The Rainfall Princess of the Desert Country – A Former Wizard Who Was Executed Has Reincarnated as a Farmer’s Daughter – Chapter 23

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There are two sons and one daughter in the royal family.

Mark Heim Ramming, the first prince. fourteen years old

Moshe Adi Ramming, the second prince. Twelve years old.

Edna Blaha Ramming was the first princess. ten years old

The Emperor and Empress adore the princess because she is the youngest girl. Her light brown hair adds to her calm demeanor, and her eyes are the same blue-green color as her three siblings’. While her brothers’ eyes have long slits, the princess’s eyes are more rounded, which is adorable.

Everyone in the palace adored the princess. Nonetheless, because of her own qualities and her consideration for those around her, she did not grow up to be selfish.

“You will eventually marry into the nobility of this or another country and leave this palace—when that happens, things usually won’t go your way. It is critical to understand your patience.”

This was repeatedly taught to her by her mother, the queen.

Her older brothers were also very nice to her, but they never tolerated excessive selfishness or pampered her. Princess Edna, who grew up in such circumstances, is modest and wise, but she has recently been begging her lady-in-waiting for something.

A mulberry-decorated cake was sometimes served as a reward for the princesses.

The two princes are so preoccupied with learning and practicing swordplay that they eat their treats whenever they can. As a result, the princes’ snacks are mostly baked goods that do not spoil when they want them to.

After tasting the rare mulberries, the princess fell in love with them. And the princess, who is usually reserved, placed an unusual order for her meal.

“I’m craving a lot of raw mulberries.”

“Please be patient. I’ll check with the kitchen to see if they have any.”

The chef panicked when the maid inquired about mulberries.

The mulberries they purchased the day before yesterday had already been consumed, and the fruit shop did not have any in stock this morning.

“Ask them where they obtained them! No, wait a minute. I’ll go. I’ll pick it myself from the trees!”

Senesch, the head chef, adores the lovely princess. So he wants to be present as much as possible when it comes to food. “I’m going to the farmhouse right now.” and rode away.

Senesch began by asking the fruit vendors for the location of a farm that supplied mulberries.

“This is so far away from the capital… Your Highness, please wait for me. I’ll bring you some delicious mulberries!”

Serio’s farm’s “workers” were startled when a large horse rushed toward the entrance and a loud voice said, “Is someone in charge!”

“My name is Serio, and I’m the farm manager.”

“Do you happen to have any mulberries?”

“Uh, I’m not sure. My daughter looks after the mulberries. Alesia! Alesia! Oh, you’re there. Do you still have any mulberries?”

Alesia smiled in response.

“Yes. We have more to harvest tomorrow morning.”

“Thank you! I’m curious if you’ll let me handle the harvesting. My employer, Ojo-sama, loves the mulberries around here.”

She looks at her father, who nods and says, “It can’t be helped.”

“Yes, it’s fine.”

As a result, the head chef, Senesch, gets to see a plot in the Serio farm’s back yard that even the neighbors have never seen before.

“This is incredible. Vegetables, nekta, ponkas… they’re all so shiny and unique. Oh, Hawthorns, too? The soil is also nice. It’s pitch black, wet, and crawling with earthworms. How can you make soil like this in the middle of a wasteland?”

As Alesia shows him around, he can’t help but say. Everything he sees in the fields is of the highest caliber. But the farm girl only smiles and does not respond.

“Mulberry covers everything from here to there. If you want, we’ll give you our colander, and you can take as many as you want. A full colander costs two small silver coins.”

(Only two small silver coins?)

“I think we used to pay four small silver coins for a colander. Well, it can’t be helped because it’s through a vendor.”

He mumbled as he approached the mulberry tree, surprised once more. He had assumed that only the best mulberries were chosen and delivered to the fruit shop, but almost all of the fruit was exceptional.

(Does this girl really grow them? They’re all of high quality, aren’t they?)

Senesch gathers the berries and strains them in a colander. Ripe mulberries are easily crushed, so he is cautious but in a hurry. He eventually fills the colander to the brim and pays Alesia, who is waiting nearby, out of his pocket.

“Thank you very much—here are some nekta fruits for you, if you like.”

“Oh, this looks delicious. Thank you very much. I’m in a hurry, so this will suffice!”

The chef stowed the nekta in his backpack and wrapped the mulberry colander in a cloth before riding away with one hand in the other.


Princess Edna popped a fresh mulberry into her mouth with her delicate fingertips.

“Oh, my gosh! Delicious. better than usual. This is something I could eat for the rest of my life!”

“Don’t be silly, Edna.”

“That’s right. If you continue to eat mulberries, you will despise them.”

Princess Edna frowned as she looked at her two brothers. They are sipping tea and reading.

“If you say such a thing, Mark-niisama and Moshe-niisama, I won’t let the Onii-samas eat them. I’m going to eat them all!”

“You must enjoy it a lot.”

The second prince, Moshe, who resembled his brother, ate the mulberry fruit and exclaimed, “Wow.” The first prince, Mark, sees him and asks, “Which one?” and eats a mulberry as well. Then, with a surprised expression on his face, he ate the sliced nekta from the plate next to it.



It tasted exactly like the nekta I ate at the mysterious farm.

I knew that no matter how many times I ate nekta since then, I was always disappointed.

because they were much more delicious.

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