The Presumed Villainess Is Being Married Off to the Ugliest Man in the Country – Chapter 9

Chapter 9

Delphinium Magic Academy.

It was the place where Delina-chan, who bears the name of the beloved child of the goddess and the Crown Prince’s love story, which became the stage of the presumed otome game, took place. I had been attending there until just recently.

Although there may be some variations depending on individual circumstances, the academy, where magic practitioners between the ages of 15 and 18 from all over the country gather, was facing a crisis for the first time since its establishment six months ago.

In recent years, the guardian dragon has weakened, and demon beasts have become more active throughout the country. To the extent that it could be called a flood, herds of demon beasts started rampaging everywhere within the kingdom.

And one day, finally, even though it was on the outskirts, the outbreak of demon beasts reached the Magic Academy located in the royal capital, where the guardian dragon resided.

We, the academy students who could not enter without exceptional aptitude, were, in a sense, elites, although we were still inexperienced. We also had a strong desire to protect the place we attended.

With the determination to stop it at all costs and protect the royal capital, the fledgling academy students were determined to bravely confront the crisis. However. . .

Among the academy students were the Crown Prince, and there were also many children of high-ranking nobles like me. Moreover, beyond the academy, there was the royal capital.

Naturally, reinforcements arrived.

The academy students and faculty members joined forces to set up barriers and seal the demon beasts in the mountains. However, it was not something that could be sealed indefinitely, so while hastily preparing for a counterattack, experts experienced in dealing with demon beasts were dispatched from the kingdom. We joined forces with them to fight.

Huh? There’s an incredibly dazzling handsome knight there? What’s up with that? Isn’t he too cool? You’re kidding me.

When the group of experts was welcomed into the academy, the moment I saw Rudy-sama, who stood at the forefront of the group, I couldn’t help but have a slightly irritated impression of him, who had looks that perfectly matched my preferences.

Despite desperately maintaining the composed mask I had cultivated over the years as a Duke’s daughter, I quietly became irritated by Rudy-sama, who seemed to be trying to shatter that mask just by walking.

Kyaa! He’s so cool! Oh, his legs are long. How many heads tall is he? Wow, his face is handsome too! Can I shake hands with him?! I was on the verge of shouting such things, but I desperately, I mean, really desperately, held back.

“How hideous. . .”

“Hey, isn’t that the colorless Margrave Rudy Santorina? A failure who can’t even use proper magic, why is he here. . .”

“His abilities are undoubtedly excellent, and it’s true that he is experienced in fighting demon beasts. . .Well, honestly, I wish he had considered our morale as well.”

However, the other academy students around me were in a complete uproar, completely opposite to my inner thoughts, which surprised me greatly.

Huh? Huh? Huh?!

What’s with being hideous. . .Oh, his hair and eyes are silver? Is it because the color is pale? Does it even matter? This is a school where people who can use magic are gathered. Rather, in terms of balance, don’t we not need any more wizards? That person seems to be well-trained and has no flaws in his walking style. Moreover, Margrave Santorina is reputed to be a top-class swordsman, right? Failure? Isn’t that more fitting for you fledglings?

And everyone, it’s incredibly disrespectful to say such things about someone who came to help, especially Margrave-sama. . .

Feeling a shiver from my fellow students, I glanced at him and then rushed over to Rudy-sama and the others, deciding to speak to him.

Look, I’m Emmanuella, the eldest daughter of Duke Baytree, a third-year student at Delphinium Magic Academy, and also the fiancée of the Crown Prince. I must be the one in charge or something like that, right? Oh, and it should be me who leads him to the Crown Prince, who would be the true person in charge.

That was just an excuse I came up with while walking, but in reality, I just wanted to get closer to Rudy-sama, the person I thought was the most handsome in the world.

“I sincerely appreciate your presence. I am Emmanuella, a third-year student at Delphinium Magic Academy and the eldest daughter of Duke Baytree.”

As I said that with a graceful curtsy and a smile, Rudy-sama, for some reason, stiffened.

. . .. . .

Without saying anything, without returning my introduction, Rudy-sama’s reaction made me start sweating nervously.

I always scored full marks in etiquette classes. The teacher praised my manners and smile as “‘exquisitely beautiful’.” Did I not leave a good impression? Did I unknowingly do something wrong?

Just as I became anxious, Rudy-sama, who was being tapped on the back by a middle-aged knight standing behind him, suddenly blushed and started speaking in a flustered manner.

“. . .! Excuse me, um, ah, well, it was unexpected, or rather, I was captivated. . .Ah, it must be unpleasant! I mean, I am far inferior to Duke Baytree’s daughter, so there’s no need to show such courtesy. Well, um, excuse me! I am, well, Rudy, the Margrave of Santorina!”

Seeing Rudy-sama in a panic, I couldn’t help but laugh. It was inevitable.

“Fufufu, Margrave Santorina-sama, please don’t get so flustered. It’s true that my father is a Duke, but I am still a mere inexperienced academy student. In the battle against demon beasts, we academy students should follow your instructions, so I thought it would be appropriate to show my respect.”

As I chuckled and said so, Rudy-sama suddenly became serious.

“. . .A goddess?”

The meaning of the words that slipped out of Rudy-sama’s mouth was unclear.


As I tilted my head slightly and smiled with a “just smile for now” mentality, Rudy-sama coughed deliberately, as if he was trying to act.

“Excuse me. I’m not accustomed to being approached by young women to this extent, let alone being smiled at by such a beautiful person. I got flustered. Um, Duke Baytree’s daughter, may I confirm the current situation?”

“Of course, please come this way. Oh, and you can just call me Emmanuella without any honorifics. Regardless of our family names, I would like to be treated as a mage under your command.”

As I said that with a smile, being called ‘beautiful’ and all, it felt like I was floating in happiness.

It was a lie.

The talk about being underlings or whatever is just a flimsy excuse I came up with. I simply want to get closer to Rudy-sama.

As I persistently requested to be called by his first name and aggressively tried to shorten the distance between us, Rudy-sama, who clearly isn’t accustomed to women, blushed intensely and then awkwardly lowered his eyebrows and smiled.

Oh, his handsome embarrassed smile has such incredible destructive power! It’s like a luxurious assortment set of coolness and cuteness. . .!

Uh-oh, I feel like I’m falling in love. . .!

As someone who is engaged, I swallowed up those feelings of admiration and concern that almost slipped out from my heart and didn’t put them into words.

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