to learn that the Shemel kingdom had blamed the heavy rains on Aura and had executed her at the time. Children at the time, including myself, were repeatedly told by our parents that ignorance can lead to such a terrible tragedy, and that you must learn from it.”

Hakeem admires what he is hearing, while I was too tired to make a witty remark.

I was shocked to find out that our neighbors to the east had thought for a long time that the heavy rains weren’t my fault.

“But people in this country say Aura made a secret deal with Balwala to flood the country in order to conquer it, and that Aura was to become queen of a country richer than her own, but there was no invasion, was there?”

“But, according to history, while there was no invasion, the kingdom of Balwala supported the rebellion, wasn’t it?”

Yael looked at me once more, impressed.

“That’s correct. Because [the Kingdom of Shemel falsified the Wizard Aura and the Kingdom of Balwala had a secret agreement]. My father was a simple diplomat in Balwala at the time, so he found it difficult to swallow. He hadn’t returned home in a long time because he was too preoccupied with his work.”

Madame Yael stated that the Balwala side [which had made a secret deal with Aura and was looking for opportunities to invade] was being poked like a beehive, and that measures were being worked out in parliament. During this time, they became aware of the growing anti-royalist sentiment among the country’s people and decided to lend their support to the movement.

“Because of the people’s rage, who believed that Balwala and Aura were to blame for the flood, they planned that when the Shemel kingdom was stabilized, they would attack Balwala. So the Balwala kingdom assisted in defeating the Shemel royal family in order to protect their own land and people from war. “

“So they took the initiative?”

“Yes—They joined forces with some of Shemel’s military and worked behind the scenes to support the rebellion. As a result, the Balwala royal family’s second prince became the country’s king. It was fortunate that the people’s anger was directed against the Shemel royal family because of all the stupid laws that were being passed at the time.”

“Is it okay to tell us something so important?”

“Oh, my. Everyone in the Laminbo royal family knows it now, as does everyone in this country’s government. Most of the country’s high nobles today must be descendants of those who deserted the royal family and joined the Balwala side. But, I’m not sure what the current nobles think of Aura.

Madame Yael panicked after saying all of this, “Oh no, we won’t have time to study!” The study session ended with Balwala’s and Shemel’s history lessons.

“Alesia, are you alright? You look a little down.”

“Yes. I’m fine. I just heard a lot of things I didn’t know, and I was surprised.”

We’re walking home, munching on sweets we bought along the way.

“Is Alesia learning Balwala because she wants to run away to Balwala?”

When asked by Hakeem with straight eyes, I couldn’t answer.

“Balwala, from what I’ve heard, is a country that cares about its people. But I believe there is still hope because this country’s royal family is also of Balwala descent. His Highness Mark is also a good man in my opinion. So…”

Hakeem didn’t say anything else, but it’s possible he didn’t want me, his friend, to leave. And the thought of abandoning Hakeem and the others and fleeing to protect myself made me feel guilty.

When I first began to recall my previous life, all I could think about was staying safe. Ultimately, I wanted to protect my parents and Ethan’s family, and then I wanted to help as many people as I could.

And now I’m thinking about fleeing. Am I making the correct decision? I was reborn into a loving family, and I’m wondering if all I have to think about is myself and my family. I’m very self-conscious.

Though I could not give an answer to my doubts, my weekly Balwala study continued happily. Madame Yael had a lot to teach me.

Little by little, I became able to speak Balwala.

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