The Obedient Saint Was Made a Scapegoat, so She Decided To Be Reborn as a Villainess – Chapter 18

The Obedient Saint Was Made a Scapegoat, so She Decided To Be Reborn as a Villainess

Chapter 18

I first met Anna when I returned from the battlefield, injured and battered.

At that time, I had an eye patch on my eye and bandages on my arm, and I must have looked quite pitiful. The pain from the wound on my back was so intense that I couldn’t even bother with my appearance, and my hair was a mess, and my clothes were tattered.

When I went to the church to receive healing magic, a brown-haired girl in a black dress, Anna, opened her eyes and looked at me. At that time, Anna was only thirteen years old.

I thought that a small girl like her would surely be frightened by my appearance, so I tried to avoid her gaze. However, Anna immediately ran over to me.

“Please sit over there. I’ll cast healing magic on you right away.”

Anna made me sit down and touched the bloody bandages without hesitation.

“Is it okay to take them off? It will heal faster if I shine light directly on it.”

“I don’t mind, but it’s painful to show such an ugly wound to a small girl like you.”

When I said that, Anna raised her eyebrows and made an angry face.

“There’s no such thing as an ugly wound that was obtained by fighting for the people. I’ll take them off.”

Anna said so and removed the bandages without hesitation. Then she earnestly cast healing magic on me.

At that time, Anna had just become a saint, and her healing magic wasn’t very powerful.

However, when she put her heart into it, even though the wounds themselves didn’t disappear, the pain gradually faded away. 

After that, whenever I went near the church, I always looked around to see if Anna was there.

Anna holds the second-highest title in the church, “saint,” but she never acts superior. On the contrary, she takes the initiative to do tasks like fetching water, doing laundry, and cleaning that would normally be done by lower-ranking members.

When an epidemic or accident occurs in the town and a large number of injured people appear, Anna always rushes to help first.

She touches even those with red-black bruises all over their bodies or those with bloody and painful injuries without hesitation. Then she tells them in a gentle voice like a goddess, “It’s okay.”

Watching Anna washes my heart. I don’t know how many times I’ve longed to live without selfish desires like her.

It was customary for the knights to receive protective magic at the church every month.

If they received protective magic from saints or Plumes, they would be protected by barriers from small attacks and reduce damage from attacks that could cause injuries.

Every time that day came, I looked for Anna and asked her to cast the magic on me.

I think Anna’s magic is powerful even without favoritism, but there were few knights who lined up in front of her. In contrast, many knights crowded around Noemi, the other saint.

I was dissatisfied that Anna seemed to be underestimated, but it was nice that no one complained even if we talked for a long time after the protective magic was over.

“May Roland-sama return home uninjured,” Anna said with a soft smile. Hearing that made me feel like I could do my best no matter where I went. 

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