The Obedient Saint Was Made a Scapegoat, so She Decided To Be Reborn as a Villainess – Chapter 1

The Obedient Saint Was Made a Scapegoat, so She Decided To Be Reborn as a Villainess – Chapter 1

Chapter 1

Today, the church revolves around Noemi-sama as usual. 

As someone who took the position of Virgil’s fiancée, which was originally supposed to belong to her, I am nothing but a nuisance to everyone.

“Noemi-sama is always so lovely and kind. She’s such a wonderful person.”

“Absolutely! The other day, she even used healing magic on my rough hands.”

“Compared to her, Anna-san is…”

“I can’t forgive her for becoming His Highness’s fiancée instead of Noemi-sama.”

I hear the Plumes talking behind the wall. 

I involuntarily stiffen up. This is not particularly unusual, but I never get used to it and always end up lowering my head and escaping from the scene.

I, Anna, was an orphan. 

When I was a baby, I was left in front of the orphanage door with a paper with my name written on it, and I was raised by the director who found me.

Life in the orphanage was cramped, harsh, and not very pleasant. 

I am very grateful to the director who saved me from dying if left alone, but I couldn’t handle her piercing gaze.

I had a strange power. 

When I put my hands together and prayed, I could heal injuries and illnesses or purify evil energy. 

This is a light magic ability, and those who possess this talent can work as a Plume (similar to a sister in other places) at the church if they wish. 

Furthermore, I sometimes saw small lights dancing around me. I often found them in natural places such as forests and waterways, as well as in sacred places like churches, and occasionally even in the city. 

No matter where I went, if I strained my eyes, I could always see at least one of those lights. 

The director, the head of the institution, told me that I had the ability to perceive the presence of spirits and that it was a much rarer ability than light magic. 

Although I could only see the light and not the spirits themselves, it was reassuring to think that something invisible was by my side. 

This information was quickly conveyed to the largest church in the country located in the capital city, and I was to live there. 

Just working at the church in the capital city seemed inappropriate for me, a mere orphan, but on top of that, I was to become a saint, one rank higher than a plume. It felt like a heavy burden for me. 

The church in the capital city was much larger and more magnificent than the one in the village where I had lived before. 

The Plumes who welcomed me were all smiling, and although I was nervous about receiving such a grand title as saint, being surrounded by such a friendly atmosphere put my mind at ease. 

However, their friendliness lasted only until they found out that I was an orphan.

This church is filled with daughters of wealthy families, and there is not a single plume who is of common birth, let alone an orphan.

Just because I was able to see spirits, I was given the title of saint, one rank higher than a plume. It’s no wonder that I earned their resentment.

This church has a slightly unusual class system. At the top is the bishop, followed by the saint, and then the sisters called “plumes.”

Becoming a saint is not based on reasons such as having worked at the church for a long time or having excellent work performance. Only those who can perceive spirits can receive the title of saint.

People who can even slightly perceive spirits are extremely rare, and there are currently only two of us in this country: Noemi-sama and myself.

Just because we have a valuable ability doesn’t mean that those around us will recognize it. On the contrary, it became a reason for them to criticize me as an impudent orphan.

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