The Prince Wants to Find True Love “I’m No Longer the Next King, but Are You Okay with That?”- Part 2

Part 2

A month or so later,

just before the end of the school year.

A rumor circulated among the nobles.

“The King reconsiders his choice of the Crown Prince.”

Several male students at the school spread the rumor.

They overheard Prince Cyril and Prince Luke conversing in an empty classroom.

When the noble children first heard this, they all laughed together.

Cyril is not only the first prince, but also a wonderful person. He was going to be the Crown Prince for sure.

A few days later,

Luke takes first place in an international research competition.

The king was overjoyed and praised Luke with great enthusiasm, saying that now is the time of learning.

The nobles were agitated by this unprecedented praise.

Perhaps the king began to believe that the astute Prince Luke was better suited to be the next king.

As the story goes on, rumors of a change in who will be the next king become more likely.

When the Prime Minister, unable to take his eyes away from the situation, inquired of the King, the King neither denied nor confirmed the rumors, but instead stated, “The next king will be the one who benefits the country the most.”

When the nobles heard this, they were in a panic.

The rumors must be true because the king, who clearly says otherwise, does not deny them.

The third prince, Luke, could be the next king.

They worked hard to get Cyril’s attention because they believed he would be the next king, but now they must deal with Prince Luke.

Incidentally, this is false information that Luke and Cyril have been spreading.

Luke’s suggestion to Cyril is to spread rumors that “the king has decided to review the selection of the next king,” leading them to believe that Cyril is not going to be the next king.

In other words, “true love” is what remains after Cyril loses his position.

Cyril hesitated when he heard about this plan.

“True love” is something he wants for sure, but he wouldn’t try to get it by tricking the nobles, which is way too much.

Surprisingly, Luke’s audacious plan was welcomed by his father, the king.

When Luke told him about it, the king collapsed to his knees and burst out laughing.

“If they are duped, it will only be for a few months at most, and it is up to the nobles to believe the rumors or not. How they act is also up to them. very well. I’ll take the responsibility.”

And then, the King himself plays the role of an actor, when the Prime Minister asks him how the next king will be chosen. Instead of answering directly, he acts in a way that seems to suggest something.

As a result, the false information was spread as if it were true, and the nobles were duped.

The summer vacation season is coming to an end.


The first day back from vacation.

Cyril is riding in a carriage to school.

Samuel, who came to pick him up, is sitting quietly on the seat diagonally across from him.

Carlos, by the way, is out today due to “illness”.

Cyril reflected as he gazed out the window.

Before the vacations, there were many upper-class sons and daughters standing in front of the gate to greet me, but I wonder what will happen today.

Cyril got out of the carriage nervously when he arrived at the school gate.

A number of noblemen, albeit fewer in number, waited to greet him.

“”Good day, Cyril-sama.””

Cyril responded with a relieved “good morning,” but the next thing he knew, he was tilting his head inward, because many of the noblemen who greeted him were all unfamiliar faces.

Samuel noticed Cyril’s doubt and spoke to him quietly.

“They appear to be the second or younger sons and daughters of the high nobility…”

Cyril almost burst out laughing.

Even if he does not become the next king, Cyril will hold a high position in the country, and it would be a shame to cut ties with him. So they sent off their second and third children.

What a cash cow.

Furthermore, these second and third sons and daughters appeared unmotivated, and the line that usually leads to the classroom was quickly broken up today.

A few of them approach him between classes, and none actively approach him during walks or lunch.

On this day, Cyril felt more at ease than he had in a long time.

After school, the walk from the classroom to the student council room, which usually takes 30 minutes, only took five minutes.

The nobles’ changes were so clear that Cyril started laughing as soon as he walked into the student council room.

Cyril, who has only smiled a fixed smile since entering high school, now laughs hysterically.

Samuel and Rosemary appear perplexed.

Cyril wipes his tears and murmurs happily, but sadly, after a while of laughter.

“Everything is now clear—everyone was focused on my position as the next king, not on me.”

As the next king, I thought I had worked hard up until now, but it appears that such efforts pale in comparison to the title of next king.

I am ashamed of my former self for thinking that people would appreciate my efforts.

Samuel suggested Cyril take a break, and Rosemary brought him a cup of tea while looking worried.

Cyril thanked them for their hospitality and inquired about something that had been bothering him.

“Are you sure you want to stay with me, Rose and Samuel?

“My father was a little reluctant, but I have decided to serve Cyril-sama.”

Samuel said nonchalantly, lifting his silver-rimmed glasses.

“Fufufu, who will make you tea if I’m not here?”

Rosemary giggles.

Cyril smiled gratefully at them.

“…I see. I’m glad to hear that. Carlos is… He’s the oldest son. He has his reasons…”

And then…

With a bang, the door to the student council room opened, and Carlos entered, his right cheek swollen and red.

“I apologize for being late, Cyril-sama!”

“Huh? What happened to your cheek?”

“Well, I just got into an argument with my father, who has no idea what he’s talking about. There’s nothing to be concerned about. I will serve Cyril-sama with all my heart, as I have always done.”

Cyril’s heart was overflowing with emotion.

They apparently regarded him as a person and not as a candidate for the next king.

“Thank you very much. Please continue your excellent work! “

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