The Poison-Loving Young Lady Wants to Get Married – Chapter 34


𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝟑𝟒: 𝐇𝐞𝐫𝐞𝐝𝐢𝐭𝐚𝐫𝐲

Today is finally Stephan’s knighthood ceremony. My father, mother, and I are heading to the royal castle as related parties.

The set of clothes suitable for the young Baron, given by my father and mother, and the long boots I gave. Stephan, tall with broad shoulders, was breathtakingly beautiful with his blond hair and blue eyes.

Inside the carriage heading to the royal castle, Stephan, my parents, and I sat facing each other. Stephan’s face is stiff.

“It’s okay, Stephan. You will continue to live in our house as Ellen’s fiancé, so nothing much will change.”

“Danna-sama, but the room I was told to use from this morning is too luxurious for me.”

“Oh Stephan, you’re going to be Ellen’s husband, it’s not enough.”

Stephan’s room is across from my room on the third floor. He seems to be hesitant because it’s too spacious.

“Stephan, you’ll be getting a mountain of work from Otou-sama soon, so there’s no need to hold back.”


The impressive Stephan was the center of attention after arriving at the royal castle. Noble daughters, who must be someone’s relatives, were whispering while looking at Stephan.

That was close. If we weren’t engaged, I’m sure marriage proposals would have come pouring in like waves. I wonder if my father and mother rushed the engagement foreseeing this.

Eventually, those to be knighted and the dignitaries in attendance lined up, and all that was left was to wait for the royal family.

“The King is entering.”

At the shout, everyone straightened their backs. His Majesty, the Queen, the Crown Prince, and the Second Prince entered, and the ceremony began.

First, the people of the royal army, then the high-ranking nobles who had achieved merits were awarded medals and rewards such as territories, and finally Stephan was knighted.

When Stephan’s name was called, His Majesty spoke to Stephan, who had stepped forward.

“I thank you for saving Ehrlich’s life.”

“It’s an honor beyond my worth.”

Then Prince Ehrlich also spoke.

“I am deeply grateful for your help.”

“I will engrave your gracious words in my heart.”

With this exchange, it was made known to everyone in the venue that Stephan was knighted for his merit in saving Prince Ehrlich.

I wonder how many nobles spoke to Stephan by the time we reached the carriage home. Especially because young women blushed and approached to introduce themselves, we couldn’t move forward easily.

By the time we finally reached the carriage, Stephan looked as tired as if he had defeated many enemies.

“Good job, Stephan. You’ve become a Baron.”

“I can’t really feel it yet.”

“Stephan, we will talk with other nobles a bit before we go home. You can go home with Ellen.”

My father, who probably was being considerate, winked at me. I wish he would stop because it’s embarrassing between a father and a daughter.

Both Stephan and I are in formal attire, so our destination is limited.

“Stephan, is there anywhere you want to go?”

“No, I can’t think of anywhere to go in this outfit.”

“Then, leave it to me!”

I told the coachman our destination and got in the carriage. After a while, we arrived at a flower field on a hill on the outskirts of the royal capital.

“It’s nostalgic.”

“You remembered? I thought you had forgotten.”

“I remember well. Ellen-sama was crying all the time, and I was at a loss as to how to comfort you.”

That was when my childhood friend Felix stopped replying to my letters, didn’t come to see me, and started refusing when I said I wanted to see him.

“At that time, I didn’t know how to comfort a twelve-year-old girl, and I was angry at my own uselessness.”

“Stephan, you didn’t say anything, you just stayed by my side until I stopped crying. I was happy.”


“Call me Ellen. You’re no longer a servant. You’re my fiancé and a Baron.”

Stephan took a few deep breaths before calling my name.



“The one I’ve always been protecting is now mine. I’m scared that I might have used up all my luck for a lifetime.”

“That’s an exaggeration. Eventually, you will have to manage the territory, taxes, and respond to the demands of the people, all of which will be handed down from Otou-sama. You will have a mountain of work. Let’s work hard together, including that.”

“Yes. I will do anything to walk with you.”

“Stephan. Thank you for accepting me.”

“That’s my line. I won’t make you cry.”

“I will be careful not to trouble you. Please always face me with your true feelings. Don’t hold back. Don’t hesitate.”

“Yes. Then, without hesitation.”

With that, Stephan gently hugged me from behind. Stephan is tall, and I am completely enveloped. We spent a long time like that, looking in the same direction.

“Thank you for being alive, Stephan.”

“Thank you for helping me. Ellen, even after we’re married, let’s come here just the two of us sometimes.”

“Yes, it’s a promise.”

In the carriage on the way home, we held hands the whole time. I felt happier than receiving any jewel. 

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