The Magic of “Analysis” Sees Through Everything – Chapter 64


“Is it over…?”

Alma mutters as if in disbelief.

It was no wonder she felt this way, given the unexpectedly swift conclusion.

Just as Luke’s magic circle dome shone brilliantly, Behemoth vanished.

“Yes, Behemoth is gone now.”

“Defeated… is that what happened?”


Luke waves his hand, laughing weakly.

“Defeating a divine beast like Behemoth is impossible. He returned to his original realm.”

When Luke’s root magic touched Behemoth, he felt the sensation of a realm’s door opening.

Perhaps it was the opening of the realm’s door that allowed Luke to touch the root magic.

In any case, Behemoth flew to the connected realm at that moment.

No, like Iris and the other demons, it is said that the divine beast came from his realm.

So, it might be better to say he returned.

“Anyway, Behemoth is no longer in this world. I guarantee that. But it was close. We would have been defeated if we were any later.”

Actually, Luke was at his limit.

Touching the root magic for less than a second drained Luke’s magical power to its limit.

Probably, if he had been delayed by even 0.5 seconds, Behemoth would have broken through Luke’s magic.

Alma sighs with relief.

“That’s good… oh, I need to let everyone know!”

Alma leans out of the main tower and waves her hand.

Cheers resound from below in response.

“…Now we can finally go back… Oops.”

Luke tries to stand up but falls on his buttocks.

“Alma, could you help me? I can’t seem to stand on my own.”

“Of course! Don’t push yourself too hard!”

Alma extends her hand to Luke.

Luke pulls Alma’s hand and embraces her.

“L, Luke?!”

“Alma, I was saved by you. If it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t be here now. Not just me. If things had continued, I probably would have sacrificed everyone else to defeat Behemoth. Including you. I couldn’t live with that. You saved me.”

“Luke… that’s not true.”

Alma embraces Luke in return.

“Alma, I don’t ever want to lose you again. I’m clear on that now. The reason I’ve lived up to this point and am here, it’s all because I want to be with you.”

Luke looks into Alma’s eyes.

Their reflections are in each other’s pupils.

“Alma, I love you.”

Alma gasps.

Her eyes begin to fill with tears.

“Luke… I love you too.”



Their faces slowly come closer.

Alma quietly closes her eyes.




“Luke! Alma! Are you alright?”

“Luke-san! You did it! Isn’t that magic amazing?!”

It was precisely then that Sir Wilfred and Tyrone rushed up.

Their faces separated abruptly, as if pushed apart.

“…What are you doing?”

“It seems they are safe after all. And they still have plenty of energy, it seems.”

“No, it’s not like that! This is… uh…”

Alma’s face turns bright red at her father’s words, which sounded exasperated.

Sir Wilfred sighs.

“Well, never mind, everyone is waiting, so come down quickly. I’ll go ahead.”

As Sir Wilfred turns on his heel to leave, he glances back at Luke with a sly grin.

“Take care of Alma, Luke.”

“Of course!”

Once Tyrone and Sir Wilfred had left, the two faced each other again.

“Well, shall we go too?”

Alma reaches out her arm to Luke.

“Yes, but…”

Luke, taking her arm, wraps his hand around Alma’s waist.

“Maybe we have time for a kiss?”

As they descend, they are greeted by the cheers of the soldiers.

“Luke-san! You did it!”

“As expected of Luke-san!”

“We won! We defeated Behemoth!”



“”””Luke! Luke! Luke!””””

The soldiers’ cheers gradually turned into chants of praise for Luke.

“Congratulations, Luke. Thanks to you, not only us but the entire country is saved. I don’t know how to thank you enough…”

Tears glistened in Flora’s eyes.

“No, this is everyone’s victory. Without everyone, I couldn’t have been here.”

Flora wipes the corner of her eyes and smiles warmly.

“You are truly humble. But your contribution is an undeniable fact. As the royal family, we promise to express our gratitude on behalf of the country.”

“I, I can’t accept it!”

At that moment, a voice was heard from behind.

Standing there was Gale.

Barely able to stand, covered in wounds, too weak to even look Luke in the eye, but still trying to put on a brave front.

“I, I don’t recognize it… I’ll never accept it.”

Staggering towards Luke.

“Prince Gale…”

Flora sighs.

Yet Gale’s words did not stop.

They couldn’t be stopped.

To stop speaking would mean admitting it in his mind and heart.

Gale screams as if spitting blood.

“Why, why only you… why you! I am… I am the strongest in this country! Yet why are you there! That’s my place! Why you… why, why not me!!!”




A dry sound echoed across the battlefield.

It was the sound of Flora slapping Gale’s cheek.

“Enough is enough, Gale Arrogas!”

Flora shouted at a stunned Gale.

“Are you still the First Prince of this country? Can’t you even offer words of comfort to those who fought desperately?”

“Flora… I… just…”

Gale muttered faintly.

“Why are you like this! Always boasting about how strong and great you are! What good is it to be proud of yourself!”

Flora’s rebuke didn’t stop.

“Look around! Is there anyone else here who only thinks of themselves? Everyone fought to protect their comrades and families! Yet you act like a child, always throwing tantrums and fits of anger… Is that how a royal should behave! Is that the kind of king you aspire to be!”

“I… I…”

Flora sighed deeply.

“Gale, I’ll say what no one else will. You are not fit to be a king. I don’t want you to be king in your current state.”

Those words were the final blow.

Gale distorted his face and fell to his knees.

Tears began to overflow from his eyes.

“Uh… uhh… uoooh.”

He fell to his elbows, covering his face and sobbing.

The man known for his arrogance, conceit, and haughtiness was crying openly without any regard for others’ eyes.

Flora, who had been watching him with a somber expression, eventually looked up and surveyed the surroundings.

“As a member of the royal family, Flora Nightingale declares in place of Prince Gale. The large-scale subjugation is over. We have won!”

Cheers echoed across the battlefield.

“Mr. Luke, successful subjugation of Behemoth,”

Holst noted on the parchment.

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