The Presumed Villainess Is Being Married Off to the Ugliest Man in the Country – Chapter 22

Chapter 22

“B-Big trouble! There’s a rumor that Oku-sama’s, Emmanuella-sama’s lover has followed her all the way from the capital. . .!!”

“What? Oku-sama has a lover? Besides Danna-sama? That’s impossible. Is it some self-proclaimed misunderstanding guy?”

“. . .Y-yes, that might be true. B-but, when I investigated, it’s a confirmed fact that someone who was Emmanuella-sama’s childhood friend and had a good relationship with her at school came all the way to this remote place, even giving up his position as an Imperial Knight!”

“An Imperial Knight?! That means. . .not only in skill, but also in family background, appearance, and behavior, he must be an exceptional elite, right? . . .And he came all the way here for that?”

“Yes! I saw him in person while investigating, and he’s were incredibly handsome! . . .W-what should we do? I don’t think Oku-sama would do anything unfaithful, but if someone like that passionately pursues Emmanuella-sama, there’s no chance for Rudy-sama. . .!”

“. . .It was a short-lived spring, wasn’t it?”

“You give up too easily!”

“You were the one who said there’s no chance.”

“That’s true! But I hate it! If Emmanuella-sama is gone, this house is finished. . .!”

“Yes, that’s true. Rudy-sama’s happiness is impossible without that person. But even so, there’s no evidence the former Imperial Knight who can become an obstacle, with only his skills but also their lineage and appearance suddenly dies from a monster. . .”

“That’s a dangerous thought.”

“What other options do we have? Rudy-sama and that man who came here with such perfect and determined resolve, there’s no chance of winning in a direct confrontation. . .Well, in a sword match, I’m sure Rudy-sama wouldn’t lose, but a serious duel where they fight to the death, no one would accept that nowadays. . .”

“Ugh. . .Why, why Emmanuella-sama? . . .! Since he’s an Imperial Knight, he can easily have fun with any random beauty in the capital. . .! There’s only Emmanuella-sama for Rudy-sama. . .”

“By giving up his position as an Imperial Knight and coming here, it means his feelings are not just for any other woman or something he can forget easily. Truly, Oku-sama is something else.”

“It’s because Oku-sama’s charm knows no bounds. . .But well, Oku-sama has terrible taste. Instead of eloping with an Imperial Knight, she married into the Santorina family and came here. They’ve already entered into a marriage recently, and they seem particularly close. So, somehow, she managed to resist the temptation of a former Imperial Knight. . .or not, I wonder. . .”

“I wonder. Well, if he stays in this house, wouldn’t it be acceptable to have one or two lovers? I’m sure Rudy-sama would tolerate that much.”

“No, Oku-sama hates infidelity. She said, ‘Those who commit infidelity shall have all their hair shaved off. Let’s make this our family motto.’. . .Shaved off, not cut off, right? That’s the family motto?”

“Oh my. So, when she takes the hand of that former Imperial Knight, it means she’ll break up with Rudy-sama first, right?”

“. . .What should we do?”

“Well, how about being a night thief instead of a monster? If it’s just about strength, a night thief who can even surpass the Imperial Knights would be around the Santorina family, known for their talented individuals.”

“. . .I guess that’s the only option. But, our strongest person is Rudy-sama, but I feel like he would quickly give up on Emmanuella-sama’s happiness. . .”

“You’re right. But that also depends on Emmanuella-sama’s wishes. In reality, Oku-sama brought that former Imperial Knight to the capital and came here. He might just be a delusional guy who thinks he’s the best. If it’s a pervert chasing after Oku-sama, the strongest night thief will appear.”

“Even if he’s a pervert, it won’t be a straightforward confrontation, but an attack by the night thief, right?”

“We should thoroughly crush any seeds of anxiety. You said it too. Rudy-sama only has Emmanuella-sama. We can’t let her escape.”


After a stroll through the town, I thought that the distance between Rudy-sama and me had gotten closer, but. . .

“You insolent Callan Gladiolus! Apologize by cutting your belly!!”

“I-I’m sorry! I didn’t think it through. . .I-I apologize, so please stop attacking!”

“Shut up! Take this! We’ll talk after that!”

“But if I take even one hit, I’ll die?!”

“I’ll revive you, so don’t worry!”

“You’re not that skilled in healing magic, are you. . .?”

Three days after our stroll through the town, I found myself in the backyard of the Margrave Santorina’s house, chasing after the nuisance that is Callan. 

I use magic to rain down chunks of ice from above, and Callan skillfully avoids them and melts the ice with fire magic. Lilyria watches the scene unfold behind me.

Callan is a man who fell in love with Lilyria and asked me to mediate for him, but for some reason, rumors have spread that he is my lover.

Thanks to that, the servants cry and beg me not to abandon Rudy-sama, and Rudy-sama, who I must have hurt deeply, blatantly avoids me. I won’t be satisfied until I land a hit.

“You sneaky Callan Gladiolus, stop running around!”

“Miss Emmanuella, have you not changed at all?!”

“Shut up! Don’t speak as if you know everything! It’ll just lead to more misunderstandings, won’t it?! You don’t know anything about my true self or my hobbies. We were just acquaintances who happened to be part of Prince Fortunato’s entourage. What childhood friends?!”

“I-I never claimed that! It’s the objective evaluation of society! We’ve been familiar with each other since we were young, haven’t we?! But I apologize for the misunderstanding that all the letters and gifts were meant for you!”

“If you’re going to apologize, do it to my Danna-sama! Callan likes Lilyria, not me. Explain it properly!”

“I will! I will apologize to Margrave-sama as well. . .”

“It’s because of you! He’s avoiding me! I haven’t even seen his face today. . .”

Ugh. . .tears welled up. At the same time, my magical power wavered, and the ice stopped.

Callan noticed it and stopped in his tracks, then bowed his head towards me.

“I’m sorry. I truly regret what I’ve done. I never expected it to turn into such a rumor. . .”

“Well, it’s because a handsome man and a beautiful woman make a good picture, right, Emmanuella-sama?”

While patting my back as I gasped for breath, Lilyria said. But wait a minute.

“Lilyria, don’t act like it’s none of your business. If you had properly convinced Callan before coming here, this wouldn’t have happened, right?”

“I have firmly declined multiple times. Isn’t it the fault of the person being so persistent?”

Even though Lilyria is glaring at me, she maintains a composed expression. Well, it’s true that she has never shown any suggestive behavior towards Callan.

She either refused to accept the gifts on the spot (which is why I ended up being entrusted with them) or returned them, always cutting them off with an emotionless demeanor.

“. . .Well, chasing after a woman you’re infatuated with, even though she’s not your lover or anything, and going so far as to give up your position as a royal knight, it’s the fault of the person who does that. So, Callan, let me punch you once.”

“A punch. . .Well, if it won’t hurt much with your fist, and if that counts as an apology, I don’t mind.”

“Alright, grit your teeth.”

“Gohu!. . .Augh, I’m surprised. You have more strength than I expected. And the determination to aim for my jaw without hesitation is quite something.”

Even though I landed a solid punch on his jaw, Callan only groaned for a moment and doesn’t seem to have suffered any significant damage. My fist hurts. Maybe I should have just used magic.

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