The Obedient Saint Was Made a Scapegoat, so She Decided To Be Reborn as a Villainess – Chapter 24

The Obedient Saint Was Made a Scapegoat, so She Decided To Be Reborn as a Villainess

Chapter 24

“I will only tell Roseline-sama, but she is still alive. It seems she escaped with the help of the spirits.”


I look at Roland-sama, wondering how he knows, but he doesn’t say anything more.

“So, when I have time from my duties as a knight, I plan to go on a journey to find Anna. “

My vision blurs at Roland-sama’s words. I didn’t know he cared about me that much.

I was happy, but I couldn’t just be happy about it.

I don’t want Roland-sama to waste his time searching for the old Anna who is no longer there.

“Roland-sama, I think it’s best to give up on Anna-sama. We don’t know if she is still the same as before.”

“No, I don’t care what happens to Anna…”

“You should stop. Anna-sama probably wants to remain a beautiful memory in your heart.”

As I said this while holding back tears, Roland-sama opened his eyes wide.

He seemed hesitant to say something, but if I stayed here any longer, I might have regrets. I ran towards where the Plumes were.

I must have already exhausted my magic power. If that’s the case, I thought I might as well use it all up.

I worked hard with the Plumes for the first time in a while. Regardless of whether they were nobles or commoners, I continued to cast magic on everyone in front of me. 

“Roseline, you seem to be having fun,” Rose said from beside me.

“Do I?”

“Yes, Roseline seems to be having the most fun when doing saint work.”

I chuckled at her words. Maybe I had a natural inclination towards menial work.

“Rose, Luca, let me know if my hair color changes.”

“Got it!”

“Leave it to us!”

After hearing their replies, I headed towards the next patient with a sense of relief.


Three months had passed since that fire.

Ignoring those who tried to stop me, I left the church the day after the fire and moved to a town far away from the capital.

Now, I work as a sister in a small church in the town. My ability to see spirits and my work as a saint remain a secret.

I rented a small house in a corner of the town and live quietly with Rose and Luca.

I heard rumors about the fire in the capital after coming to this town. It seems that Noemi-sama was the cause of the fire. She resented Prince Virgil’s change in attitude and set fire to the palace to make him suffer.

When I heard this, I turned pale and wondered if it was my fault for causing the fire. However, I shook my head and thought again. Noemi-sama did it. I didn’t need to feel responsible for her heinous act. I had stopped apologizing for everything being my fault.

Noemi-sama is currently being interrogated by officials. People’s eyes towards Virgil have turned cold since she confessed her motive for the crime. 

Since he was able to dispose of Anna and become engaged to Noemi, he should have ignored Roseline. 

“Rose, Luca. Help me water the flowers in the garden.”

“Got it!”

“Leave it to us, Roseline-sama!”

Calling out to the two of them, I put on my hood and went out to the garden.

It seemed that I had consumed a large amount of magic when I stopped the fire, so I could hardly use the power I gained from contracting with Rose. 

My hair color was also unstable, and although Rose had dyed it at first, it faded frequently, so now I was living with my hair hidden under the hood. 

Since people from the capital city rarely came here, I thought it would be okay to live without the hood once I completely returned to normal.

“Okay, Rose, please take care of that flower bed. Luca, over there.”

Handing them watering cans and asking them to take care of it, the two spirits flew off energetically to water the plants.

I also decided to water the flower bed in front of me.


Suddenly, a voice was heard from behind the fence. Surprised, I lifted my face while hiding my hair under the hood. It was Roland-sama who was standing there.


“Oh, I’ve been looking for you for a while since you quit after the fire when I went to see you at the church. So you were here.”

“Why…why are you calling me Anna now?”

“You’re Anna, aren’t you? The sad smile I saw on your face on the day of the fire and the expression you often showed me when Anna saw me off were exactly the same. Considering that people who can see spirits don’t appear very often, I should have suspected that you were the same person from a long time ago.”


I was filled with the desire to run away right now. Of all people, I was found by Roland-sama.

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