The Magic of “Analysis” Sees Through Everything – Chapter 90

𝐂𝐫𝐞𝐭𝐞 𝐬𝐚𝐤𝐞

“”””Wha-what the?!””””

Shouts of surprise arose from the beastkin.

“Nonsense, Crete liquor is supposed to be more. . . cloudy and white, right?”

“I’ve never seen Crete liquor that looks like water!”

“Probably the ash changed its composition. But don’t worry, my analysis shows it’s safe to drink.”

Luke then drank the transparent liquid from the cup.

His face changed to surprise after one sip.

“Delicious! This is. . . even tastier!”


“Yeah, this is incredible. It’s definitely Crete liquor, but it almost tastes like something else. Alma, try some too!”

“. . .If Luke says so.”

Alma, hesitantly drinking from the cup passed by Luke, opened her eyes wide in surprise.

“It’s true. . . it’s become very tasty! It’s. . . clearer and easier to drink!”

“Really? Let me try. . . Delicious! What is this?”

Sicily, after receiving the cup from Alma, drank it in one gulp and eagerly poured more.

“It’s not just delicious! It’s light and feels like it could slide down like water!”

Curiosity overcame the initially skeptical beastkin, who then crowded around the barrel.

“Let me see. . . wow! It really is incredibly tasty!”

“It’s true! What’s happened to this?”

“What is this? Was it enchanted?”

After the first sip of surprise, the second sip turned to joy, and by the third, they were almost dancing.

“Luke-san, what’s going on here?”

“Probably the ash neutralized the bitterness and acidity in the Crete liquor, like removing bitterness from wild plants. It’s also more stable than before. It should last longer.”


Natalia and Sicily eagerly responded to Luke’s words.

“How long will it last? Six months? One year? Ten years?”

“Well, I can’t say for sure. . . but it should be fine for at least half a year.”


Natalia raised both arms to the sky.

“Now we can sell Crete liquor! I’ll buy it all!”

“Ah, but it might change taste in barrels, maybe better in another container. Like bottles. . .”

“How about my bottles? They should be perfect for this liquor.”

Sicily took out a bottle from her bag.

“Sicily, you brought this here?”

“Of course! You never know where a business opportunity might be!”

Natalia, examining the bottle brought by Sicily, was impressed.

“Wow, this is nice! Far better quality than the ones sold in Merikapolis. With this, even the appearance can compete with other liquors!”

“It’s settled then! Sicily Trading shall have an exclusive contract with Natalia!”

“No objections!”

Two people exchange a firm handshake.

Watching them, Alma sighs in exasperation.

“. . .Somehow the conversation is moving on its own, but is that okay?”

Beside her, Luke smiles quietly.

“I think it’s fine. It seems like everyone in the village is happy too.”

True to Luke’s words, around the barrel, the beastkin are linking arms and dancing in joy.

“This is the birth of a new specialty product for our Crete Village!”

“With this, we can say goodbye to our poor living!”

“A toast to our Crete liquor!”

Thus, the feast continued late into the night without end.

“. . .Luke-san.”

That night, at the village chief’s house where they were staying, Luke was awakened by someone shaking him.

The night had grown late, and the previously merry beastkin seemed to have already gone to sleep.

“You are. . .”

It was the girl who had been attacked in the city.

She was Pit’s sister, her name was probably Leah. . .

“I am Leah. Um. . .”

Leah stood in front of Luke, fidgeting, but eventually, she knelt down and bowed her head with determination.

“Thank you for saving me the other day! I apologize for my rude behavior, even though you helped me!”

She rubbed her head on the floor, trembling all over.

“Leah, can you lift your head? There’s nothing to apologize for.”

Still, Leah did not lift her head.

“But, I. . . was rude to the village’s benefactor. . .”

“It’s okay, everyone has moments like that. Come on, I’m not angry, lift your face.”

Finally, at Luke’s words, Leah lifted her face.

Tears were faintly visible in her eyes.

“Leah, I heard about you from the villagers. You were angry at Pit, not us, right? Would you mind telling me about it?”

“It’s. . .”

Lia lowered her gaze hesitantly.

Normally, Luke would not want to intrude into family matters, but this case was different.

The treatment of Pit by 《Blue Sky Hawk》 was abnormal. If left unchecked, Pit might break.

He could not overlook it, knowing this.

“I met Pit in the dungeon.”

At Luke’s words, Leah’s shoulders trembled slightly.

“The way they treat Pit in 《Blue Sky Hawk》 is terrible. He’s just a puppet for them to vent their frustrations. I’m worried about Pit’s safety if it continues like this. You must have your own thoughts about Pit leaving the village on his own—”

“That’s not it!”

Lia exclaimed.

Her shoulders were trembling slightly.

“Pit. . . Onii-chan didn’t run away from the village. It’s all. . . my fault.”

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