The Magic of “Analysis” Sees Through Everything – Chapter 82

𝐓𝐫𝐮𝐞 𝐚𝐛𝐢𝐥𝐢𝐭𝐲

The Cyclops towering over ten meters was blown away to the opposite wall.

“. . .Whoa!”

The beastkin behind them screamed.

It was because there stood a giant, fully clad in armor.

“It’s okay, that’s Alma.”

“A. . . Alma-san?!”

The Cyclops rose, shaking its head.

Its eyes, burning with anger, glared this way.

Alma, enlarged by the Demonstration Armor, stepped forward with a heavy sound.

She positioned her fists in front, clashing them together.


With a roar, the Cyclops charged, swinging its club.

“Alma! Duck and hit 5, 7, 2!”

Alma dodged the Cyclops’ storm-like attack by crouching, then struck its exposed right side with her fist.

Immediately, she landed a right short uppercut to its chin and a powerful hook to its left temple as it reeled.

“Guh. . .”

The Cyclops collapsed, spitting blue blood.

“A, Amazing. . .”

Kick watched the fight, swallowing hard.

“Is that Alma-san’s real power? What were those numbers, though?”

“Those numbers correspond to the body’s vital points. 1 is the right temple, 2 the left temple, and so on. 5, 7, 2 is a combination for the right side, chin, and left temple.”

“Is such a thing possible. . .”

“Even against a demon beast, vital points are the same as a human’s.”

“No, I mean how well you two coordinate. . .”

Kick shook his head in disbelief.

Luke and Alma had long practiced attacking in combination, assigning numbers to vital spots.

Luke analyzed the opponent while Alma attacked, a method perfectly suited for them.

“That Cyclops is right-handed and overly reliant on its club. Its attacks are monotonous, making it easy to predict. Alma, backstep and then hit 2!”

Alma dodged the sweeping club of the Cyclops by stepping back, then delivered a crushing blow.

The mighty attack brought even the mighty Cyclops to its knees.

“Did we win?!”

“Not yet. Cyclopes are incredibly tough and have a unique physiology, making them hard to defeat. But if we keep this up. . .”

“Wait a minute!”

Luke’s words were cut off by another voice.

It was Runker, who stood in front of Alma with arms spread.

“What are you doing! Stop attacking immediately!”

“What are you saying! Don’t interfere!”

The beastkin protested the sudden interruption.

But Runker refused to back down.

“No! As I said before, this hunt was taken on by the 《Blue Sky Hawk》! You, guarding the beastkin, are not permitted to attack!”


“Stop messing around! You’ve been using us as bait all this time, don’t talk like you’re in charge!”

“You lot are just pawns for that purpose! Be good and become bait!”

Gustav barks out.

“Luke, what should we do? Should we incapacitate those four first to avoid interference?”

“W, What did you say?!”

Gustav’s face turns pale at Alma’s words, muttered while maintaining her large figure.

“No, let’s not do that.”

Luke steps forward in front of Runker.

“Indeed, we came here as guards, so let’s stop the attack on the Cyclops. However, if the beastkin are attacked, that’s a different story. We’ll defend ourselves with aggressive defense, so be prepared for that.”

“Gngh. . .”

Runker chokes on his words.

Runker glares at Luke for a while, but eventually clicks his tongue in frustration and looks away.

“Hmph, make sure you keep your word. Don’t you dare interfere. Hey, you guys, let’s go! Take down that giant now!”

《Blue Sky Hawk》 heads towards the Cyclops.

“Attack multiplier!”

“Sixteen slashes!”

The Cyclops is slashed to pieces by Runker’s attack.

“Amazing. A unique magic that makes one attack sixteen times stronger. And it’s doubled by Leslie’s enhancement magic, so it’s thirty-two times stronger.”

“We can’t be impressed now! At this rate, they’ll get the final kill on us!”

“That’s okay, an attack of that level won’t surpass the Cyclops’s endurance.”

Luke whispers into Kick’s ear.

“Can you prepare now? 《Blue Sky Hawk》 will surely cast hostile magic on us again. That will be our chance to defeat the Cyclops.”


“Ah, in about three minutes from the rhythm of Cyclops’ attacks and the rhythm of 《Blue Sky Hawk》 attacks, the initiative is likely to shift to Cyclops. When that happens, it’s definitely a mistake to let them attack us here to prepare our posture. “

Luke hands two swords made from the Adamant Slime’s artificial hand to Kick and Bolz.

“Stab these into the Cyclops on my signal. Don’t worry, it’ll go well.”

“. . .Okay, got it.”

Kick nods while swallowing nervously.

“That’s the spirit. Get ready, it’s about to start.”

As Luke said, 《Blue Sky Hawk》 starts to be pushed back.

“Damn, how tough is this guy! And his healing power is insane!”

“Why isn’t he falling after all this?”

Ethel’s attack magic is hardly effective on the magically resistant Cyclops.




The Cyclops’ club blows Runker and Gustav away.

“Ku. . . Can’t be helped! Leslie, do it!”

“Hostility Transfer!”

Under the effect of Hostility Transfer, the Cyclops attacked Luke and the others.

“Alma! Switch to the left and go for a one-two Heartbreak Shot!!”

Alma’s jab swung the Cyclops’ head from side to side.

The finishing right straight stabbed into the sternum.

The Cyclops staggered backward from the impact.

“Now! Aim for the left and right flanks!”

At Luke’s signal, Kick and Bolz, who were hiding behind, stabbed their swords into the Cyclops’ back flanks.


The swords plunged deeply like into soft butter, and the Cyclops screamed.

Then, like a cut string, it collapsed to the ground and remained motionless.

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