The Magic of “Analysis” Sees Through Everything – Chapter 54

𝟒𝟖𝐭𝐡 𝐥𝐚𝐲𝐞𝐫𝐬

Beyond the fifth layer, there were no particular problems, and soon they arrived at the 48th layer that Luke and his team were in charge of.

As they descended to this level, the cobblestone flooring and stone walls began to crumble, creating a cavern-like atmosphere.

“According to the plan, a volunteer corps will support the subsequent teams heading to the lower levels, while the Rampart team will focus on hunting demon beasts within the dungeon.”

Holst explained this, looking over the plan.

“A volunteer corps?”

“Yes, this time we’ve recruited adventurers to form a volunteer corps, under the goal of making the public more aware of the large-scale subjugation. Ah, speaking of which, it seems they’ve arrived.”

Turning around, they saw a group of about twenty adventurers approaching from deep within the dungeon.

Unlike the lord’s or kingdom’s soldiers, this mixed team consisted of various adventurers, including swordsmen, mages, and martial artists.

“You are the volunteer corps, then. I am Rampart Margrave, in charge of the 48th layer. Let’s cooperate to make this nation-wide large-scale hunt a success.”

“. . .Skip the formal greetings. We’re just here for the money. We don’t care about the nation’s cause or whatever.”

The adventurers didn’t even try to take the hand Sir Wilfred extended.

“How rude! Isn’t at least greeting the bare minimum of courtesy?”

“Well, well, they must be tense about the dungeon hunt.”

Luke somehow managed to calm down an irate Alma.

“Then, we will head to hunt the monsters. We leave the support of the subsequent teams to you.”

“Do whatever you like, we’re just going to do our job.”

Leaving the still surly adventurers behind, Luke and his team entered deeper into the dungeon.

“What’s with them! Are they really a volunteer corps?”

Alma couldn’t contain her anger and stomped her feet.

“Calm down, don’t be so angry. . . .But it is a bit concerning.”

Luke frowned as he looked at the plan Holst had handed him.

“If the goal is to inform the public, deploying adventurers in the deeper layers seems counterproductive. . .”

As he muttered this, a tremor accompanied by a rumbling sound suddenly came from behind.

“No way!”

They hurried back, but the path was completely blocked by a collapsed wall.

“What does this mean?”

“Could it be the work of demon beasts?”

“No, it seems different.”

Luke, who had been examining the fallen wall, quietly answered.

“Magic traces are left here. It seems someone intentionally collapsed this wall.”

“Ridiculous! Why would someone do that?!”

“I don’t know. But as Flora-sama said, we cannot let our guard down.”

Luke slowly stood up.

“Anyway, let’s continue with our mission. It looks like we can still find a way back, though it will be a detour.”

Thus, they resumed their advance, but no matter how far they went, there was no sign of demon beasts appearing.

“I have a bad feeling about this. Maybe this is. . .”

Tyrone muttered, keeping a watchful eye on the surroundings.

Luke also realized this.

The unusually low number of monsters indicated the possibility of an extremely powerful monster being present.


“Yes, like the striped dungeon boss, the chimera. . .”

“It seems better to quickly explore the inside of the dungeon.”

Luke said this and picked up a pebble from his feet, throwing it into the darkness ahead.


A scream echoed from the darkness.

“What, what is it?!”

“Be careful! There is someone lurking inside the dungeon!”

Luke shouted, raising his left hand.

“Reveal light!”

Light filled the cave, revealing the figures surrounding them.

It was the adventurers who were supposed to be guarding the rear guard.

“Damn! A special lighting magic that neutralizes the invisibility magic!”

An adventurer with a scar on his cheek exclaimed.

“Why are you here! What about your escort mission!”

Holst raised his voice in protest to the adventurers.

“Escort? What are you talking about.”

The scarred adventurer smirked.

“Didn’t I say, we just do our job. This is our job, to finish you guys off.”

“What did you say!”

An arrow struck the ground at Sir Wilfred’s feet.

“Whoa, don’t move. Even though you can see us, the fact that we’re surrounding you hasn’t changed.”

“Who are you people.”

“I don’t have the hobby of introducing myself to someone I’m about to kill. But you can call me Gash.”

“Was it also your doing that collapsed the path with magic earlier.”


Gash shrugged.

“We’ve collapsed several other places too. You had no choice but to come here if you wanted to go back.”

“So you were ambushing us. Whose order is this.”

“I’d like to say I can’t tell, but this is like finishing up. A job left over from five years ago.”

Saying that, Gash extended his left hand.

The hand was missing several fingers.

Seeing this, Luke’s expression changed drastically.

“. . .No way! That hand?!”

“That’s right.”

Gash grinned.

“I never thought you were still alive. Young master Luke.”

It was the man who had tried to take Luke’s life five years ago.

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