The Old Warrior Is Busy Taking Care of His Possessed Sister, Who Has Been Inhabited by the Duke’s Daughter – Epilogue


After indulging in copious amounts of bread and coffee milk, Stella grumbled, “This isn’t enough!” before vanishing into thin air.

By now, she’s likely settled into her new life at Madou University, where she’s likely flaunting her invincibility.

Belle has also vanished without a trace.

But every morning, the doll’s tea set remains on the kitchen counter, and when I place brioche and coffee milk inside, it disappears mysteriously.

The villainess Geraldine sought refuge with her brother, the border count, but her castle is constantly besieged by fans, making it nearly impossible for her to venture outdoors.

Recent sightings of her include chasing iguanas or fearlessly facing off against prickly cacti, but many believe she’s not cut out for the role of villainess and is merely a shadowy double.

It’s been a month since Stella, Belle, and Geraldine departed from the house, and I now find myself at the Adventurer’s Guild office.

“Well, I’ll be looking forward to working with you…”

“Yes! Thank you so much!”

I exclaimed as the receptionist handed me my employment notice.

Bowing deeply, I gratefully accepted it. After months of toiling as a day laborer, I had finally landed a job as a swordsmanship instructor at both the military and magic academies.

It seemed my heroic capture of the notorious magician Ursula had earned me some recognition.

Initially, I had believed that swordsmanship was a skill only useful during wartime, but I had come to realize that it was equally essential in times of peace.

Demons and monsters weren’t the only threats to good people—criminals like Ursula and other cattle thieves posed a significant danger as well.

With that in mind, I planned to send my students on practical training missions to rural areas. Even a group of inexperienced amateurs would be more effective against sneaky thieves than a single skilled swordsman.

As I left the guild office and walked through the bustling market, the familiar scent of Raldine’s favorite incense soap, “Mint & Spiced Orange,” wafted towards me from the general store.

Feeling a wave of nostalgia, I couldn’t resist buying it. After all, with the rising number of women in military schools, I didn’t want to be the cause of any olfactory harassment, subjecting others to the stench of my old-man musk.

While walking, I stumbled upon a young woman standing in front of my house. Her scarf was neatly folded and tied under her chin.

At first glance, I thought it was Stella, but upon closer inspection, I noticed that her hair was a thick blonde, and her skin was paler than Stella’s.

Moreover, although the dress she’s wearing seems to be well-tailored, the skirt is uneven at the hem in front and back, and one of the socks is slipping down. To top it off, one of her shoes and socks was caked in mud, as if she had gotten stuck in a puddle.

“Excuse me, who are you?”

I asked, though a sense of disappointment feels familiar somehow.

As the girl turned around, I was struck by her big blue eyes and thick lashes. Her messy hair was adorned with a hairpin made of seashells.

The girl bowed deeply.

“Big brother, I’m home…”

Sensing my confusion, the girl looked puzzled for a moment before breaking into a soft smile. “Oh, I see…”

Suddenly, it hit me.

“Nice to meet you, Stella’s big brother. Thank you for having me,” she said, her smile radiating warmth.

“Thank you for having me?!” I blurted out, surprised.

~The end~

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