The Magic of “Analysis” Sees Through Everything – Chapter 79


That night, Pit, wrapped in rags and asleep, was awakened by someone shaking him.

Startled, Pit tried to shout, but his mouth was quickly covered.

“Shh! Don’t make a sound.”

It was Luke.

“Take this.”

Saying so, Luke offered a bowl of soup to Pit.

Inside it, a large chunk of meat was floating.

The moment he saw it, or rather the moment the smell tickled his nostrils, Pit’s stomach growled loudly.

But desperately enduring, Pit shook his head.

What punishment would await if the four members of 《Blue Sky Hawk》 found this?

“It’s okay, those four won’t wake up for another hour.”

Luke smiled, putting a finger to his lips.

He had already cast a sleep spell on them.

Although they were deep in sleep without the need for such magic, Luke smiled wryly.

“You’re hungry, right? Don’t hold back. Everyone understands.”

Pit, shocked, glanced towards the back of the dungeon.

He saw Kick, the night watch, nod faintly.

That was Pit’s breaking point.

He grabbed the soup bowl and devoured the meat like it was stolen.

It must have been months since he had proper meat.

The soft meat stimulating his gums brought tears to his eyes.

Pit continued to eat, weeping.

“Sorry… I’m so sorry…”

Eating and crying, Pit kept apologizing to Luke.

Overwhelmed by the luxury of a proper meal and guilt towards his former beastkin comrades, his emotions were indescribable.

“It’s okay. Eat slowly. You’ll feel better after eating that and resting for the night.”

Luke smiled and quietly moved away from Pit.

“Seriously, Luke-san is too kind. He’s a traitor who abandoned his sister and fled to the city. We’re not one to speak.”

Returning Luke shrugged his shoulders at Pit.

“I know he has a sister. I’ve seen her in the city.”

Luke lay down near the fire.

The image of the beastkin girl he saw in the city surfaced in his mind.

Could she be in the village since Pit and Kick are from the same place?

“He must have his reasons. Anyway, he doesn’t deserve such treatment.”

“That’s what’s good about Luke.”

Alma, who was lying next to Luke, rolled over closer to him.

“You mixed a healing potion in that soup, didn’t you?”

“Caught me.”

Luke looked at Pit with a wry smile.

“You’ll surely feel better after spending the night with that soup.”

Pit continued to eat slowly, as if savoring every bite.

It looked like he was enduring something. 










The following day, and the day after that, the dungeon conquest proceeded smoothly, and finally, after a week, they reached the deepest part.

“Looks like it’s finally the dungeon boss. I wonder what kind of demon beast will appear.”

As they headed towards the innermost part of the dungeon, Luke muttered with keen interest.

“The last time someone defeated the boss in this dungeon was 10 years ago. Back then, it was a demon beast called Killer Beetle.”

“Ugh… why are all the demon beasts in this dungeon insect-like… I’m getting sick of it.”

Alma shivered with a pale face at Kick’s words.

“Well, well, this is the last one for this floor. Shall we go then?”

“No, you guys stop here.”

Suddenly, Runker blocked Luke’s path as he tried to move forward.

“Unfortunately, you three are expelled from the Blue Sky Hawk. Please leave immediately.”

“Huh?! What’s this all of a sudden!”

Sicily raised her voice in protest at the sudden declaration.

“We’ve come this far thanks to Luke! And you’re firing us just before the conquest? Isn’t that too harsh?!”

“The trouble is with us.”

Runker said that and dramatically placed his hand on his forehead.

“It seems you don’t understand, so I’ll tell you. You are members of the 《Blue Sky Hawk》. And the 《Blue Sky Hawk》 has its way of doing things. It was you who ignored that and acted selfishly. In fact, we’ve been too lenient with your autocracy until now.”

“That’s right. You’ve been getting too carried away, but we’ve reached our limit. Pack up your things and go home.”

Gustav sneered with bared teeth.

“No, you’ll leave your belongings here. Those are strictly the acquisitions of the 《Blue Sky Hawk》. You may only take your personal belongings.”

“No way!”

Leslie exploded in laughter at Gustav’s words.

But Luke clearly rejected Runker’s words.

“That’s not possible. If we leave now, what will happen to all the beastkin? I can’t imagine their equipment will work against the dungeon boss. I can’t overlook the possibility of extensive damage.”

“Yeah, that’s right! None of us would have made it this far without a single casualty if it weren’t for Luke-san and his team! You guys didn’t do anything and still got magic stones and materials, right? And now you’re just going to abandon us at the end? That’s too cruel!”

Kick raised his voice in protest.

“…Wait, don’t tell me, you guys are saying this just to keep the final conquest rights from Luke-san and his team…?”

“Final conquest rights?”

“Yes. The rule is that the one who delivers the final blow to the dungeon boss gets to keep all the relics. This applies regardless of whether they’re a party member or not.”

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